Season Defining Week Ahead | The Redmen TV Podcast

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Prije 12 dana

Season Defining Week Ahead | The Redmen TV Podcast
Paul, Chris, Sam and Ste are here with this week's Podcast, where we look ahead to Liverpool's next run of games, which will well and truly define the season. Alongside 2 Champions League games against Real Madrid, The Reds also face Arsenal, Aston Villa and Leeds in the Premier League. Where will Liverpool be after the next five games?
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Siyabonga Ngcobo
Siyabonga Ngcobo Prije 6 dana
I feel with Nat Phillips he will end up like Origi,rather he leaves now and gets regular football then getting slated for mistakes next season. I could be wrong but I agree with Paul he has reached he's ceiling.
iainP92 Prije 6 dana
I was out working in Croatia, when England lost to them in the semi's the other year. Great atmosphere, the whole town i was in was going mental
Bu Ridah
Bu Ridah Prije 10 dana
Virgil and Gomez won’t make it a whole season next season. I hope I’m wrong but I seriously doubt they’ll play more than 7 months. That’s why we need depth to cover and rotate. Virgil. Gomez. Kabak. Kanute. Phillips. (I’m open to new signings) but who’s availability and good ?
Bu Ridah
Bu Ridah Prije 10 dana
The team is not finishing top 4. Maybe 5th or 6th if they’re lucky. FSG had to sell a stake at the club to help sustain the finances. There’s DEFINITELY no big singing this summer. It will be more of the same. Selling a few and using the money to buy a few. I’ve a question to all you fans. What would you consider a successful season next year?
Olimpico77 Prije 10 dana
If Salah wants out, then fuck him off. We'll get a we always do.
Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma Prije 10 dana
Wouldn’t it be cheaper to have Nat Phillips as a back than Kabak ?
Anthony Newnes
Anthony Newnes Prije 11 dana
Salah going nowhere,,,, cmon scouse redmen put a run together,,, bring home another European cup and get the bitters more bitter and mancs crying in Salford,,,,,, scouse
Edmund Power
Edmund Power Prije 11 dana
That was probably the most unemotional, uncaring unsupporting tribute to a fellow HRpost that is possible. You would think you were talking about a player who got injured. Claude was a legend rest in peace
Fat Cat
Fat Cat Prije 8 dana
They didn’t know him very well.
redshift Prije 10 dana
Some people don't show any emotions doesn't need they don't have any feelings. I remember Paul made a video when he was covid +ve and had great difficulty to breathe and was talking about his plight as if he was speaking about a match. Then being too emotional could lead to talks about what happened at AFTV and apportionment of blame.
Chubby Prije 10 dana
They're Scousers.. what do you expect
Slow Motion Feline
Slow Motion Feline Prije 11 dana
“I don’t do if, buts and maybes, I do absolutes” Bring that kid back
Slow Motion Feline
Slow Motion Feline Prije 11 dana
Where’s that Sheeerious kid with his Nan that doesn’t have ball so she’s not your nan
Aaron T
Aaron T Prije 11 dana
every week is season defining
KillerDarc Prije 11 dana
I think signing both Konate and Kabak is great. I think the club and Jurgen finally lost hope in Matip.
Oscar Atherton
Oscar Atherton Prije 11 dana
Needed this during international 🥱🥱🥱
Pete M
Pete M Prije 11 dana
YNWA Claude RIP.
Tony UK
Tony UK Prije 11 dana
First off, RIP Claude, genuinely the only regular on AFTV that seemed an honest, decent fella. Such a damn shame he didn't get the help he blatantly needed, all the signs were there. On topic. The season's over man, admit it now and save yourself the stress. We'll be out the CL soon enough and I can't see us finishing higher than 5th in the league. Chalk it up as a bad year, nothing went right, and after 3 years of relentless and stupidly consistent winning, it was bound to happen. Tyson Fury went right off the rails after finally achieving his goal, it wasn't hard to see Liverpool just losing that edge they had, and that's before losing VVD and Gomez early doors. Once you scale the mountain, you lose something within. The hunger just wasn't there this season, they'd reached the pinnacle after a CL win then a league win, all that adrenaline keeping them going for 3 seasons went, they looked human again. I'm sure after a decent break and a few signings we'll be back fighting again next season. This one is a write off, and I couldn't really care personally, without attending the matches, it's just not the same anyway. If you'd told me 4 years ago we'd have a 6th CL and a league win by 2020 I'd have snapped your hand off. Finishing 5th won't really hurt, it's just one season and no different to finishing 2nd with a 1pt difference, not winning anything is not winning anything. 2nd, 5th, 16th, who cares. Dust off and go again.
