Podujeva 01
Podujeva 01 Prije 16 minuta
In 2 days is the game against real madrid and this just shows up in recommended i think theyr trying to tell us something😂😂 Liverpool fan from Kosovo🇽🇰🇽🇰🔴🔴
ian bradley
ian bradley Prije 18 minuta
Get fucking in boys!!!!
Damian O' Sullivan
Damian O' Sullivan Prije 28 minuta
8 for trent are u joking trent was terrible apart from his goal u twat
stevendchu Prije 44 minuta
West Ham and Chelsea still have to play each other. Chelsea still has to play City & Arsenal as well. Spurs have choking in their DNA. Points WILL be dropped. We just need to win our games and we have a good shot at top 4.
Maxx - FTS
Maxx - FTS Prije 48 minuta
" I'm being sheriushhh, I'm being sheriushhh. "
Yus Prije 2 sati
‘ f*** off Sadio!” Hahaha literally me every game at present
Aaron T
Aaron T Prije 3 sati
probably yes! haha
dinorod Prije 4 sati
Bobby was quality yesterday.
Aaron T
Aaron T Prije 4 sati
fortress anfield is back
Fender Tremolo
Fender Tremolo Prije 4 sati
Trent is clearly a Midfielder
Jay Anthony
Jay Anthony Prije 4 sati
Aaron T
Aaron T Prije 4 sati
alisson needs to grow his beard back
JOHN McNulty
JOHN McNulty Prije 5 sati
Total respect to anyone's beliefs, Ramadan starts Monday (12th). I know it hasn't caused a problem in the past, just hope the fasting doesn't impact on whoever, if anyone, who might be being affected by ongoing Covid recovery issues ! Who knows exactly, what the diagnosis is, long term ? Not even the greatest scientific medical minds around ! Boys can the business Weds 💪 96 ❤ YNWA
Paul Greaves80
Paul Greaves80 Prije 5 sati
Proper funny use
Ben Erdelyi
Ben Erdelyi Prije 6 sati
That Trent goal reminded me of a Gerrard screamer against Middlesbrough in 08/09 in a 2-1 win. Anyone else remember?
Anthony Newnes
Anthony Newnes Prije 6 sati
Great show lads,,,, cmon the redboys,,, let's do Madrid this week 👍👍👍👍
BB42 Prije 6 sati
Gini was awful. 5/10 at most.
joe bond
joe bond Prije 7 sati
Happy we won but still theres a lack of passion, we dont want to admit it because we feel we are liverpool and there's no way anyone inside the club would ever disrespect it but let's be real half the players dont seem like there playing for the badge anymore, we are looking atrocious with a team full of superstars
SLAV BOI Prije 7 sati
What a way to silence the critics, also imagine if fans were in the stands, Anfield would of gone mad
Michael James
Michael James Prije 7 sati
The mic clipping is too much. Wanna celebrate with you but it hurts your ears. Invest in new mics please lads :)
Nicholas Miller
Nicholas Miller Prije 7 sati
Thanks Paul & Chris for another great entertaining podcast YNWA thanks again 👍
Mitch Bromwell
Mitch Bromwell Prije 7 sati
Time we put trent in midfield? He's a playmaker at right back
Nicholas Miller
Nicholas Miller Prije 7 sati
Bring on Real Madrid, please can anyone confirm to me that we have to win by 3 clear goals to go through to semi’s?
Jelly Neck
Jelly Neck Prije 4 sati
2-0 wins it for us on away goals.
Jack Smith
Jack Smith Prije 7 sati
Not gonna lie, people slagging the team off is starting to annoy me. too many people just repeating what Sky say. We played really well the whole game deserved that win and then some, were almost robbed of it due to VAR (again) , but ended up plugging away and getting the win. We were miles better than Villa the whole game . Bobby's goal should have stood, Kabak looks to be becoming a really good defender (100% should buy him end of the season) Phillips was solid, midfield were dominant, front 3 looked good. Credit where its due. If this win happened at the start of the season we would all be saying "that's what we do" and feeling happy about it. People listen to Sky far too much, and Sky chat shit.
Paul Cavanagh
Paul Cavanagh Prije 8 sati
Great goal bt TAA but nowhere near an 8 out of 10 performance! His general play was poor, 5 at best!
Nicholas Miller
Nicholas Miller Prije 8 sati
Thank god we won a game , may it be the start of a winning streak ?
David Keeling
David Keeling Prije 8 sati
At least 8 for Thiago as he had a big hand in trents goal and was unlucky not to score himself.
