Arsenal v Liverpool | Uncensored Match Build Up

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Arsenal v Liverpool | Uncensored Match Build Up
Paul, Ben, John and James are here with the Build Up show, where Liverpool travel to The Emirates to face Arsenal for their first game in three weeks. Will Klopp rest any players ahead of next week's Champions League quarter-final against Real Madrid? Give us your score predictions and preferred XIs in the comments below.
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sarfeastlondoner Prije 7 dana
Here after a 3 nil serving up of Arsenal... 😂👌🏿
Uber Eats Fc
Uber Eats Fc Prije 8 dana
You’re getting smashed by the best team in London Arteta will end Klopp again
sarfeastlondoner Prije 7 dana
Gerry Browne
Gerry Browne Prije 8 dana
The 2003/04 season 4-2 defeat to Arsenal was not our last clash with them on Easter weekend. We played them on Easter Saturday 2015 and sadly they hammered us 4-1. Maybe best forgotten.
DaKid Biscuit
DaKid Biscuit Prije 8 dana
"Lip smackingly good" who the fuck says that???
Andrew Green
Andrew Green Prije 8 dana
James Sutton, " you know, you know, blah di blah, you know, you know". No, I don't know that's why I'm asking you. It got contagious with a few of them afterwards "you know?". Still love the work you do fellas, you know😉
Paul Paulson
Paul Paulson Prije 8 dana
Is it just me or does Paul end every sentence like its a question?? He talks like an American teenager 😂😂😂😂
Andile Ngidi
Andile Ngidi Prije 8 dana
Pure class to make mention about Claude👏🏾
martin sheridan
martin sheridan Prije 8 dana
easily get through against madrid
Mike Gaz
Mike Gaz Prije 8 dana
None of ‘em can stop saying ‘you know’, ‘you know’, ‘you know’, ‘you know’, ‘you know’....... learn to speak proper English!!!!
Ger Murtagh
Ger Murtagh Prije 8 dana
There is a mistake in luiz
Anthony Monaghan
Anthony Monaghan Prije 8 dana
Why change anything up front for the Arsenal game? Mané, Jota and Salah. Bring Firminho on for the last third. A potential early goal from Jota would make all the difference on Saturday. Prediction, Arsenal 1-Liverpool 2.
Silver Steel
Silver Steel Prije 8 dana
At international level Trent’s lack of defensive acumen will be found out. Mane’ is more focused on his emerging hairline. Salah rarely plays the right ball but his goal threat makes him a must. Great episode of UMBU from Chewbacca, Baby Chewbacca, Silver Haired Duke and Stage School.
Carol super Wheeler
Carol super Wheeler Prije 9 dana
I wouldn't be assed if Trent played for England again as long as he played for liverpool we pay his wages. YNWA 96 COME ON RED MAN
Ahmad Safieddine
Ahmad Safieddine Prije 9 dana
Jota And Shaqiri must start. Mane and Fermino should be benched
Ahmad Safieddine
Ahmad Safieddine Prije 9 dana
The season was over a long time ago
Nicholas Miller
Nicholas Miller Prije 9 dana
Thanks Paul Machine & the gang great post Am praying we get three points on Saturday ( prediction Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool, YNWA). PS Has Jack left Redmen tv , as he has been working working with the Anfield Agenda & Mundo ??
Carol super Wheeler
Carol super Wheeler Prije 9 dana
I really hope that liverpool will keep the OX in the summer. He has been so unlucky with injures but when he came on against wolves he really looked brilliant. YNWA 96 COME ON RED MAN
Carol super Wheeler
Carol super Wheeler Prije 9 dana
We have got to hope that mane hasn't got the virus again cos he was moded by fans as well. YNWA 96 COME ON RED MAN
H B Prije 9 dana
So if Pepe is flop what’s Thiago then?🤣
J03c 15
J03c 15 Prije 9 dana
Yo who knows this guy from hollyoaks I just clocked lol
Aaron Anderson
Aaron Anderson Prije 9 dana
I wonder if jota might be on the bench on Saturday, and then starts on Tuesday.
