Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool | Instant Match Reaction

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Prije 8 dana

Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool | Instant Match Reaction
Paul and Chris are here to discuss Liverpool's meeting with Arsenal after the two went head to head at the Emirates! The Reds saw off Arsenal with 3 second half goals from Diogo Jota (2) and Mo Salah!
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Tayo Prije 6 dana
Fabinho is the truth 🔴
Mike Gaz
Mike Gaz Prije 6 dana
14:50 lololololollll hahaa, so fucking true!! sums the season up perfect
christopher mc carthy
christopher mc carthy Prije 6 dana
How do you do the picks for real madrid match tomorrow
neelante Prije 6 dana
More like it. WE need to continue this to the end of the season
KillerDarc Prije 6 dana
I think Arteta's pushing Auba too much but asking him to match a 20 year old's work rate up and down the flank. He looked goosed after 20mins. That gave Trent almost free reign to go forward.
Mattie gorman
Mattie gorman Prije 6 dana
Without a doubt jota turned that match for us! He highlighted just how stagnant the front 3 is and has been!
MacIsBack Prije 6 dana
As good as Trent & Fabs & the likes were lets not underestimate how the teams confidence has grown as a result of how great Philips & Kabak have been.. I love seeing an underdog win & most people thought buying kabak was stupid & Philips wasn't good enough.. Fabs has been able to do what he does because he hasn't had to worry about covering for the centre backs. Philips & Kabak have been awesome & are only getting better & the whole teams confidence has grown massively...
darrenwalton10 Prije 6 dana
As the boys have said, fabinho back in midfield has made a huge difference. I've not seen mane and Salah press together like today for a long time. Kabak is looking very promising as well
derick G
derick G Prije 7 dana
If I hadnt watched the match I would of know by Chris's face something good went down 😂👌keep it up red men YNWA
István Mohácsi
István Mohácsi Prije 7 dana
Loving the Hertha sticker 🙏 Well in Lads, was a Sooound performances all round the pitch! Get in Reds! COYRM! YNWA
Taylor Thomas
Taylor Thomas Prije 7 dana
I think kabak is a no brainer. Very good as a fourth or 3rd choice and for 18 mill! I do think it would be a good buy.
james howard
james howard Prije 7 dana
Big few months coming up. Still plenty to play for
Taylor Thomas
Taylor Thomas Prije 7 dana
It’s crazy what a win from the reds can do for your mood. Get in boys!!!!
David D'Arcy
David D'Arcy Prije 7 dana
I see Cochese Becker, Allison's Mexican cousin, was in goal for us tonight 😉
Aaron T
Aaron T Prije 7 dana
top 4 is back on baby
JOHN McNulty
JOHN McNulty Prije 7 dana
FOR SALE 1 "Ceremonial" Cannon £72 Million * please note, only fires blanks ! 96 ❤ YNWA
Nick Prije 7 dana
I don’t think it even fires blanks... based on what I have seen, it has been decommissioned!!!
J B Collett
J B Collett Prije 7 dana
Really starting to feel at ease with kabak and Phillips at the back
Kofi Ossei
Kofi Ossei Prije 7 dana
Thank you Southgate for disrespecting Trent, now we are gonna get the best out of him
Carol super Wheeler
Carol super Wheeler Prije 7 dana
I'm assed that Trent got left out of the England team. Better for us.
Sam Thomas
Sam Thomas Prije 7 dana
Great win. Probably worth mentioning that the Tierney injury really hurt Arsenals defense down our right side and we dominate after he goes out
Life is Blessed
Life is Blessed Prije 7 dana
Great Win against the Gooners.Fabinho is probably the best in the World at DM,Jots is just a very very hungry savage who wants to score,Ive been thinking if or when the original 3 retire or move on i would love to see Neto,Rapinha and Jota take the mantle,even better Mbappe as well...Anyway Take care all YNWA
Normal Behaviour
Normal Behaviour Prije 7 dana
Please stop swearing, I want my son to watch this show with me but the unnecessary language really puts me off! It just shows a lack of vocabulary and intelligence!