H Duncan
H Duncan Prije 8 sati
I must admit without Mo Salah through seasons and mane goals a lot of remembered goals and coutinho, firmino never mind the teams legends way back 👏 jota started impressive and shaq now well done Klopp👏🎷🎶🍻
Patrick O'Farrell
Patrick O'Farrell Prije 8 sati
Liamm Callery has wide eyes
Sean Clark
Sean Clark Prije 8 sati
I like looking back at the Hicks and Gillett era just to see how far we’ve come under FSG and Klopp on the pitch and off it. Hicks never cared about the club and just wanted to sell it for profit. FSG have carefully reconstructed a sleeping giant and with Jürgen at the helm that giant is no longer sleeping!
Jama Mohamed
Jama Mohamed Prije 8 sati
Liverpool fc
KillerDarc Prije 8 sati
Midfield looked leggy af. How are we going to solve that with Real coming up?
KillerDarc Prije 8 sati
Very very nearly the worst sub of the season when Klopp brought on Sadio for Bobby. Bobby was making us tick the entire game, and the ticking stopped for 15 mins when he went off. Heart in mouth moment.
IndependentScot C
IndependentScot C Prije 8 sati
How does it feel to be alive Chris? "Feels great Paul but am really reealy shtressed" 😂😂😂
Anthony Monaghan
Anthony Monaghan Prije 9 sati
Can we finally agree that Trent is worthy of the praise he has received, and leave it at that, please. Bobby a straight 8/10. So great to see him back on the pitch and on form.
Paul Cavanagh
Paul Cavanagh Prije 7 sati
Anthony Monaghan other than a great goal it was another poor performance from Trent, and we're seeing too many of these types of games from him.
Zeenedin Prije 9 sati
Mane has been really dreadful lately. It was like he couldn't even pass a simple ball. And he was never going to score from his last chance in the game, so wjy didn't he go for an assist. It would also give him some confodence back. If it had been Salah there would be hate all over the social media. I really like Mane, actually even kore than Salah as he is a team player. But he shouldn't be playing while so horribly out of form. Against Real he was one of the worst players on the pitch, but Klopp didn't take him out, instead he took out one of our 2 goal scoring players. We have a massive problem up front. With two of our 4 attacking players being utterly unable to create chances or, god forbid, score goals we will be lucky to reach the top 4. CL semis are basically almost a mirracle at this point.
Bu Ridah
Bu Ridah Prije 9 sati
Alison needs to grow the beard back
Matthew Kirk
Matthew Kirk Prije 9 sati
My Team For Madrid: 4 - 2 - 3 - 1 Ali Trent Big Nat Fab Robbo Thiago Gini Bobby Mo Jota Mane
Damian O' Sullivan
Damian O' Sullivan Prije 9 sati
Liverpool are terrible and these 2 idiots are blinded by loyalty call a spade a spade pool are shit and need huge clear out trent trent trent ffs he's a terrible defender watch last chance villa had and trent man runs behind him and could've easily scored he's a joke of a RB
Matthew Kirk
Matthew Kirk Prije 9 sati
If we're gonna be selling Ox, Naby and maybe Gini, would you move trent into Midfeild and buy a RB I.E. max Aarons? Like, we would still have RB cover in Trent and neco but i personally think trent would be a sick CM
Tokn Nomad
Tokn Nomad Prije 9 sati
I am starting to HATE wijnaldum with a passion! Get that useless piece of trash out of the lineup and off of the team!
Ray Gorman
Ray Gorman Prije 9 sati
Savage clips👊👊👊👊👊
serafina crystal
serafina crystal Prije 9 sati
VAR dies ist again 😠🤬😠
maguled Prije 9 sati
Anfield curse has been broken, finally. Alexander-Arnold is the name, YNWA
David Keeling
David Keeling Prije 10 sati
Thiago made a big difference and he was unlucky not to score just before trent did. Wished he had, but then again trent wouldn't have scored that brill goal. Firmino goal was what he needed and that wasn't offside no way. Disgraceful decision.
Jay Anthony
Jay Anthony Prije 4 sati
I would of sacrificed Trent scoring for Thiago he needs it more especially a game winner no doubt he would of celebrated like a mad man and it would be such a weight off his shoulders but Trent would deffo be my next choice
emma Prije 10 sati
“Fuck off Sadio!” was such a mood, need this lad to get his shooting boots back
Alan O'Brien
Alan O'Brien Prije 8 sati
I've listened to that line a few times and laughed each time. Just brilliant! Such an honest reaction from Paul. Exactly what we were all thinking. Legend!
Akzhol Issin
Akzhol Issin Prije 10 sati
Why only 324 likes? Guy give them a like they deserve. The lads are incredible!