John O'Connor
John O'Connor Prije 9 dana
Watching this way after you did it but as always your Da makes great points
Eoin Nisharrig
Eoin Nisharrig Prije 9 dana
The only acceptable team is: Alison, NATdinihio, "hes our center back" (KaBaCk), Taa, the flying scotsman, FANTASTIC FABINIHIO, Bobby the creator, work horse wjinaldum, Super Salah, deogoal shotta, super saido If any other player starts klopp has lost his damumn mind
adran x
adran x Prije 9 dana
Tsimikas was away on international duty with Greece for the last couple of weeks.
Nicholas Hopkins
Nicholas Hopkins Prije 9 dana
I thought the discussion about Trent was really interesting
The JFO show
The JFO show Prije 10 dana
16:40 the dead pan delivery from John there, what a legend
Key: to start
Key: to start Prije 10 dana
No Sergio Ramos. 😁
Benjamin Borrero
Benjamin Borrero Prije 10 dana
My birthday is on Saturday and I hope Liverpool gift me a League win over Arsenal. #YNWA
Asad Ashraf
Asad Ashraf Prije 10 dana
James had his “6” covered throughout 😂
KIRK Prije 10 dana
Good Show!!
This is Luca’s Life
This is Luca’s Life Prije 10 dana
Is that James from holly oaks
Emmett Russell
Emmett Russell Prije 10 dana
Colin Doyle
Colin Doyle Prije 10 dana
Really hope arsenal have some sort of tribute to Claude
Anthony Monaghan
Anthony Monaghan Prije 8 dana
What do you mean by a tribute? Do you mean on the pitch?
Salah SZN
Salah SZN Prije 9 dana
Ruth Hughes died
Ruth Hughes
Ruth Hughes Prije 9 dana
Wha happen to claud
Nicholas Miller
Nicholas Miller Prije 10 dana
League’s too important can’t rest any of the first team for league games ? Just my opinion YNWA. My prediction for Saturday’s game against Arsenal is as follows Arsenal 0 -2 Liverpool.
suarezlfc77 Prije 10 dana
Kostas played great against Spain, didnt play in the second match which was a friendly
Abdirahman Yusuf
Abdirahman Yusuf Prije 10 dana
Abdirahman Yusuf
Abdirahman Yusuf Prije 10 dana
Fahed Al-ajmi
Fahed Al-ajmi Prije 10 dana
Alisson Trent Nat . Kabak Robinson Fabinho Thiago. Gini Salah. Jota. Mane This is a line up for both games. Arse 1-3 Liverpool RM 1-2 Liverpool.
Fahed Al-ajmi
Fahed Al-ajmi Prije 10 dana
@Willem Roboo 😂😂
Willem Prije 10 dana
who the fuck is robinson? hahahaha JK I know who you mean
David Sim
David Sim Prije 10 dana
Arsenal is going to win
matthew jones
matthew jones Prije 7 dana
@David Sim I told you mate
Cyriline Austrie
Cyriline Austrie Prije 9 dana
Nah Liverpool will win
David Sim
David Sim Prije 10 dana
@matthew jones respect man we'll just see if arsenal lost Fairplay for Liverpool
matthew jones
matthew jones Prije 10 dana
@David Sim ok and I respect your opinion that you think they will win so no disrespect entended to you, but you'll be disappointed come Saturday
David Sim
David Sim Prije 10 dana
@matthew jones u really think I will I'm not even in England I'm Indonesian
Nikhil Manilal
Nikhil Manilal Prije 10 dana
Top 4 not happening mate
bill kats
bill kats Prije 10 dana
Guys guys,i thought you were watching these stuff,Tsimikas played against Spain(Spain-Greece 1-1),and he was grate at,least defensefily (all Greece did was defending...). The left Greek side was solid,he was against Ferran Torres and, i think, ferran didn't past him not even once...At the final quarter he had cramps,which is natural because of the lack of game time,but i think he can play 60-70 minutes against Arsenal. He has played against Arsenal at the Europa League,last year,and he was excellent during those two legs... Will Klopp choose to play him,knowing he might have to use one(out of only three subs on his left back)? Who knows
Balal Rehman
Balal Rehman Prije 10 dana
Liverpool FC will be hopefully fresh after two weeks break and raring to go and win come on you reds LFC ynwa
Balal Rehman
Balal Rehman Prije 10 dana
Glad Premier League back Saturday Liverpool travel to North London against Arsenal Liverpool need to win get into top four come on you reds LFC ynwa
Kofi Ossei
Kofi Ossei Prije 10 dana
Ramos didn’t wanna pass the Salah test and decided to get injured
Sebastian Rodriguez
Sebastian Rodriguez Prije 10 dana
Very pleased that I’ve got that trivia question right! Skrtel’s goals in that match were lovely