Olimpico77 Prije 9 dana
@Tony UK agreed.
Tony UK
Tony UK Prije 9 dana
@Olimpico77 I think I'd prefer Chelsea to win it over City, they at least have one already so it wouldn't really sting. City finally getting one after their billions pumped in purely for that purpose would just grate. Both are plastic money clubs obviously, but City getting one would annoy me more then Chelsea getting another. I'd prefer City to always be on 0.
Olimpico77 Prije 9 dana
@Tony UK I see where you're coming from Tony, just hope you've got it wrong my good man. It would make me ill if Chelsea somehow win it....but ...'there's a natural mystic blowing through the air' ...
Tony UK
Tony UK Prije 10 dana
@Olimpico77 yeah I guess, we still have a better team than 2005 and there's no team on the level of that AC Milan team left in the competition so miracles could happen again, especially given where the final is. I just have this nasty feeling Chelsea are gonna win it, they have the plum draw, they're due a semi win against in the CL IF we beat Madrid, and I reckon it just seems like fate that Tuchel will win it halfway after falling to do it at PSG. I've had this feeling Chelsea would fluke it this season since they drew Atletico. It's Di Matteo all over again, they looked dismal with Lampard, now they look real challengers. I know one thing, City will bottle it. Again.
Olimpico77 Prije 10 dana
Well said all round mate, not often you hear sense on these platforms. However, one thing,...we are LFC and there is still a chance of winning the European Cup.
Sebastian Rodriguez
Sebastian Rodriguez Prije 11 dana
Almunia’s save and Deeney’s goal combine to make one of the greatest moments in sports this century. Leicester were just torn asunder in a matter of seconds.
Joanne Sloan
Joanne Sloan Prije 11 dana
Whos playing the flute with comedic effect in the background... sy is my guess.
Syed Fareed
Syed Fareed Prije 11 dana
sad.. I’ve watched him before on Arsenal Fantv
Paul Hayden
Paul Hayden Prije 11 dana
Respect lads I'm a city fan brilliant answers about sergio goal cheers 👍👍👍👍
Johno Prije 11 dana
Paul is bang on about Matip people saying he'll be sold to who? If we got offered 10m from someone what's the point in selling him? That's why I think we could keep 5 CBs this season bc who's offering to sign our injury prone CBs during a pandemic?
Johno Prije 11 dana
I'd sell Nat Phillips we cannot let emotion get in the way he's not good enough for us he's slow we can't play our normal game with him in the team sorry our CBs need pace. These slow CBs we've had to play this season have affected the way our FBs have played. Sell him for 5m and move on
Elliott Bagshaw
Elliott Bagshaw Prije 11 dana
Rip claude
FreeTVLanz Customer
FreeTVLanz Customer Prije 11 dana
As a family who moved to Lanzarote 16 years ago and became adopted Spanish, I an assure Sam that being part of that fanbase was incredible. We won the Euros years before and after the WC and the atmosphere every time was brilliant. As a red it was doubly impressive as so many of that squad were Liverpool players.
Johno Prije 11 dana
If Madrid offer us 120-150m (which they won't their broke) I'd sell Mo and go and buy Mbappe or Haaland who are 8-9yrs younger
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre Prije 11 dana
That's some shocking news to hear about Claude god rest his soul proper football fan.
Paul Van
Paul Van Prije 12 dana
RIP Claude. Gutted
library gary
library gary Prije 12 dana
is somebody's nose whistling when they breathe??? maybe a small child with a slide whistle???
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre Prije 11 dana
Nah it's Premier League referee blowing up his whistle for a foul against Liverpool as usual.
John John
John John Prije 12 dana
Can you lot comment on Curtis jones being sub for England under 21 and Tom Davis starting.I was laughing at the thoughts running through jones's head when I saw the second penalty and jones was stood almost with hands on hips thinking what the hell am I Doing here.Coyld be the reason Greenwood of united pretended to be injured.I wAtched an interview with an under 21 player who was asked whis the best player in training ,he said Jones is on another level 🤦🤦 but still not picked!!.
suarezlfc77 Prije 12 dana
Question is how many foregin Players will we have, already have too many, if you sign Kabak and Konate, Something has to give. And who would risk it on Matip.
suarezlfc77 Prije 11 dana
@Pineapple Fingers Cant See Davies, Phillips, Ox staying, how long does Milner have left?
