Real Madrid v Liverpool | Uncensored Match Build Up LIVE

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Prije 6 dana

Real Madrid v Liverpool | Uncensored Match Build Up LIVE
Paul, Chris, Sam and Callum are here to preview the massive game against Real Madrid in the Champions League! How will Klopp approach this game against a superpower of modern football & how much focus will we put on that compared to the league?
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Dáithí Ó Pléimeann
Dáithí Ó Pléimeann Prije 4 dana
I'm not a liverpool fan but I feel I have to say that Klopp has dried up and I think it's time for him to leave at the end of the season. The team look burnt out and they sort of look similar to B. Dortmund now as everyone has found them out.. Liverpool need to move on from Sala and Mane in the next year because I think we've seen the best of them last year. This is one of the worst RM sides I've ever seen yet they made Liverpool look like nervous little school boys.
Imad Ahmad
Imad Ahmad Prije 4 dana
@Bautista Las Heras mate its okay ...ik you are gutted but there was no need to delete your comment to further prove how wrong u were ....pipe down and have fun next year in the europa or wherever u bottle ahead
Thunder213MMXI Prije 5 dana
Liverpool played good football, we set the tempo dominating the game in our win against Arsenal. Our attack was clinical scoring 3 goals and we did not allow them to play by keeping a clean sheet. I think Liverpool FC will need to get a good start, continuing with our momentum and to keep improving. LFC will need to control the midfield by pressing with intensity, winning our challenges and second balls. We have to be alert and smart in defense, TAA has improved defensively and has to be wary Real Madrid will likely try to attack his side of the pitch. Our midfield and Salah and Mane will need to support our fullbacks when required to win the ball which can also initiate our attack. I think Liverpool is looking more balanced and our centre-backs continue to improve with the support of our midfield and fullbacks when required. Our midfield playing at a high level can dominate and set the tempo of this game. Our attack will need to continue to be focused and clinical at finishing our good goal scoring opportunities. I think Liverpool will win this game against Real Madrid at the Estadio Alfredo Di Stefano scoring at least 2 goals.
Harry Dwinduono
Harry Dwinduono Prije 5 dana
Hallooooo Wooww YNWA ❤👍
Mc Wise
Mc Wise Prije 5 dana
Lol liverpool's probably worst defender of Premier league title lol
abhishek mandal
abhishek mandal Prije 5 dana
Ynwa...lots of love from India
Simon Tilston
Simon Tilston Prije 5 dana
Really funny how the 'easy' side of the draw has FOUR previous winners & the 'tough' side of the draw has ONE. Hehehe. C'mon Redmen !
Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma Prije 5 dana
How nice of Carra to sit down with a local fan channel. All the Redmen content is so welcoming, sensible knowledgable and makes you welcome as a Liverpool fan. YNWA.
philip mann
philip mann Prije 5 dana
Geoff Payne
Geoff Payne Prije 5 dana
Great preview until the covid sniffing and snorting started at the end
Raymon D GYC
Raymon D GYC Prije 5 dana
@Pajak's energy is unrivalled
UH WHA? Prije 5 dana
With Ramos out Real can bring in their 'Nacho Felipes'...
Leemont Prije 4 dana
P H Prije 5 dana
We should not have an inferiority complex because Madrid have won 13 European Cups...the first 5 in the late 50s, started as invitational competitions by a French publication, weren't considered at all important by most countries early on & Madrid won all 5 - in reality, these can effectively be scratched off the elite level honours list; plus, if we didn't have Karius between the sticks in 2018, both clubs would probably be on 7 right now!! They are patently bona fide European Royalty, but here's the are we! Manchester City are Paul Burrell 😁
Ali Gee
Ali Gee Prije 5 dana
Phillips and Kabak deserve so much credit..a month ago I didn't think I'd feel confident going into a Real game. Come on Redmen🔥
Crisogono Relvas cardoso pires
Crisogono Relvas cardoso pires Prije 5 dana
real madrid 2gols -1 gols Liverpool..
Alan Serrano
Alan Serrano Prije 5 dana
Without Ramos, Liverpool would take a loss with an away goal going into Anfield for the second leg.
P H Prije 5 dana
Alisson to wear poncho & sombrero during "Champions" song? ...pls God, make it happen.
anass Prije 5 dana
Please thrash them!!