Jarred Brown
Jarred Brown Prije 10 dana
These guys always talk over each other. Need to raise the hand 🤚
Jack Spedicy 2
Jack Spedicy 2 Prije 10 dana
Didn't know Colonel Sanders was a Liverpool fan
Alfred Kay
Alfred Kay Prije 10 dana
The only thing I am worried here is, whenever there is an international break the first game Liverpool plays they always struggles in that game. The team never gels together at all, this worries me a lot. As we all know , lately Arsenals are playing very well and they are more aggressive than before. I am just hoping for the best but history is not on our side especially with this difficult season for Liverpool
A J Prije 10 dana
Finding the balance is going to be really tough. You can say going for the UCL is better than a top 4 battle but which are we more likely to win, this years or next years? Even without seeing draws etc I would rather be in next years with our full squad than putting our eggs into a wild shot at winning this one and ending up in the Europa league next season.
Paul Greaves80
Paul Greaves80 Prije 10 dana
Breaking news Sergio Ramos injured
YNWA 212
YNWA 212 Prije 10 dana
They also have other players injured too hazard,kroos,carvajal,Valverde some of them might be back for liverpool idk hopefully not. Both teams are missing key players atm nice to play a team having similar problems to us lol
8innergate Prije 10 dana
I wanted revenge
Kofi Ossei
Kofi Ossei Prije 10 dana
Scared of Salah
G Don
G Don Prije 10 dana
Oh no you are right 👍 sorry I'm not trusting anyone today 😅
G Don
G Don Prije 10 dana
April fools?
Muzza Prije 10 dana
No pajek no party
rob davies
rob davies Prije 10 dana
worried john calling pepe a flop could come back and bite us fingers crossed it doesn't
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre Prije 10 dana
John never wrong
Caballero Oscuro
Caballero Oscuro Prije 10 dana
Im sure klopp isnt worried about what a 60 year old fan says because then he has to be worried about what all the fans say and that doesnt make sense, you cant control what other people say, he will respect all our rivals and we will play like our lifes depends of it, if we lose we lose in the most beautiful way giving everything we got, we wont be easy like they say in spain, they will need to leave the blood on the pitch to beat us
Aaron T
Aaron T Prije 10 dana
RIP Claude
Aaron T
Aaron T Prije 10 dana
starts 0:27
Jammiedog3699 Prije 10 dana
Great to see James got out of the Gulag for a moment to conduct a match build-up show 😂
Shag Nasty
Shag Nasty Prije 10 dana
love the cod in background james :) ynwa
rob davies
rob davies Prije 10 dana
thoughts on curtis getting into a scrap yesterday ? i for one am shocked something bad must have been said for that reaction from a laid back lad
Key: to start
Key: to start Prije 10 dana
I Absolutely loved it. Love to see some passion and emotion on the pitch. We dont want to see violence but aggression is part of the game. Sometimes when the whistle blows you still got some left, let's not give him a hard time. He will remember this and learn from it (hopefully not TOO much) and come back a better man because of it. We all talk about young players needing time to grow and learn and adjust to the adult game, that's a part of the learning process right there. Better learning that lesson now than in a few years in the senior team at a major tounament when it will mess up your opportunities. All I see is HUNGER and I'm licking my lips.
Che Varley
Che Varley Prije 10 dana
Loved it, good to see we have scouse players with the fight and fire in them. Not the first time we've seen it from him. Hopefully has the same attitude as Gerrard, Rooney, Carra, etc scouse greats...
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Prije 10 dana
From the sounds of it he just didn't like the way they were celebrating. Probably some ill feeling as well because he was kicked in the face twice. Regardless it was unacceptable behaviour from him and he should be dropped for a couple weeks - he needs to know that it's not on.
Danny Burrows
Danny Burrows Prije 10 dana
james sutton loves shooting peoples head off
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