Real Madrid v Liverpool | Starting XI Prediction LIVE

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Prije 6 dana

Real Madrid v Liverpool | Starting XI Prediction LIVE
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Chris tried to predict the team that will face Real Madrid away in the Champions League Quarter Final on Tuesday!
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The Redmen TV
The Redmen TV Prije 6 dana
We know the intro video is missing audio, we will have it fixed, but for now just skip to 0:57 to start the video! Thanks guys!
Ibby Yousaf
Ibby Yousaf Prije 5 dana
@Antonio Liverpool
Antonio Prije 6 dana
Nobody comes close to the romance of Real Madrid and a European night...The kings of Europe
sk 87
sk 87 Prije 4 dana
liverpool are killing us lol
Shanti shanti
Shanti shanti Prije 5 dana
Keita instead of Thiago??? Belive in Klopp YNWA
Kris Brown
Kris Brown Prije 5 dana
If jota dosnt start then klopp out 👀🤣
mae Prije 5 dana
Honest Halal VLOGZ Food Reviews
Honest Halal VLOGZ Food Reviews Prije 5 dana
Think klopp will play bobby, too stubborn
Honest Halal VLOGZ Food Reviews
Honest Halal VLOGZ Food Reviews Prije 5 dana
@Shanti shanti 👍
Shanti shanti
Shanti shanti Prije 5 dana
wrong ;)
duwayne bennett
duwayne bennett Prije 5 dana
Mino fabs tiago in midfeild mane jotta, salha up top.. but kloop will go gini,fabs,tiago mino salha mane wth the shotta coming of the bench
duwayne bennett
duwayne bennett Prije 4 dana
@Shanti shanti wrong but clopp got it wrong too he better of playng my line up .. not of lost 3.1 shanti shanti
Shanti shanti
Shanti shanti Prije 5 dana
Boll McPreben
Boll McPreben Prije 5 dana
Why does not Jones playing anymore?
douglas douga
douglas douga Prije 5 dana
Now that Varane is out we need to play the 4 attackers as suggested by the fan at 6:36. We need atleast 2 away goals or possibly 3 to kill the tie and focus on top 4
Gibson Media
Gibson Media Prije 5 dana
No Ramos, No Varane? Bring it on.
Da_Veed Prije 4 dana
We had the lord militao
Jillian Doyle
Jillian Doyle Prije 5 dana
Miller over wilnaldum
Ben Storm Bad Ass
Ben Storm Bad Ass Prije 5 dana
100% we need Jota to start . Put Keita in the mid 3 with Fabinho and Thiago . Bring Firmino off the bench if needed . We will beat Real Madrid. YNWA
Boll McPreben
Boll McPreben Prije 5 dana
Why Keita and not Jones, Jones has been much better then Keita and he is younger👍
Mr Stavel
Mr Stavel Prije 5 dana
4231 Alison TAA Phillips Kabak Robbo Gini Fab Salah Firmino Mane Jota
Michael McDonagh
Michael McDonagh Prije 5 dana
People still wanting Thiago out the team must no anything about football.🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gary John Nuznyi
Gary John Nuznyi Prije 5 dana
The boys phillips & kabak are doing us proud and looking sound as at the bk !!!
S K21
S K21 Prije 5 dana
Gini Wijnaldum should be well motivated for this. If he is going to Barca he'll want to show what he can do against their rivals.
EB23 Prije 5 dana
Hope we can bring on Curtis 60-70 mins in to announce himself he’s criminally underrated by other fanbases
David. 08
David. 08 Prije 5 dana
Gini, Fab, Thiago For mid
JJ McNamara
JJ McNamara Prije 5 dana
I thought firmino was great against arsenal, was very composed on the ball and looks like he's Ferring back to his old self. I'd drop mane before firmino atm, he's been the worst of the 3 in recent times, I'd put jota on the left with Bobby up top
Paul Koryom
Paul Koryom Prije 5 dana
Don’t play gini over keta
Monicah Kariuki
Monicah Kariuki Prije 5 dana
Real madrid will win
Phil Prije 5 dana
Jones, milner, Gini and Jota have all been better than Thiago.. I'm struggling to see what Tiago has done for us ?