Adam Prije 5 dana
We're going to batter these
RedKen Prije 5 dana
Liverpool’s hump is over, we’ll destroy Real Madrid. We are going ALL the way to the final.
Bu Ridah
Bu Ridah Prije 5 dana
Good to see the Redmen Teaming up with Team Kopish. We’re in this together as fans. YNWA
Bu Ridah
Bu Ridah Prije 5 dana
We beat Madrid. Everybody starts growing a moustache.
Alan Serrano
Alan Serrano Prije 5 dana
Every Red that gets to final comes in with a moustache would be scenes.
Joe Cully
Joe Cully Prije 5 dana
I would love fabinho and thiago holding with firmino, salah, mane, jota up top and take it to them
Stephen Philipps
Stephen Philipps Prije 5 dana
Benzema will be tough to deal with, but yeah Kabak and Phillips if they can handle him then yeah hopefully a good chance to win and take that effort into the second leg at home at Anfield. 2-1 for Liverpool big up the Reds yeah been depressed recently, but a win will help that tomorrow morning Western Australian time. Btw got rid of social media so just wanted to say here for anyone who cares lol ahaha- listening to Ferry Cross The Mersey before the match. Also does anyone think that Jota can be our striker solution going forward into next season or r we better off going for someone in the summer window? I think he could be, wastes him if we do go for someone think that might need a second/third choice guy to bring in to replace Origi if he's going. Not sure if Firmino will stay either, but yeah just my gut feeling for both of those last two yeah
Stephen Philipps
Stephen Philipps Prije 5 dana
@Alan Serrano Yeah that's it man he's going for that poacher type of approach yeah
Alan Serrano
Alan Serrano Prije 5 dana
@Stephen Philipps Jota is more about his movement off the ball and finishing. His link up play is good but it seems the current tactic for Jota is finishing in the box.
Stephen Philipps
Stephen Philipps Prije 5 dana
@Alan Serrano I'm just more thinking about Firmino's goalscoring cos that was a big part of the reason I fell in love with him and bought the 18/19 shirt with his name on the back of it. But yeah he does work hard which I like as well and his general play like passes and stuff is good as well. Haven't seen enough of Jota as I've only had Optus Sport for a few weeks to see if his linkup play is good. Although I just mainly remember performances by just the overall match at best lol ahaha. Shocking memory wouldn't be able to tell u if he's good at passing until I've watched highlights or seen a lot of him lol ahaha
Stephen Philipps
Stephen Philipps Prije 5 dana
@Alan Serrano Yeah true I think Firmino would choose to leave as well if he was to go. Don't think it will be a first/even second choice replacement if someone comes in, would be a third choice I'd say
Alan Serrano
Alan Serrano Prije 5 dana
It's good to hear you got rid of social media. The striker situation is a tricky one. Jota presses and gets into positions as well as Firmino. So on that sense he's a good replacement. Jota's form forces the front three to up their game to get starting positions. If Firmino isn't in the squad next season it will be of his own choosing, Klopp loves Firmino and utilizes him very well. If Origi leaves, yes they may go in for a replacement to ensure the front three can be rotated and have a player to challenge them for staying positions.
Gary Morris
Gary Morris Prije 5 dana
If Eden Hazard starts.. as a liverpool fan... I'm worried lol
yichengyi Prije 5 dana
This isn't seeing the world through rose tinted glasses. Liverpool is going to dominate Real Madrid on every aspect of the pitch. Don't be surprised if it's 4-0.
Anthony Price
Anthony Price Prije 5 dana
Paul, do the Alisson moustache as a fundraiser for Fans Supporting Foodbanks. It's a winner!