Matty Pamps
Matty Pamps Prije 10 sati
Hope we keep shaq he’s got that quality ice breaker pass in him!
Jay Anthony
Jay Anthony Prije 2 sati
@Daryl Wilkinson How many matches have they played together genius and whats that got to do with beating Madrid automatically
Jay Anthony
Jay Anthony Prije 2 sati
@Daryl Wilkinson You kids are truly special 🤦🏽
Daryl Wilkinson
Daryl Wilkinson Prije 3 sati
@Jay Anthony What do you mean Shaqiri isnt good enough? Shaqiri just scored for his national team. What do you even know about football? I know about your mother J and you don't hear me saying she isn't good enough
Daryl Wilkinson
Daryl Wilkinson Prije 3 sati
@Jay Anthony we have not lost a premier league match where Shaqiri and jota have played together
Jay Anthony
Jay Anthony Prije 3 sati
@Daryl Wilkinson Coming from the dude that said if Jota and Shaqiri start against Madrid we win automatically 🤦🏽
J T Prije 10 sati
Fucking smartphones
maguled Prije 10 sati
Anfield curse has been broken, finally. Alexander-Arnold is the name, YNWA
rohan makhani
rohan makhani Prije 10 sati
Exactly my expressions at 91’
Reece Jones
Reece Jones Prije 11 sati
Wait did you say ‘Salah the lethal finisher’ 😂 I know that’s taking the piss... needs 10 to score 1
Reece Jones
Reece Jones Prije 7 sati
@Lingard for Ballon dor mate I didn’t bring up any other names to compare him with, my point was simply he isn’t a lethal finisher. If he was he would score wayyyyy more. That said I would say Kane is a much better finisher along with Aguero, Vardy, possibly Auba maybe even Calvert Lewin if we’re talking JUST finishing. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t want to lose him as a fan but this season has shown we need better finishers, until yesterday we had scored 1 goal in 113 shots at home!
Lingard for Ballon dor
Lingard for Ballon dor Prije 7 sati
@Reece Jones so he misses here and there but even this season his conversion rate is better then Kane Bruno mane sterling. Everyone misses every once in a while
Lingard for Ballon dor
Lingard for Ballon dor Prije 7 sati
@Reece Jones mate he scores every 3 shots compared to mane who needs 6 shots so I don’t know what ur talking about
Reece Jones
Reece Jones Prije 9 sati
@Lingard for Ballon dor Listen man I’m a Liverpool fan as I assume you are. I watch every game so I’m quite confident in my opinion on Salah. His stats are quite misleading as his first year was incredible but I would challenge anybody that calls him a lethal finisher because he just isn’t. He scores a lot of goals because he gets a lot of chances and what’s frustrating is he seems to score the difficult ones and misses the more easy chances like the 1 on 1 he missed in this game. He seems to do the simple stuff very badly for example simple passes but then does something mad like control a 60 yard pass dead. When he has time to think about what he’s going to do he seems to overthink and mess up whereas if he is working in instinct and quick reaction with no time to think, he seems to do better.
Lingard for Ballon dor
Lingard for Ballon dor Prije 9 sati
He has had the best conversion rate in the league since he joined. Keep chirping
conquercorona Prije 11 sati
Gini was and is crap. I will never understand your praise for him. He is a luxury we can ill afford
SHAMRON SHOW Prije 11 sati
2:18 was the best moment Trent future captain 👏🙌💪
ADITYA 007 Prije 13 sati
Allison -4 , taa -7.5, nat-7, kabak-6, robbo-6, Fab & Milner - 7, gini 6, Salaha -7.5, firmino -7, jota -6. Mane -4 ,shaq -6.
edward cutler
edward cutler Prije 13 sati
The young hairy bikers never fail to keep us entertained
Jonny Smart
Jonny Smart Prije 13 sati
“It feels great Paul but I’m really really stressed” 😂😂😂
Carlos Robles
Carlos Robles Prije 13 sati
Love this!!! hahahah!!
Akashlfc Liverpool
Akashlfc Liverpool Prije 13 sati
122 goals 46 assist salah Liverpool 30 goals 4assist this season club country
Mari Therese Reyes
Mari Therese Reyes Prije 13 sati
Love Robbo, he's my favorite LFC player but Tsimikas needs to start. Robbo will even be playing in the Euros.