Normal Behaviour
Normal Behaviour Prije 6 dana
@christine westgarth Who suggested ‘making’ him watch it, I was merely suggesting it would be nice for me to watch it with my son but can’t due to the language. Why do people have to be so shitty about everything....jeez!
christine westgarth
christine westgarth Prije 6 dana
Nobody is forcing you or your son to watch it.....
Danny L
Danny L Prije 7 dana
Actually intelligent people swear more. So piss off
Kofi Ossei
Kofi Ossei Prije 7 dana
This is such a Karen comment lmao
Priyank Rao
Priyank Rao Prije 7 dana
Well then don't let ur son watch it 🤷
Digjay Das
Digjay Das Prije 7 dana
my main concern is mane, over the last couple of games I have noticed he being scared to actually shoot in pivotal moments and lays it for someone else. I dont know if I am reading too much into it or his confidence has been shot badly.
julius justin
julius justin Prije 6 dana
Mane has been declined alot,is pressing is not there anymore?u a not ready to much,he scared to shoot or doing anything his confidence is so low,he miss the last chance Salah created to him
The Gentle Walk
The Gentle Walk Prije 7 dana
Fabinho & Thiago, controllers of midfield , allow the whole team to do their thing with confidence and creativity and then what do we get....a perfomance like that :)
The Gentle Walk
The Gentle Walk Prije 6 dana
@ComradeOgilvy1984 agree, its good to watch with confidence again eh :)
ComradeOgilvy1984 Prije 6 dana
Fabinho at CDM really calms things down for the CBs and gives Thiago some license to roam forward. It also keeps Thiago's sometimes sloppy tackles further away from our own box. ;)
Rich 03
Rich 03 Prije 7 dana
Have to praise Klopp's management last night Resting Robbo, Gini and Jota Still looking strong, Milner brought the thunder could have scored 2, switching tactics, not taking off any of the front 3 for Jota but unleashing that beast on poor Arsenal. Also love how Trent re-created Jotas goal from his Portugal game 🔥
PS4Base Prije 7 dana
28 goals club country this season salah 18 goals club country this season jota
Threat20 Prije 7 dana
Keep Fabinho and Jota fit!
Insert Name
Insert Name Prije 7 dana
Fabinho in the 6 is the key to this iteration of LFC. We are a different team with him there
dre santorini
dre santorini Prije 7 dana
Team looks so much better with the four up top, hope we keep this formation
Silver Steel
Silver Steel Prije 7 dana
Madrid don’t do low block. First real test for our fledgling defence. 0-3 best possible buildup. Arsenal result has stoked the fires of hope once again. Educated conversation lads. Thanks a million.
YNWA 212
YNWA 212 Prije 7 dana
True but we are better against teams who don't play a low block imo most of our losses have been against teams defending for 90mins and would not say first real test leipzig was a test too attacking high pressing side and we passed that
Noel Clyne
Noel Clyne Prije 7 dana
Mentality monsters
William Haughton
William Haughton Prije 7 dana
Fabinho and Jota are clearly the difference in this side- YES. Salah has to play with Jota and Fab runs the midfield..would love to see Naby lad come into this too.
sajid iqbal
sajid iqbal Prije 7 dana
Oh yes we're back YNWA 🔴🔴🔴❤
Balal Rehman
Balal Rehman Prije 7 dana
Hey guys hope you doing well? great performances by the Reds that Fabinho brilliant Trent was top cross to Jota brilliant goal Mo great goal great win Reds are back 3 points LFC ynwa
-- Prije 7 dana
Klopps treatment of Tsimikas is shite, he's as good a backup left back as youre going to get and we're going to lose him and have no cover like right back.