Anthony Price
Anthony Price Prije 5 dana
And as a 'stretch goal', get some Just For Men on ya dad too ;)
Buhle Luthuli
Buhle Luthuli Prije 5 dana
1 - 1
Buhle Luthuli
Buhle Luthuli Prije 5 dana
I could be wrong but someone like Ox could be the trump card for this fixture
Alex Georgiou
Alex Georgiou Prije 5 dana
I think based on this we Liverpool fans may be a bit too optimistic and this worries me as this is how I felt before Kiev final. Real Madrid starts playing at the quarter final round... this is what they do every year.... what they did before counts for very little. I am still hoping we will win tomorrow but a draw would be fine. Gini and Fab start in middle and then Keita may be. Wr still have not seen Keita and Jota together! They may work well together... both run with ball and can play with Mane in a fluid/mobile way
Tom Boland
Tom Boland Prije 5 dana
this is where Thiago shines he's made for these type of games
Luke Ashton
Luke Ashton Prije 5 dana
We will do madrid 3-1
George Boardman
George Boardman Prije 5 dana
I feel like a teenager i can't wait for tomorrow this is why I love my team i support the team in to poor years hoping for the good years the good thing is when it good its really good . some teams just have bad or mediocre sides and no good achievements to enjoy and remember it's the good times that always gives me hope in the bad times win or lose the lads and the club have my support up the reds ❤
Michael Mwape
Michael Mwape Prije 5 dana
Frimino he is good in helping in defence. Especially dropping in the midfield.
cool Tuta
cool Tuta Prije 5 dana
real madrid 1-5 liverpool. common redS revenge is on !!!!!!!!! Y.N.W.A
The Mighty Reds Television
The Mighty Reds Television Prije 5 dana
Great video as always 👍
suhaili emi
suhaili emi Prije 6 dana
Score Prediction RM O-2 LFC
mosomo17 Prije 6 dana
Come on LFC!!!!!
Clive Higham
Clive Higham Prije 6 dana
For me I love the idea that we have Jota off the bench. It’s not that Bobby is better it’s that changing it up when they are a bit tired is massive. Come on you red men
Jack Attack
Jack Attack Prije 5 dana
@Alan Serrano Of course it does. It’s a lovely problem to have, and boils down to personal preference. The only thing is, if Jota starts and it’s not working, we’ve played all our cards. And I wouldn’t be comfortable with starting all 4, because the players are used to the 433. I would personally start with what we know, and switch up to the 4231 and bring Jota on if we need to. But I have no problem with Jota starting as one of the front 3, so whatever Klopp decides is fine by me!
Alan Serrano
Alan Serrano Prije 5 dana
@Jack Attack I think it works both ways. Jota can start and inject dynamism to the game and then Firmino comes on to add another body to defend in the Midfield and see the game out. Or Firmino starts and we feel the game out and when Madrid starts to wane because of our constant pressing then Jota is introduced to mix things up in attack.
Jack Attack
Jack Attack Prije 5 dana
It’s because we’ve not had game-changing quality off the bench, pretty much in my lifetime (and I’m in my 30s)! I would actually bring Jota off the bench tomorrow too, try and emulate what we did against Arsenal.
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre Prije 6 dana
If one of our players like Milly gives one of their player's little bad tackle in first minute as that mind set. We'll win this tie with ease to basically say to them, we're going to give you lot one hell of tough 2 games. So good luck with that Real Madrid may best team win tie.
Ruth Hughes
Ruth Hughes Prije 6 dana
Score prediction 3-1 Liverpool YNWA ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
kasparov9 Prije 5 dana
Jota bags a double and Mo Salah for the other goal....
The Mighty Reds Television
The Mighty Reds Television Prije 5 dana
Love the optimism
Daimon J
Daimon J Prije 6 dana
My take is RM really struggled against Atalanta and should have been knocked out if they were better. And Liverpool had their way with Atalanta in the group stages
Primera Marmot
Primera Marmot Prije 5 dana
@Daimon J Throw away game based on what clearly wasn’t especially for Klopp lol. Yeah he was a sub and did nothing so 💀? Sure you beat them at full strength you’re not going be at full strength all the time I already said that it means nothing 💀. Ok all I said Is Liverpool got smashed by Atalanta idc about the other games 😐.
Daimon J
Daimon J Prije 5 dana
@Primera Marmot Jota was a sub, and was a throw away game anyway, smashed Atalanta at full strength, beat Ajax and didn't concede any goals to RB Leipzig
Primera Marmot
Primera Marmot Prije 5 dana
@Daimon J Yeah you got smashed 2-0 and not everytime you're going to be a full strength just look at Madrid lmao. And with Salah, Mane, and Jota doing absolutely nothing in that game.