Jake Howie
Jake Howie Prije 5 dana
This game is pretty defining in terms of how Liverpool will finish this season. If they win or draw this game, they could go on to win the Champions League. Also, it will give them massive confidence for the 8 remaining league games and hopefully take 4th from Chelsea. All about momentum. If Keita was fit and in form he’d create the balance in midfield, since he runs forward with the ball and shoots more. Thiago and Gini are pretty similar players. Hardly dribble with the ball. They like to keep the ball and play regular short intricate passes.
Destiny Warrior
Destiny Warrior Prije 5 dana
Yes chris is back Ynwa
Ez scotty 99
Ez scotty 99 Prije 5 dana
Jota has to start he’ll give us another man pressing and confuse Real Madrid
Kalpa Harshana
Kalpa Harshana Prije 5 dana
This will be a tough game lads, fingers crossed 🤞
Greg Torres Guitar
Greg Torres Guitar Prije 5 dana
Jota will start coz boby started arsenal
Shahruz Numonov
Shahruz Numonov Prije 5 dana
SPORTS ARE SCRIPTED! notice how when you read the articles building up to the match, they say, " 14 out of the 22 players that played in the 2018 final can take part in this match." 14 and 22 are the key numbers this match will be Jurgen Klopp's 79th UCL match and he can get his 43rd win 79 is the 22nd prime number 43 is the 14th prime number Sports are scripted and rigged, reply to me after the game.
Sano Benon
Sano Benon Prije 5 dana
Who wanna bet that klopp won’t start the weekend’s team
Football Goals HD
Football Goals HD Prije 5 dana
Real Madrid win tonight
Afonso Baldaia
Afonso Baldaia Prije 5 dana
Jota 🏆 portuguese machine
Anthony Monaghan
Anthony Monaghan Prije 5 dana
1:46 This is the starting 11 that I want to see when the kick off whistle blows. Real Madrid are really going to test us in the midfield. This is going to be a tough game for us. Real Madrid are thee team to beat in Europe right now. I'm glad the first leg is away. We have everything to play for tomorrow. Come on Liverpool!
Dönmeyen Yillar
Dönmeyen Yillar Prije 5 dana
Manyck Prije 5 dana
Klopp the master tactician knows best the 11 & the subs. Lets just relax and give 100% to his selection instead of us getting into difference of opinions. Its a big game..lets be cool and trust the boss.YNWA!
Banana Drama
Banana Drama Prije 5 dana
What happened with the outro haha
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones Prije 5 dana
Chris you've got to get those Jizz stains off Trent's Picture!
Tara Gibbons
Tara Gibbons Prije 5 dana
Come on Liverpool YNWA
onkouth Prije 5 dana
Could this be the game were the front 3 run riot with the help of Fabinho covering the defence and Thiago playing thru the middle and Trent and Robbo torturing them down the wings, let’s attack them hard and get our revenge!
Capz Allison
Capz Allison Prije 5 dana
As soon as he came off things start clicking
Capz Allison
Capz Allison Prije 5 dana
No robbo he is not good at crossing the ball and looses momentum of the play he is actually the link that makes the whole chain weaker mane should play on that wing he has loads of energy and skill and jota in his place and firmino fabinho winuldam in midfield
I do agree with your firt eleven prediction against Real Madrid
Elisabeth Roberts
Elisabeth Roberts Prije 5 dana
According to Physio Room Hendo won’t be back until the Leeds match.
Fahed Al-ajmi
Fahed Al-ajmi Prije 5 dana
Go Redmen Go. Firmino, Milner were the weakest link of our starters last Saturday. RM 0-2 Liv
Alfred Kay
Alfred Kay Prije 5 dana
I would play Naby Keita instead of Gini as an attacking Midfield to help support the front 3, we need an away goal, we cannot leave that place without an away goal we need it.
Ruth Hughes
Ruth Hughes Prije 5 dana
YNWA ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Malek02 Prije 5 dana
Real Madrid will come out on top
Darsh Menon
Darsh Menon Prije 6 dana
I would like to see Keita, Fab and Thiago , but the only problem is that there is no real captain in this team so that is why i think klopp will never play with this midfield 3. I think everyone agrees that naby is better than gini .