O'Brien Denis
O'Brien Denis Prije 6 dana
@-- i kinda agree with you a little but you know. It's robertson we're talking about, hardly put a bad game for us, even if he's quiet in the game he still put on a good performance, week in week out. Personally i think he's a fan favorite and he's immune to criticism , at the same time i really want Kostas to play as well. His quality is similar with Robertson it's just that he barely got game time under his belt that's why he hasn't impress anyone yet with lack of playing. But i do agree he needs to be play alot otherwise he might think it's better for him to move
-- Prije 6 dana
@Sam N Edu Medja He dint fail to impress at all, Neco and Rhys Williams have been awful almost anytime they played yet Klopp seems happy for them to get the odd game at least
-- Prije 6 dana
@Philani Mthembu Robertson has been average at best since Christmas he's looked exhausted.
Philani Mthembu
Philani Mthembu Prije 6 dana
@-- 😂😂 Wtf, as long as Robbo play, you will hardly see teams attacking our left hand side. What a stupid comment
Sam N Edu Medja
Sam N Edu Medja Prije 7 dana
@Insert Name He will play a lot next year. He had a few chances earlier, but did not impress. I am sure Klopp is working with on some things, with a whole full off-season I am sure he will play. The main reason is because the center back is shaky and Robbo is needed. With a full squad with Virgil and Gomez, you can put him there in some games. They shouldn't lent him go.
Carol super Wheeler
Carol super Wheeler Prije 7 dana
I'm in love with Jota. YNWA 96 COME ON RED MAN
Fact Sake Rafa
Fact Sake Rafa Prije 7 dana
3 weeks off & we’re back with a bang Fact!
Manny M
Manny M Prije 6 dana
How lucky are we mate? Even when Liverpool is wounded we fight back and remind everyone who we are. Becoming a Liverpool fan was the best thing that’s ever happen to me. Back with a BANG!
Skinny P
Skinny P Prije 7 dana
Milner actually been in 3 European finals
adriel wo
adriel wo Prije 7 dana
🙏Please try Keita-Fabinho-Thiago.
Pete Bluett
Pete Bluett Prije 7 dana
@venom 4510 think he meant to type Hendo but it came out Keita 😂
venom 4510
venom 4510 Prije 7 dana
Keita 😂😂😂
Marco Casinha
Marco Casinha Prije 7 dana
i think u give high notes too easy btw, i can agree fabinho and maybe jota have high score, but mamy players are perming really really poorly.....dont live in the past 2 years be fair
Nigel Jones
Nigel Jones Prije 7 dana
Will Jotta be the end of Bobby??
joe bond
joe bond Prije 7 dana
Jota is clinical but let's not forget the quality Bobby does have, hes not a goalscorer but he has sone of the most unique abilities in the football world and his technique is next level hes a valuable member to the squad
KRF1984 Prije 7 dana
I am pretty drunk right now, so I apologise in advance, but I'm really fucked off with the Redmen picks thing. I think you should come clean with just how much they're paying you and just what they get out of it, (coz ain't nobody giving away a grand a week for nothing).
Shaun Thomas
Shaun Thomas Prije 7 dana
Data - can use that for ads or other targeted marketing
Starr-Ann Coleman
Starr-Ann Coleman Prije 7 dana
Just don’t join
Tingpin Prije 7 dana
Tried joining redmenpicks and it says my email doesn't match.. It was identical please don't play me I really like you guys.. But it's feeling like a scam Paul and Chris.
Gary Galt
Gary Galt Prije 7 dana
Email them during the week. They should fix it for you.
mclarensmps Prije 7 dana
Credit where credit's due: Kabak had a really good game today
Rasengan Prije 7 dana
This is the happiest I’ve been in what feels like a year. What a performance. Proper celebrated every goal. Pretty much everything was good. Could’ve scored more too. Gutted Chelsea lost too cause now we’re gonna have to give this top 4 a good go 😂
LS15 Prije 7 dana
Kabaks and Philips don't concede goals lads
F M Prije 7 dana
Fab in that CDM role is making the defence look really solid. #InKloppWeTrust.
macandme foley
macandme foley Prije 7 dana
Yes reds different beast with fabinho at dm and actual cbs at cb 😁💪💪💪
Kobir Prije 7 dana
Superb team performance. I in particular loved Jota's determination, Fabinho's midfield mastery, Trent's quality and Salah's goal scoring skills . I hope this is a beginning to a strong finish.