Harry Dwinduono
Harry Dwinduono Prije 14 sati
Trent ❤
Alex Goulas
Alex Goulas Prije 14 sati
if TAA hadn't of scored the goal he didn't deserve more than a 5
Dickie Oi Red_07
Dickie Oi Red_07 Prije 14 sati
Ali 6 TAA 7 Nat 7 Kabak 6 Robbo 7.5 Fabby Long legs 8 Milner 8 Gini 7 Mo 7.5 Jota 7 Bobby 8 Thiago 7 Sadio 6 Shaq 6.5
Arash Ghanbari
Arash Ghanbari Prije 14 sati
Shaqiri deserves more respect and game time. Sure I get that he probably doesn't fit our formation the best but every time he plays he makes an impact at least attacking wise. I think changing the formation to a 4-2-3-1 just so he can fit in is def worth it.
Eoin Nisharrig
Eoin Nisharrig Prije 15 sati
Glad for the win but if they play like that against Madrid were going to get slaughtered, my ratings are: Alison 6, trent 9, nat 7, kaback 7, robbo 8, fabinihio 8, milly 7, Gini 6, Salah 8, bobby 7, jotta 7, tiago 7, mane 5, shaq 7
AB 1
AB 1 Prije 15 sati
Is just me or did Alisson look overweight and out of shape which is a massive cause for concern he’s been fucking awful lately another mistake he needs dropping he’s fucking morphing into Mingolet.. klopp needs to give him a kick up his arse up your game or if you don’t we will just go out and sign Oblak and kick you to the kirb.. football is a ruthless business you don’t perform you get replaced can’t have sentiment and loyalty if you want to be successful
GazLan Prije 16 sati
I thought Nat Philips was our motm consistent and solid again just doing the basics competently.
GazLan Prije 16 sati
Each week I find myself disagreeing more and more with Chris's ratings, think we must be watching different games sometimes 🙃
ADITYA 007 Prije 13 sati
He just over rates everyone. Allison and mane deserve 4.
deise 59
deise 59 Prije 16 sati
Serious time wasting by Villa today, that really bugged me. They're a good team, they don't need to do that but deserved to lose for that alone. The worst was when Trezeguet got injured running over the end line in a tangle with Trent, then deliberately got back onto the field and sat down so he could get treated on the field and stop the game. The ref should have made him get treated off the field, it would have been easy to move him off.
MÖzil 99
MÖzil 99 Prije 16 sati
Bosh Fantasttiacxcxxcxc
Aryan Ramchurn
Aryan Ramchurn Prije 16 sati
Their reactions are the best
Up the reds
Up the reds Prije 17 sati
“Can I clean yer glasses” 😂😂
Noel Clyne
Noel Clyne Prije 17 sati
Yes Trent best way to silence the critics ♥️♥️
Noel Clyne
Noel Clyne Prije 17 sati
Yes Trent best way to silence your critics ♥️♥️
Damian Smith
Damian Smith Prije 17 sati
Frontmen playing very flat-footed (exception Salah goal) .. poor of the ball movemt Mane and Jota more so ..
Jarrett Thomas
Jarrett Thomas Prije 17 sati
34k emails paul?!
Vivek Mandaliya
Vivek Mandaliya Prije 17 sati
"Fuck off Sadio!" We all felt that 😂
Der Red
Der Red Prije 17 sati
The Mane chance at the end to me is the same issue as Salah's thing. To me it's just lack of confidence in both with their finishing. Salah's fine but neither (nor Bobby obviously) is clinical right at this moment. I'm not mad he didn't pass though.
hoffa41 Prije 17 sati
Allison was dogshite on their goal...Same with a lazy Fabinho where it started. CB did not do shit on their goal...Poor performance in that instance in defence. Alli a 5 for me...hes been average at best lately...
Der Red
Der Red Prije 17 sati
Glad we won obviously. But man a lot of our players just don't seem to concentrate on the little things. It's really sloppy. Specifically, shot that are not on goal when there's plenty of time got get balanced and put the shot on the keeper. Sloppy passes where it's just lazily flicked with the improper weight. It goes out or just misses a player. When they could easily just play a simple pass. Additionally i think a path to more victories is be a little more direct and quicker. Buy quicker i mean move the ball faster, be more proactive making runs. By more direct i don't mean pump it forward aimlessly but i mean when it gets into the feet of the midfield or Mane, just turn and attack. I don't like the taking three touches and moving it sideways, out to Trent or Robbo then back to Ozan. Nah when Gini gets it turn and dribble, When Mane get's it roll your man and run at them. Bobby, can beat people and when he drops i'd like to see a little more, spin turn, run and pick your head up. a little more tempo.
Przemyslaw Blazejowicz
Przemyslaw Blazejowicz Prije 17 sati
Priceless hahhaha