Daimon J
Daimon J Prije 5 dana
Liverpool lost 2-0 in the second leg and field Tsimikas, Neco and Rhys Williams, Milner, Jones, Origi with Mane and Salah
Daimon J
Daimon J Prije 5 dana
@Primera Marmot Liverpool smashed Atalanta at full strength 5-0
Trupak786 Prije 6 dana
Paul you’re a legend for bringing on Callum again. I only watch Redmen and Kopish out of all the LFC fans channels, and there are shit loads! Get in boys 💪🏽
Mitchell Costello
Mitchell Costello Prije 6 dana
Maybe this is the American in me but if any other player hurts one of my teammates, it’s my personal job to make THAT player to feel the same pain or even more pain. 50 50 tackles you can let go cuz it’s part of the game but Ramos on Mo and Pickford on Virgil I personally can’t let something like that go untouched. It’s criminal to not. Again pretty sure that’s the American mindset that’s been ingrained in my mind since I can remember but I know the game is more important. Only experience I have of this is playing local club football in the states and for college, not a lot on line in those. 🤷‍♂️ probably another difference between that and professionals along with many others. Up the reds!
Gary Carey
Gary Carey Prije 6 dana
This notion, it’s Europe and its Bobby is absolute nonsense, there isn’t a universe where he should start over Jota, the fact it’s still even a discussion is mental
Alan Serrano
Alan Serrano Prije 5 dana
Whoever is fully fit should start.
footferry1589 Prije 6 dana
I find it wild why Liverpool fans wouldn’t believe, even at this stage, that we can absolutely win the champions league without some sort of superstitious dream (ie shadows of 2005). Of the teams remaining only Liverpool, Bayern and Real Madrid have squads full of champions league winners in the last few years. I’d say If we get past Madrid, our chances of winning number 7 are as good as anyone left.
Thomas Yates
Thomas Yates Prije 6 dana
We owe these mofos ,payback,big time!!!let’s go boys!!!!!!YNWA.
Eric Abaidoo
Eric Abaidoo Prije 6 dana
Jota needs to get as fit as the rest of the front three. He might fizzle out by the 65th minute. We need to capitalize early if he starts.
Balal Rehman
Balal Rehman Prije 6 dana
Hey guys hope you doing well? big game tomorrow night Champions League quarter final Liverpool tough game if we can get a win be happy with a draw first leg come on you reds LFC ynwa
Official Nemesis
Official Nemesis Prije 6 dana
Madrid haven't lost a game of European footy with Ramos in the team since 2015. It could make a world of difference if he's not playing
Luke Marsh
Luke Marsh Prije 6 dana
Can we loan yossi benayoun for the match. I can see us battering Madrid. 6-2 agg 🔴
Terry Gavin
Terry Gavin Prije 6 dana
With mane,firmino to hit form and jota the slota on fire.Not to mention king Salah they got to watch the fuck out.
Terry Gavin
Terry Gavin Prije 6 dana
Real madrid wont be looking forward to this.cant fucking wait
Kenwin Danglade
Kenwin Danglade Prije 6 dana
Mane got an ast for jota
Kick BoomUK
Kick BoomUK Prije 6 dana
Took me 13 mins to realise Chris was wearing a hat
Auriflamme Prije 6 dana
The only shame is the fact that Salah wont get the opportunity to nutmeg Ramos and get some payback. I suppose he can celebrate in front of him assuming he will be in the stands.
6blade7 Prije 5 dana
He won the CL a year later in his backyard anyway.
Anthony Newnes
Anthony Newnes Prije 6 dana
Cmon the scouse boys,,,, scouse 👍👍👍👍
Alessio Jorge
Alessio Jorge Prije 6 dana
Someone really needs to blow their nose.
LS15 Prije 6 dana
Everybody: Benzema Callum: Benziiima
akrde45 Prije 4 dana
This the right pronunciation in Arabic and don’t forget that benzema is an Arabic name
c rigby
c rigby Prije 6 dana
I go with Sam 3-0
Samad Rana
Samad Rana Prije 6 dana
Good luck for tomorrow Liverpool from an Arsenal fan!
The Mighty Reds Television
The Mighty Reds Television Prije 5 dana
Thanks mate!