Alieu Secka
Alieu Secka Prije 6 dana
Liverpool fc will win by 2 nut
Stoker Films
Stoker Films Prije 6 dana
Another quarter final in the champions league. Come on the Redmen!!♥️🙏🥊x
Billy Donaly
Billy Donaly Prije 6 dana
Mane Jota Salah Gini fab thiago Robertson Kabak Phillips Taa Alisson team vs villa Jones Firmino Salah Gini Fab Keita Tsmikas Kabak Phillips Taa Alisson team vs villa
Antonio Prije 6 dana
Real Madrid and Europe is a match made in heaven never write Real Madrid off on a European night...their pedigree in Europe is unmatched nobody comes close to the romance of Real Madrid and a European night...Real Madrid are kings of Europe everyone else is cannon fodder it's a crime to even mention anyone else.... Madrid under the lights in Europe is special. THE SANTIAGO BERNABEU UNDER THE LIGHTS ON A EUROPEAN NIGHT IS SPECIAL...MORE SPECIAL THAN ANYONE ELSE
Serane Brown
Serane Brown Prije 6 dana
Would like to see Fab, Gini n Nabi...Ox, Jota and Sallah upfront...Rest Mane
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre Prije 6 dana
Don Robbie - We're Gonna Do This!
Antonio Prije 5 dana
@LFC Spectre Robbed
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre Prije 5 dana
@Antonio Hahahahahahahaha what happened to ya tonight bluenose?
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre Prije 6 dana
@Antonio Everton are the real kings under shallow of Liverpool FC, so pipe down watch your crap right now.
Antonio Prije 6 dana
Real Madrid the real kings of Europe
Aaron T
Aaron T Prije 6 dana
jota must start
axz60 Prije 6 dana
LOOOL Chris giving a diplomatic answer. We all know that you want Nat Maldini to punt him in the crotch ;)
Ajinkya Gaikwad
Ajinkya Gaikwad Prije 6 dana
This time Liverpool is going to WIN ⚡ 1st leg may be Draw, 2nd leg is Our's
MRAM100 MRam100
MRAM100 MRam100 Prije 6 dana
Come on Reds, wipe that smile of Zidane n Real Madrid. Get our revenge.
Richard Hutinson
Richard Hutinson Prije 6 dana
Why has Liverpool brought Davies and Tsimikas?
Darsh Menon
Darsh Menon Prije 5 dana
Salh Abdlla
Salh Abdlla Prije 6 dana
Alison arnod filipis kabak roberson Alkantar febino waynandom Salah fermino jota
Samuel _
Samuel _ Prije 6 dana
I would surprise Madrid by putting Mané as centre forward who will press and hunt the defenders the whole 90 minutes, Jota on the left, Salah on the right, then sub Firmino for Mané/Jota - whoever will look more tired
Amal David
Amal David Prije 6 dana
Jota needs to replace Mane, so firmino can create and Salah and jota can cut in
Utsav Kafle
Utsav Kafle Prije 6 dana
I am certain bobby will start. I know my boss and he will play bobby.
Obifinest Prije 5 dana
For some reason fans are counting Bobby out. He brings something different.
Average name
Average name Prije 6 dana
Fab not straight?? Thought that was James Rodriguez
Dragonborn Prije 6 dana
I've been wishing for this tie for the past two years. This season it finally came to be. Lets kick some Galacticos ass, if they're still called that.
Malek02 Prije 4 dana
I bet you feel dumb rn
Peric Yerima
Peric Yerima Prije 4 dana
@SamirPlayZ we did
Sarandaz - Brawlstars
Sarandaz - Brawlstars Prije 5 dana
We'll kick ur ass. Have u seen our form?
Adam Prije 6 dana
I would like to see Keita, Fab and Thiago.
lurkingdolphin6 Prije 5 dana
@Jerusalem Syndrome they are the most important games of the season, its not time to experiment with players who haven't been regularly performing/playing
Jerusalem Syndrome
Jerusalem Syndrome Prije 5 dana
@lurkingdolphin6 We have two legs. We could do that.
lurkingdolphin6 Prije 5 dana
No sorry mate but its not time to experiment
Fauzi Majid
Fauzi Majid Prije 6 dana
Probably against Aston Villa
Cargonzo Prije 6 dana
Tough game...6 meetings...3 wins apiece and we haven’t beaten Madrid in the last 3 meetings. Mane is only player to score against Madrid and hopefully gets us a 1-0 win. Mane to score 1st half, Liverpool win 1-0.
christine westgarth
christine westgarth Prije 6 dana
2 of them games were under rodgers who has a terrible record in Europe for the clubs he has managed. Remember of course he infamously rested many players for no apparent reason away at real in one of those 3. Karius happened in another and the 3-0 in the other game the 2 sides was a mis match.
