Back To Winning Ways | The Redmen TV Podcast

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Prije 26 dana

Back To Winning Ways | The Redmen TV Podcast
The lads are here with this week's RMTV Podcast! Loads of stuff to talk about this week including wins! Finally! And the fact that Liverpool have a 3 week break for International football and the Champions League draw awaits! We also take YOUR questions throughout the show.
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LEACH 96 Prije 23 dana
No idea how you can call international football boring , you’re a boring person if you don’t like international football
Ho Thien Khanh
Ho Thien Khanh Prije 23 dana
The quickest ounce informally reign because cowbell chiefly pick beneath a oafish rabbi. piquant, handsome black
AKking27 Prije 23 dana
Message for you horrible loserpool fans Don’t care what you spurs haters say We did win today but not the way we thought... we won the hearts of the footballing world ! The whole footballing world is clapping at our amazing effort tonight. Sure we lost but we played our skins out and tried and played for the badge. Proud to be a Tottenham fan! Next year we will win the league! All you trollers are just haters! Jealous of our history and trophies! COYS we go again marching in!
DRAGONFIRE Games Prije 23 dana
I don't do if bits maybes I do absholuteshs
Nicholas Miller
Nicholas Miller Prije 24 dana
Great post Paul ,Ross & the gang thanks everyone involved really enjoyed podcast, YNWA
Nicholas Miller
Nicholas Miller Prije 24 dana
Thought it was Chelsea we played at home next ? YNWA.
Aaron T
Aaron T Prije 24 dana
starts 0:30
adriel wo
adriel wo Prije 24 dana
🙏Hopefully LFC win all the leftover matches in all leftover competition (PL & 🏆UCL) this season. 👏💪Come on Liverpool✊👍 🔥YNWA🔥
Fact Sake Rafa
Fact Sake Rafa Prije 24 dana
That title of this video is a fact!
Kem Chy
Kem Chy Prije 25 dana
Juve are out
Fact Sake Rafa
Fact Sake Rafa Prije 24 dana
Destiny Warrior
Destiny Warrior Prije 25 dana
Lebron james has just put $540mill in to liverpool fc Ynwa
Fact Sake Rafa
Fact Sake Rafa Prije 24 dana
That means nothing pal just going in Sugar Daddy John back pocket for new yacht for Linda.
Thalice95 Prije 25 dana
More important than Champions League and top four, they need to go on a run of wins between now and the end of the season. Fans who think they can continue this poor form in the run-in and then just reset and go back to how they used to be because the first choice team is fit, don't really understand football. It is imperative for next season that they stop the rot this season.
Talha Patel
Talha Patel Prije 25 dana
Love the wanda vision reference!
Zaki Taufik
Zaki Taufik Prije 25 dana
I'd love to get at Bayern, because of Callum's reasoning. We could beat them, but I'll feel little shame in losing to the holders (which are also a team I have respect for)
Kem Chy
Kem Chy Prije 25 dana
But the fear is they could actually humiliate that defence.
Kofi Ossei
Kofi Ossei Prije 25 dana
Big fan of Ben pretending to be Dr Strange looking for the best scenario to win the UCL
Rachel Ellis
Rachel Ellis Prije 25 dana
Alisson's wife is only 28 weeks pregnant this week, hopefully no chance the Gaby born in next three weeks or it will be quite premature which might mean Ali takes even more time out, so let's hope she holds on a bit eh boys?! Loved this pod, I want to avoid City and atletico (although I think Chelsea will beat them anyway)
UH WHA? Prije 25 dana
how can these footballer's wives be pregnant? No social distancing there eh? Could this increase in pregnancies be down to the lockdown?
Dennis Martin
Dennis Martin Prije 25 dana
If we win the champions League and finished 5 are we in the champions League next year ?????
Dennis Martin
Dennis Martin Prije 23 dana
@Fact Sake Rafa good up the Reds
Fact Sake Rafa
Fact Sake Rafa Prije 24 dana
If we win UCL alone we qualify for next season doesn’t matter where you finish in league table. Fact!
Robert Brewer
Robert Brewer Prije 25 dana
"me thinks the wool doth protest too much" hahaha! boss podcast lads! love the fact that southern lad doesn't give a shyte about england either!
Dallas Says
Dallas Says Prije 25 dana
Superb podcast as always, you guys are the best up the reds, I would like to send in a question for the next podcast, do I do it on here? I dont have facebook as its the devil
Dallas Says
Dallas Says Prije 25 dana
@The Redmen TV ok cool thanks not sure if this will get onto the podcast but if all teams were only allowed 2 more new kits home and away for the start of every season for the rest of time and you had to choose from all the previous kits which 2 would you choose for them to wear every season, hope that makes sense.
The Redmen TV
The Redmen TV Prije 25 dana
We usually put a post out on Twitter on a Monday night or ask our discord group! But fire away!