Edmund Power
Edmund Power Prije 6 dana
Réal Madrid 2 Liverpool 1 LIVERPOOL 3 Real Madrid 1
Zaki Taufik
Zaki Taufik Prije 6 dana
Not exaggerating when I say your content is one of the highlights of my week
The Mighty Reds Television
The Mighty Reds Television Prije 5 dana
Setting standards for the rest of us tbf
K C Prije 6 dana
Best foot forward is Jota, Bobby & Mo!
Amen Boughanmi
Amen Boughanmi Prije 6 dana
Real Madrid will play 3-5-2 Nacho - Varane - Militao Lucas Kroos-Modric-Casi-Mendy Asensio - Benzema 3 defenders is the right answer to the front three Lucas & mendy will play wing backs and most importanty wide midfielders to win the midfield battle and allows Modric or Casimero to run forward Benzema and asensio will play wide and cut in the middle which make it hard to Liverpool defenders to track back That's the big games formation and this not new last year Zidane that along with 3-4-3 which won us la liga
Amen Boughanmi
Amen Boughanmi Prije 5 dana
@Joshua Pereira I don't think Zidane will trust Marcelo in the defencive aspect of the game I the left flank if this was la liga game that's would be, but against the pact front three it doesn't hurt to have some cushions defensively and mendy is balanced both ways as LB, LWB
Joshua Pereira
Joshua Pereira Prije 5 dana
Agree with everything apart from militao. Zidane will play mendy as the left cb in the three and marcleo will be LWB
tossmonsieur Prije 6 dana
When talking about Real Madrid's 13 CL wins, it is worth remembering that 6 of those came before the tournament was established in any near it's 'traditional format.' Some teams played by invitation and the away goals rule, apparently, was only introduced in 1969-70 as were penalty shoot outs. Madrid had already won it 6 times by then. I dunno, they are a special team in the CL. But imo, no more so than us, Barca, Bayern or Milan. Their stats are significantly padded by five wins in the first five tournaments. Which in and of itself, kinda suggests it was nowhere near as competitive as in later years.
vaannebilim Prije 4 dana
its good to see the respect we get from a good rival :)
GIRGES ATREES Ⲛⲓⲣⲉⲙⲭⲏⲙⲓ Prije 4 dana
@tossmonsieur Madrid has won it against AC, Liverpool and Juventus twice. Milan is definitely the greatest when it comes to this matter. They have won it against Liverpool, Barcelona, Ajax, Juventus, Steaua Bucarest (1 time winners) and Benfica twice.
tossmonsieur Prije 5 dana
@GIRGES ATREES Ⲛⲓⲣⲉⲙⲭⲏⲙⲓ a) Who did Liverpool beat on the way? For instance, we beat Bayern and Barca to win our last one (plus PSG in the group stage). I think it's fair to say that makes you pretty much the best in Europe. b) And since when does who you play in the final make a difference? Real have beaten Atletico twice in recent times. Leverkusen and Valencia too. They haven't won the CL either. So your argument defeats itself. What does make a difference, is the fact that the rules were different in the early formats.
tossmonsieur Prije 5 dana
​@Ramon Ortiz Fair enough mate, I'll take your word on that - although they didn't play the English champions in the first tournament because the Football League told Chelsea not to enter. But like I said, the format was nothing like it is today. Essentially, the 'rules' were different - particularly away goals. That makes helluva difference to 'how you win.' So imo, you can't really compare and can't really say those 'early days' are the same thing. You also didn't really read what I said. I didn't say we should take those wins away. I said the likes of Liverpool, Barca and Bayern are equally European royalty. And that it's only reasonable to look at those early wins within their own context. That Pep Barca side - which was one the best football teams of all time - only won it twice. If they couldn't win four in a row while Pep was in charge, it shows the CL is considerably more competitive now than it was when Madrid won 5 in a row. What I said wasn't bullshit. It was actually being sensible and fair.
GIRGES ATREES Ⲛⲓⲣⲉⲙⲭⲏⲙⲓ Prije 6 dana
Liverpool has won the Champions League against Borussia Mönchengladbach, Club Brugge, Roma and Tottenham. 4 teams that have never won the title and have played only 1 final in all of their history.