Pineapple Fingers
Pineapple Fingers Prije 11 dana
Davies Milly Hendo Trent Phillips Jones our british lads, they all count as homegrown so I dont think we have too many
Cameron Clark Carlton TV
Cameron Clark Carlton TV Prije 12 dana
How come believing in aliens and Area 51 isn’t a conspiracy theory?
Conor S
Conor S Prije 11 dana
There’s a big difference in believing in the probability of other life in the universe because the math suggests it basically has to exist. That’s a far stretch from, and they visit this planet and governments are keeping it under wraps. The second part of that is a conspiracy theory.
Muzza Prije 12 dana
Rip Claude wish aftv gave him a 2nd chance.
Michael Stanley
Michael Stanley Prije 12 dana
3 at the back konate vvd and kayak and then it frees up trent snd Robertson to go forward
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre Prije 11 dana
Who's Kayak?
Kev O'Shaughnessy
Kev O'Shaughnessy Prije 12 dana
Obviously Ste believes in aliens, im pretty sure he was in Coneheads with that noggin
AKking27 Prije 12 dana
RIP Claude ❤️
BraceDeville Prije 12 dana
Do you believe in aliens? Pajak - "No" Starts scrolling the Neverspoons app on his phone.
O Hellstroem
O Hellstroem Prije 12 dana
Who is rocking the flute in the background?!
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre Prije 11 dana
I thought it was Premier League referee blowing up his whistle for a foul.
Daryl Jones
Daryl Jones Prije 12 dana
Someone got a chipped tooth maybe?
Dylan Fletcher
Dylan Fletcher Prije 12 dana
I'd be edging towards Konate. He fits the bill more with his pace and aerial ability. We need 2 CBs this summer, so if we get Konate, I think the other CB needs to be a bit older with experience. VVD can't play every game and I dunno how everyone would feel with a 21 year old and 22 year old CB pairing, because you can't trust Matip's fitness. Although it would be harsh if Kabak didn't get a deal done because he hasn't really done anything wrong since coming in, considering the circumstances. Also, I personally think Phillips and Davies leave in the summer to fund the moves for other CBs.
Gsdizzle91 Prije 12 dana
The CB stuff from the lads not in the studio was dire, glad Paul and Chris spoke the facts afterwards.
Hamza1996 Prije 12 dana
Rip Claude
A S Prije 12 dana
Rip Claude 🙏🏽❤️
TheNoobFarm Prije 12 dana
Chelsea and Leicester have such difficult run in's, just need to put together a few wins as the lads said!
Bautista Las Heras
Bautista Las Heras Prije 11 dana
If by the last 4 games the gap Is near 3 points, I reckon we can get top 4
TheInvincible H
TheInvincible H Prije 12 dana
Surprised there’s nothing about gays or sexism in here
T Smyth
T Smyth Prije 12 dana
RIP Claude.. he genuinely only cared about football and his team
china is not my friend
china is not my friend Prije 12 dana
Apparently konate has a release clause so every comment from Leipzig is mute.
JR96 Prije 12 dana
Basically said he’s gone 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Conor S
Conor S Prije 12 dana
Is sy subconsciously whistling LOL. There’s a little Peep every once in awhile haha. Chris analogy that aliens are like dogs almost made me cry with laughter.
It’s Kubo
It’s Kubo Prije 12 dana
Stop abusing people online. This is a tweet from Claude 2 days ago after someone was calling his YT channel s**t “No one is forcing you to watch it don’t worry I will disappear soon to see my mother then you can all be happy” Society is evil man
Bu Ridah
Bu Ridah Prije 10 dana
Did he kill him self or die from COVID
Lee Young
Lee Young Prije 10 dana
@-1Ns3RT C01N- why is that shocking then?
netweed09 Prije 11 dana
How comes no one (or too few to remember) did not have these thoughts towards Heavy D? He always had that beaming smile and a joke in him, also received so much stick online from the people who have no idea how to lead their own lives. RIP both of them. It seems like only a few months ago I was standing right by him during the Kroneke Out protest and a few post-match fan-cams
Tom Boland
Tom Boland Prije 11 dana
those cockroach cowards who abuse people on line undercover of an alias are just pure scum and need to look at them selves and look at the pain there causing to people .....RIP CLAUDE keep the podcasts going in heaven
LK33 Prije 11 dana
Claude admitted that he nearly killed himself because of all the abuse he got calling him a racist for saying son is a DVD
Divyansh Tripathi
Divyansh Tripathi Prije 12 dana
Starts at 2:56
LewisLC 27
LewisLC 27 Prije 12 dana
Nice one
Elliott Bagshaw
Elliott Bagshaw Prije 12 dana
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