Jonny Smart
Jonny Smart Prije 7 dana
Chris is having wayyyyyyy too much fun there 😂 he’s got a different energy today imo, it’s brilliant
my memories
my memories Prije 6 dana
Hey no drug dealing when a Liverpool win should be a sufficient hit!
Ethan Gillett
Ethan Gillett Prije 7 dana
@imnotoyou grounder lol of course!
imnotoyou grounder
imnotoyou grounder Prije 7 dana
@Ethan Gillett can you get me some?
huwroberts123 Prije 7 dana
He must have finished all the admin he was going during the Uncensored match build up.
Ethan Gillett
Ethan Gillett Prije 7 dana
Cocaine is a hell of a drug
james rawl
james rawl Prije 7 dana
Business end.
Ali74 Prije 7 dana
Fabinho is to Liverpool what Makelele was to Real Madrid. When we (and Madrid) lost the anchor in midfield we didn’t function.
Deadeye1967 Prije 7 dana
Hendo is quite good at the No6 role too. Problem was we lost them both out of midfield for a while, either injuries or them playing in defence.
Eoghan Buckley
Eoghan Buckley Prije 7 dana
We are back! Jota is the man
xTURN3R5x Prije 7 dana
The boys playing well makes us all so happy and it’s boss!
John Spenceley
John Spenceley Prije 7 dana
Starts at 1:13...
Abdulaziz Al Thani
Abdulaziz Al Thani Prije 7 dana
Why predictions 😭😭😭
Amen Boughanmi
Amen Boughanmi Prije 7 dana
Looks like Jota is gonna make Bobby a bench warmer
Amen Boughanmi
Amen Boughanmi Prije 7 dana
@CillianOT I think it's too risky to play all the 4 at the same time and leaving the midfield exposed with just 2, the circumstances that Liverpool is in, isn't ideal at all. Jota will be preferred one with Bobby getting some time
Jamie Uzzell
Jamie Uzzell Prije 7 dana
@CillianOT only problem with that is we won’t have any options on the bench
CillianOT Prije 7 dana
Thought Bobby actually had a good game, stick the 4 of them on
David Murphy
David Murphy Prije 7 dana
still think in some games we can play all 4
MafioSol Prije 7 dana
I want to know what Klopp saw in Jota which no-one else (apart from his analytic team probably) could see - even Nuno Espírito Santo. He is a total different animal with us than when he played for Wolves.
MafioSol Prije 4 dana
@Gini You're an embarrassment to yourself, your family and all that know you. Your team is losing 3-1. Instead of sending positive vibes you rather focus on sending a stranger a social media post that doesn’t even vindicate you. Salah scored against a big side tonight with a single chance, another day he might not with multiple. So what’s your point?? Crucially - why on earth do you want to give the impression that I DON’T want him to score and my team NOT to win?? You’re losing hard in life. Try holding your breath for as long as possible. Let me know how you get on.
Gini Prije 4 dana
@MafioSol Mo Salah just scored his 18th away goal in all competitions. I hope that shuts you up now. Clutch player
MultiRibrob Prije 6 dana
@MafioSol your house deffo stinks
MafioSol Prije 6 dana
@MultiRibrob So that we're clear: Did you just call me a 'slave'? ...
Bowlardo Prije 7 dana
@Sam N Edu Medja I totally agree with you . What I said is we need to look after him. He is getting injured more often for longer. both him and Fabinho need to play against the bottom 10 opponents at home? probably not.
Will Ross
Will Ross Prije 7 dana
RIP Claude
Nadim Ahmad
Nadim Ahmad Prije 7 dana
His passing away broke my heart.
Conor K
Conor K Prije 7 dana
Conor K
Conor K Prije 7 dana
@Jonny Smart ✌️
Jonny Smart
Jonny Smart Prije 7 dana
That’s boss that
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