Kim Tran
Kim Tran Prije 6 dana
Liverpool to win 2-0 tomorrow. YNWA.
veberation Prije 6 dana
Victor Chan
Victor Chan Prije 6 dana
Muzzaleeeny Prije 6 dana
This week football wise was one of the best in a long while for us. The lads look refreshed and ready to go for the business end of the season. Not very often we come back from any sort of break and play well. Onto Madrid hope we smash them!
David Coleman
David Coleman Prije 6 dana
Well up for this one. Another massive European night coming up. COYR.
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson Prije 5 dana
Bad blue nose shout that, no proper red says that, get a grip
K T Prije 6 dana
imagine the audacity of the gaffer if he took flacko back to defense tomorrow, i would lose my mind. iknow it wont happen tho. lets go liverpool
Oisín McHugh
Oisín McHugh Prije 6 dana
Not appinin lad
Gary John Nuznyi
Gary John Nuznyi Prije 6 dana
Phillip's will boss benzema in the air and ozan will mop up !!!
Nikhil Ajarekar
Nikhil Ajarekar Prije 6 dana
Liverpool - The European Royalty 💪❤️
Gary John Nuznyi
Gary John Nuznyi Prije 6 dana
Well said Sam Walker "this is it" the mighty red f$ckin juggernaut is rolling...oooooooshhhhh
Jolyon Ward
Jolyon Ward Prije 6 dana
I’d much rather see firmino in the 8 over gini
Jagal Abi
Jagal Abi Prije 6 dana
➡️ ⤵️ B.e.S.T f'u"l'l D.a.T.i.n.G h.o.T G.i.r.L's -L-o-V-e-S-e-X---❤️😘 ..👍 !💖🖤❤️今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした,. 💖🖤在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。. 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味g食物煮的時候 1617626446
Mason Verdi
Mason Verdi Prije 6 dana
why is this callum so negative all the time laaaa? and why are you bringing him on. every time he is on he keeps on saying we will get smashed, we will lose, just fuck him off please
Gary John Nuznyi
Gary John Nuznyi Prije 6 dana
Waltzing out onto the big stage yet again ...thankyou LFC for being the f$cking greatest team the world has ever seen !!! YNWA
vineeth menon
vineeth menon Prije 6 dana
Klopp was wrong this season to play midfielders in defence
Paul K
Paul K Prije 5 dana
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre Prije 6 dana
Nop he wasn't.
christine westgarth
christine westgarth Prije 6 dana
Nah he wasn't. 🤡
haroon pash
haroon pash Prije 6 dana
No he wasn’t
Gary John Nuznyi
Gary John Nuznyi Prije 6 dana
Fab & thiago to pull the strings again
Bu Ridah
Bu Ridah Prije 5 dana
You’re gassed. Arsenal were shit mate. This isn’t gonna be the same test.
The Mighty Reds Television
The Mighty Reds Television Prije 5 dana
Do you think gini will come back in?
marleyonthebeat Prije 6 dana
hopefully not hamstrings :/
Butler Gesner
Butler Gesner Prije 6 dana
No Bad
No Bad Prije 6 dana
I’m extremely nervous for this one. Benzema could absolutely embarrass us. Asensio is also quite deadly. Isco should also be feared.
Alan Serrano
Alan Serrano Prije 5 dana
Every player on the field is quality. But form and squad depth go out the window at this stage. It's about who wants it more. They may score but the boys will dig in and that's all we can ask for.
Stephen Philipps
Stephen Philipps Prije 5 dana
Yeah there's a few guys I'd fear but Benzema is the one I'll fear most as he's scored three goals vs Liverpool in the past. Might even be four but at least three
christine westgarth
christine westgarth Prije 6 dana
I'm sure they will be worried about the upturn in form of liverpool too.
Kimani Thompson
Kimani Thompson Prije 6 dana
Would love to see a midfield of Fab, Gini and Keita not to take anything away from Thiago but against a team like Madrid I would love to have naby running at them.
christine westgarth
christine westgarth Prije 6 dana
Bless you.