Nikhil Manilal
Nikhil Manilal Prije 25 dana
Is there a chance Van Dijk plays again this season? Semis or final?
genes2311 Prije 25 dana
Great to see Callum on here ! his channel is brilliant , just likeThe Redmen TV .... YNWA bois
sajid iqbal
sajid iqbal Prije 25 dana
The champions are back YNWA 🔴🔴❤❤
Daryl Wilkinson
Daryl Wilkinson Prije 25 dana
All we have to do is win all our games. Easy enough. Up the Reds
Tokn Nomad
Tokn Nomad Prije 25 dana
Not impressed with anything about that win. The offense looks stagnant and lost. Mane still looks a step slow on everything. Wijnaldum is still completely useless and I can't wait to see him leave in the summer. Need to see A LOT more improvement before there is even a slight chance this team can do anything of substance.
Brian O'Keeffe
Brian O'Keeffe Prije 25 dana
Wolves are a good side even when we were in top form ..wolves away always a I disagree with you on all points.
Kofi Ossei
Kofi Ossei Prije 25 dana
Ugly wins come first before great performances especially when you’re on a losing run.
agniz Prije 25 dana
Bro, relax. We were on a losing run in the PL. If we would have been on a winning run, and we performed like that, then I would have been upset as well. The international break may F up our momentum though. I agree with our Wijnaldum argument though. I hope we don't offer him a contract. We need a attacking midfielder ASAP. We need to create from the midfield. We can't just rely on our full backs or mistakes from the opposition. A player like Rodrigo de Paul should be our main target this summer. YNWA.
sandeep singh
sandeep singh Prije 25 dana
We won one game and you guys get gassed, lose next one it'll be the usual nonsense, what's the point?
Dylan Fletcher
Dylan Fletcher Prije 25 dana
After hearing Ben's logic, I am now fully convinced number 7 is coming home!
Equality Plus Justice
Equality Plus Justice Prije 25 dana
LS15 Prije 25 dana
Hope we get an easy run for as long as possible cause you never know VVD could come back at some stage maybe for the Semis or the Final.
Jack Jones
Jack Jones Prije 26 dana
Give me anyone other than PSG. Mbappe could tear our defence to shreds because of his spectacular pace. That’s the one for me.
YNWA 212
YNWA 212 Prije 25 dana
One good thing is for us is doesn't mbappe play on the right wing? i think robbo can handle him robbo is not that slow either.But poch could put mbappe on left so he's up against trent who knows
Jim Waldo
Jim Waldo Prije 26 dana
When is joe Gomez back?
Jim Waldo
Jim Waldo Prije 25 dana
@Turk angle 8 how are we meant to win anything without him
Turk angle 8
Turk angle 8 Prije 25 dana
Next season
Gary John Nuznyi
Gary John Nuznyi Prije 26 dana
"Monster in the air" Phillips IS imo the new carra !!!
admin omhfoz
admin omhfoz Prije 26 dana
Ben is good, maybach take some time off mate
Fact Sake Rafa
Fact Sake Rafa Prije 24 dana
Who’s Maybach?
Vagab Javid
Vagab Javid Prije 26 dana
Calm down, let’s win 3 games straight and we can talk
James Michaels
James Michaels Prije 26 dana
Vagab Javid: "only feel positive when winning or be miserable" 🧟‍♂️
Philip Doig
Philip Doig Prije 26 dana
Fun police
Luke Ashton
Luke Ashton Prije 26 dana
If we get maximum points for the rest of the season do we realistically get 4th?
Caballero Oscuro
Caballero Oscuro Prije 25 dana
We will get 73 points
Emmett Russell
Emmett Russell Prije 26 dana
I think if we the next 3. Then we have a great chance.I don't think chelsea are that great
livahyahy Prije 26 dana
Yeah Chelsea will drop at least 6 points in 10 games, just need to win everything in front of us
Rooshy Patel
Rooshy Patel Prije 26 dana
Yeah probably
Declan Crawford
Declan Crawford Prije 26 dana
Love teaveling to liverpool even dow we are neighbours ireland. But love getting over for a game and a weekend
Team Kopish
Team Kopish Prije 26 dana
Callum here - Thanks for having me on again really enjoyed it as always!!! COYR
Silver Spring
Silver Spring Prije 24 dana
@Ibby Yousaf he is a better dribbler.
Bajan Pops LFC
Bajan Pops LFC Prije 25 dana
Always good to see you @Cal on here👊🏾🇧🇧. Respect RedmenTV
The Redmen TV
The Redmen TV Prije 26 dana
Thanks for being a hero mate!
Dean Suman
Dean Suman Prije 26 dana
@Ibby Yousaf hahahaha neymar ain’t better at dribbling than even Messi bro 😂love that
Ibby Yousaf
Ibby Yousaf Prije 26 dana
Tell Matt I said neymar ain’t better then dinho
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