Pepdog7 Prije 6 dana
Curtis Jones needs to come on about the 60 min kid is a baller
AR 26
AR 26 Prije 5 dana
@Patrick M depends on how the game is going
Patrick M
Patrick M Prije 5 dana
For who tho? Gini or thaigo?
Christopher Moltisanti
Christopher Moltisanti Prije 6 dana
Nat Phillips takes penalties with his head
Black Jock
Black Jock Prije 6 dana
ThePradec Prije 6 dana
Klopp should play similar new style as with Arsenal. Not boring 4-3-3. Start with Jota, not Firmino. Put also Keita, Jones.
christine westgarth
christine westgarth Prije 6 dana
Lol lol lol lol lol
Mr. NAV 22
Mr. NAV 22 Prije 6 dana
I don't want Jota and Firmino to start together. One of them (probably Bobby) on the bench and to be subbed on at 60' . Having a good sub makes a massive difference.
Daboy Fernando
Daboy Fernando Prije 6 dana
They can both start and have Mane come on as a sub
Aman Sidhu
Aman Sidhu Prije 6 dana
With Bobby being subbed off early against Arsenal and his strong UCL record, I think Mané could be the one dropped against Real Madrid for Jota. Just got to wait for the lineup I guess...
Andy Lee
Andy Lee Prije 6 dana
Allison... Trent.... Robbo....kabak.... Philipps...fabinho...gini...jota...mane...firmino.... Salah is my 11....remember the first 25 minutes against city at the eithad we ripped them to pieces......
O'Brien Denis
O'Brien Denis Prije 6 dana
Nah we got ran over in that midfield before because city figured it out. Everytime they got the ball we couldn't do anything we can't counterpress we couldn't even get out of our own box
christine westgarth
christine westgarth Prije 6 dana
It did until city figured it out. That leaves you with nothing to look to the bench to bring on. Not happening
joe bond
joe bond Prije 6 dana
But youd be lying If u didn't think u got scared everytime they got past our press we were left for dead, it was a edgy tactic luckily it just about paid off
CP Bandz
CP Bandz Prije 6 dana
Kieta for winjaldum
Scousered Prije 6 dana
As long as Bobby and milner don't start I'll be happy, milner is at the end now he shouldn't be starting games and Bobby has been shite for the best part of 2 years and jota is on fire
Phil Prije 5 dana
Scousered Prije 5 dana
@LL. Lad defo got something to offer just not goals
Pól Réamonn
Pól Réamonn Prije 6 dana
@christine westgarth Bobby has been off it for a long time now and Liverpool didn't dominate the 70s and 80s by having passengers in the team.
LL. Lad
LL. Lad Prije 6 dana
Bobby can be a good bench option or start in a number 10
christine westgarth
christine westgarth Prije 6 dana
Ynwa means nothing to plastics....
Liverpool Fan
Liverpool Fan Prije 6 dana
O'Brien Denis
O'Brien Denis Prije 6 dana
I didn't know we have 4 new players wow
christine westgarth
christine westgarth Prije 6 dana
This line up leaves klopp with no attacking options off the bench.....Never happening imo
YNWA 212
YNWA 212 Prije 6 dana
splinter360 Prije 6 dana
Butchered half the teams names lol. Anyhow no 4-2-3-1. That's best suited for low blocks and packed defences. This will be a more open game I imagine .
kopxpert Prije 6 dana
The obvious midfield trio choice would be Fabinho, Gini & Thiago but u never know with Klopp. He might throw a curveball. Also, we fans might not like it but Klopp might suddenly throw Fab back at CB because he might not have enough confidence with Kabak & Phillips dealing with the likes of Benzema. I want Fab at CDM but just saying Klopp might think differently. I mean... who tf knows lol
onkouth Prije 5 dana
As brilliant as he is in CB having Fabinho in CDM and Kabak and Philips as CBs is the stronger defensive lineup, he is a literally a wall in that position and it looks like he makes the other 2 more comfortable knowing he is there to help out. Thiago will want to control this game from midfield and Salah will be chomping at the bit, it could be game that Real get overwhelmed early on, we need to attack early and stop this negative backward passing in the final 3rd that Robbo and Trent in particular have been doing continuously in the league for a long time now,, that was definitely due to a lack of confidence and after thrashing Arsenal there is no need to lack confidence now!