Jonny Smart
Jonny Smart Prije 6 dana
Mate, imagine Chris with an Alisson/Magnum P.I. stache
Aaron T
Aaron T Prije 6 dana
score draw will do for me
Amrit Singh
Amrit Singh Prije 6 dana
players and us fans might be on a false high at the moment..we need to be realistic and realize the importance of not being over optimistic and cocky. We are not on the hot form of the last few seasons so 0-0 or a 1-1 should be decent, think of taking baby steps to get to the pedestal from which we have wobbled
Amrit Singh
Amrit Singh Prije 6 dana
no doubt they are in better form but the heights this team has seen, we dont want our players to go in and cut loose and eventually lose our guard. Respect the opposition, I dont like to say it but "play safe"
christine westgarth
christine westgarth Prije 6 dana
The players are in better form hence their confidence is up. Nothing false about it
Elsy Athe
Elsy Athe Prije 6 dana
SwissBliss Prije 6 dana
Shaq comes in for the winner at the 87th
SwissBliss Prije 5 dana
@Bu Ridah He’s from Basel, so North-West ish
Bu Ridah
Bu Ridah Prije 5 dana
I love Big Shaq. What part of Switzerland is he from
Silver Steel
Silver Steel Prije 6 dana
Madrid will rip our centre backs apart. The question is can our attack out attack Madrid’s. Looking at 3-3, 4-3 and 2-2 at a minimum.
Paul 94
Paul 94 Prije 6 dana
We will rip madrid apart
christine westgarth
christine westgarth Prije 6 dana
What a negative negative little man
Black Jock
Black Jock Prije 6 dana
Only if they boss midfield start to finish, and I think Real will be really focused on frustrating our front three for the first 20-45 min. If we pressure them and get an early goal or 2, it's over. Then again, it's RM, so you never know, Class through and through.
Aaron T
Aaron T Prije 6 dana
starts 0:28
Cameron Hostetter
Cameron Hostetter Prije 6 dana
RMD1-3 LIV away, 1-0 at Anfield
The Gentle Walk
The Gentle Walk Prije 6 dana
Was really looking forward to Fabinho taking Ramos down....bummer!
Simon Chillwell
Simon Chillwell Prije 6 dana
Thinking we’ll see a 2-0
ZAK & Blue
ZAK & Blue Prije 6 dana
F M Prije 6 dana
It looks like the momentum and confidence are back with the lads now. Big test coming up tomorrow. Very confident we will get through to the next round. #InKloppWeTrust.
The Mighty Reds Television
The Mighty Reds Television Prije 5 dana
Tough game though! Up the reds
Lo Value
Lo Value Prije 6 dana
I want to see Chris with a Freddy Mercury/ Alisson Becker mustache. (drawn on or not) Let's Do this! YNWA
PietreADI Prije 6 dana
2-2 is even good for us. Just score the goals PLEASE! I'm so excited for this one!
Alan Serrano
Alan Serrano Prije 5 dana
With Jota back, I think he's forcing the front three to up their game and not be complacent. I think Salah wants the full 90 mins he was denied of years ago to prove his form.
Bu Ridah
Bu Ridah Prije 5 dana
@PietreADI whatever happens. I hope they win. The boys deserve it. We been dragged through the mud for long enough this season.
PietreADI Prije 5 dana
@Bu Ridah Impossible hendo will be back after surgery. I know he's due to be back then, but you need atleast 1 week training
d.lfc. Prije 5 dana
@Bu Ridah I'll only be happy with a draw if we score, and ideally it's a 2-2 draw.
Bu Ridah
Bu Ridah Prije 5 dana
I’m predicting a draw. I hope we win. But I’ll be happy with a draw. Hopefully Hendo is back for the second leg and leads us to victory. Don’t get it twisted. This is not an easy game. Madrid played their game before us. They had more time to rest. That may affect the outcome of the game.
Timothy Fail
Timothy Fail Prije 6 dana
Liverpool will go through 4-2 on aggregate. 1-1 away, 3-1 home.
Allusive Prije 6 dana
Excited but it depends on which Liverpool team show up. Hope they don't have to rely on the 2nd game.
RetroUnlim Prije 6 dana
We will lose 4-0 tomorrow and then beat them 5-0 at Anfield next week. Anyone fancy a heart attack? 😎
Adam Latham
Adam Latham Prije 6 dana
That would be typical Liverpool😂
Edmund Power
Edmund Power Prije 6 dana
Other way round
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