Josh D
Josh D Prije 5 dana
I’ll trust klopp no matter what but he said that Fab clearly prefers DM and I doubt he would swap an in form CB pairing out
Lewis Prije 6 dana
Phillips has deserved the spot he' on a clean sheet run, it be stupid to change that
DxpeEU Prije 6 dana
To be honest I think he’ll play this starting xi but Milner for Gini
Advenco Prije 6 dana
Klopp has learned his lesson. We won’t see Fabinho at center back anymore this season even if it’s a champions league final.
Kimani Thompson
Kimani Thompson Prije 6 dana
Would love a midfield of Fab, Gini and Naby and Mo, Sadio and Jota up top
LL. Lad
LL. Lad Prije 6 dana
Thiago better if you want keep possession in tight areas
David Keeling
David Keeling Prije 6 dana
You kidding no Thiago
naeem yasin
naeem yasin Prije 6 dana
Thiago as a Barca fan who came through la Massia will be up for it. He has played el Classico before with Barca so he will have fire in his belly
Phil Prije 5 dana
@Mr. NAV 22 what? he's been a big anti climax. that's why he's not in the starting lineup tonight. and keita is
Amen Boughanmi
Amen Boughanmi Prije 5 dana
Elhe was kicked out of Barca, he never spoke about them in all his time in bayern, it's. Past for him no emotional attachment to them whatsoever
Mr. NAV 22
Mr. NAV 22 Prije 5 dana
@Phil omds....😴😴😴
Phil Prije 5 dana
@Mr. NAV 22 not for Liverpool. he hasn't contributed yet. at this stage I'd prefer Jones, kieta, Jota or Shaq
Josh D
Josh D Prije 5 dana
@stevendchu we love it🔥
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Prije 6 dana
I have a feeling it will be Jota, Bobby and Salah up top with Mane benched.
Black Jock
Black Jock Prije 6 dana
Klopp knows the value of an early goal; changes the whole team's confidence, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him go at it with that front three; moving Jota center for Bobby and bringing Mane off the bench on the left if it's not working out, or dropping Gini and putting all 4 up front with Fabi and Thiago as the 2 in a 4-2-3-1, Salah up top, Bobby in the hole almost worked against Man City, and we are in better shape all round now. Just my rusty old thoughts....
Nour Anwar
Nour Anwar Prije 6 dana
Can see it too because mane has been in shit form lately
Vic Vance
Vic Vance Prije 6 dana
I can see it tbf.
Meme Lord
Meme Lord Prije 6 dana
I completely agree with that XI and if it doesn’t get going in attack then there’s always the option of bringing Firmino on for Gini and switching to a 4-2-3-1 or getting someone like Keita or Ox on if we’re not looking to change shape. If we’re winning then I can see Milner coming on to help see out the game. Fabinho and Thiago are must starts for this game, no matter what midfield shape we play
Raz Prije 5 dana
@Geoff Stark we played the four of them against city and nothing happened, Real is a Real threat
Meme Lord
Meme Lord Prije 5 dana
@Geoff Stark we can’t underestimate Madrid. They’ll be better than we expect. Klopp will go 4-3-3 then wait to see what happens before maybe changing
Geoff Stark
Geoff Stark Prije 6 dana
4-2-3-1 Bobby in for Gini after 60 mins if level. We played with the four of them (Bobby, Mo, Sadio and Jota) against Arsenal and blew them away. Diogo is up for it at the minute, he has to start.
christine westgarth
christine westgarth Prije 6 dana
@Sthdav Fhnv then what attacking options does that leave you with off the bench? You're assuming real madrid are going to park the bus....
Sthdav Fhnv
Sthdav Fhnv Prije 6 dana
I think they should start with a 4 2 3 1 like the four with coutino but firmino taking his role as a cam. Thiago and fabhino work perfect as a 2 in midfield
Paul Greaves80
Paul Greaves80 Prije 6 dana
Why asint Ben Davies been playing
Paul Cavanagh
Paul Cavanagh Prije 6 dana
Because we're getting clean sheets and the centre halves partnership is developing!
Christopher Moltisanti
Christopher Moltisanti Prije 6 dana
not good enough thats why....we signed him because we needed bodies at CB but Kabak has worked out so
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Prije 6 dana
@christine westgarth robbo wasn't a regular but he was rotated in and out from time to time. He was never behind a bang average youth player (Rhys) in the pecking order. If Davies can't make the bench when we have our first 3 CB options out then I don't hold out much hope for him. He's arguably 9th choice (VVD, Gomez, Matip, Kabak, Phillips, Rhys, Fab, Hendo, Davies) and we're apparently buying Konate as well as Kabak in the summer. Even if matip or phillips leave, he's nowhere near the first team. I'd absolutely love for him to get his chance and prove his worth, but I just don't see when Klopp is going to give him that and I think he'll be gone by the summer.
christine westgarth
christine westgarth Prije 6 dana
@Billy Bob not necessarily. Robertson didnt kick a ball for liverpool for months at the start. You probably said the same then.
christine westgarth
christine westgarth Prije 6 dana
Who would you drop for him?
Adam Prije 6 dana
Should try dropping bobby back into midfield again seemed to work well. Perfect position for him going forward
Adam Prije 6 dana
@christine westgarth jota is 23 and scoring goals for fun, bobby is 29 and struggling for even assists when he should be in his prime. As much as I love the guy hes finished as a forward.
Rob Prije 6 dana
@christine westgarth no its not. He's been wank in the front 3 for ages. Maybe can make a shout as a 10 in a 4 2 3 1 but he has no place in that front 3 when jota mane and salah are fit. Simple as that. Times change and players decline.
christine westgarth
christine westgarth Prije 6 dana
@Adam writing bobby off is ridiculously stupid
Adam Prije 6 dana
Not saying we should permanently change the midfield or set up but firmino has nothing to offer in a front three any more and would be silly to not start jota every game so bobby just ends up on the bench unless they find an alt role for him
Radboudt L
Radboudt L Prije 6 dana
@splinter360 I agree
splinter360 Prije 6 dana
Pretty much the team. Though I'm slightly worried Klopp will still start Bobby ahead of Jota. Jürgen just finds it really hard to bench Bobby.
splinter360 Prije 6 dana
@Vic Vance lol did she call me that? Must have deleted it. Ignore her, anyhow. Some aggy housewife. 😬😂
Vic Vance
Vic Vance Prije 6 dana
@christine westgarth Lmao why are you getting so aggy? "needle dick" lmao where did that come from? Everything alright at home? 😂😂😂
splinter360 Prije 6 dana
@christine westgarth Nah just more than you. Ta-ta.
christine westgarth
christine westgarth Prije 6 dana
@splinter360 you seem to think you know it all.
christine westgarth
christine westgarth Prije 6 dana
@splinter360 we will see tomorrow.
Jamil Uddin
Jamil Uddin Prije 6 dana
Lads Jota has to start, first name on the team sheet imo, YNWA ❤
Kris Brown
Kris Brown Prije 5 dana
No brainer mate 🙏
talha Ali
talha Ali Prije 5 dana
@DeuceSe7en true if u guys dont get a goal in the 60 minute jurgen klopp should bring on jota
DeuceSe7en Prije 5 dana
If Jota didnt start no problem. Start Firmino. Bring him on later. Dont thinkthis would happen but i wouldnt lose my head unlike some
talha Ali
talha Ali Prije 5 dana
@MDHB786 i support burnley but liverpool are cool
MDHB786 Prije 5 dana
@Matthieu Dufourcq hes probably annoyed at hearing the name of world class players which we have cause hes a united fan
mr liverpool
mr liverpool Prije 6 dana
salah is a club legend and a prem legend sme with mane bobby is a club legend. he will be back next season and so will mane as they both been inconsistent. every season theyve had with us theyve been great but this season not so
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