Liverpool v Atletico: The Coronavirus Impact | Extended Documentary Clip

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Prije 18 dana

Liverpool v Atletico: The Coronavirus Impact | Extended Documentary Clip
See the FULL documentary here 👉🏼
In March 2020, thousands of Atletico Madrid fans travelled from Covid-ridden Spain for the Champions League round of 16 second leg at Anfield. In the weeks that followed, Liverpool became one of the worst affected areas in the UK for virus cases and deaths. One year on, we revisit the infamous match. We talk to journalists, fans and NHS staff about the dangerous decision to let the game go ahead and the disastrous consequences for the city that followed.
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Panji Mahendra
Panji Mahendra Prije 12 dana
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Sanj P
Sanj P Prije 12 dana
I was in the kop that night. I was shaking hands with Madrid fans after the game. I think I briefly spoke to Maych after the match too. My dad told me not to go to the match but no one knew how bad it was going to be. There was no way that I wasn't going. Very lucky I didn't catch the virus and take it home. P.S. I never clapped on a Thursday night. I didn't vote for Boris
Steve Steve
Steve Steve Prije 13 dana
Not gonna watch this but if you’re blaming getting knocked out by corona then it’s the same as when you said you didn’t murder your own fans when you did.
Bailey 19
Bailey 19 Prije 15 dana
You’ll never walk alone ❤️❤️
3000cc Prije 15 dana
bruh i remember the exact day watching this game at the library. later that day the nba season was cancelled and the whole country was freaking out.
Michael Fortune
Michael Fortune Prije 16 dana
Underline health issues ppl were dying from so they put covid down on most deaths we been getting lied to dont trust the government
komet Prije 17 dana
I was there that night
CDB Prije 17 dana
My first game this, was definitely an experience lmao
Aaron T
Aaron T Prije 17 dana
great work ben
FC Matrix
FC Matrix Prije 17 dana
Uefa messed up on that 2nd leg fixture, should of postponed it but did any of us knew it was gonna be a global pandemic. thx NHS
michael dooley
michael dooley Prije 17 dana
Giant hoax , what' s killing people is the Lockdowns you don't know what you're talking about Redmen T V stop being political .
Youman Prije 18 dana
Brilliant vlog!
Gav Red
Gav Red Prije 18 dana
I’m watching you Jith
Gav Red
Gav Red Prije 18 dana
@BrownNinja777 hahaha
BrownNinja777 Prije 18 dana
Oh are you now? 🧐🤔
Ronan Crozier
Ronan Crozier Prije 18 dana
Blaming the teams performance on covid is absolutely ludicrous Atletico had the exact same worries as our boys and they won fair and square. That being said that game as well as Cheltenham should never have happened and I hope there is an inquest
lordflashget Prije 17 dana
err our sick inept government allowed thousands of infected people to enter our stadium, i for one could see something wasn't right, the atmosphere was strange, bet most fans there would say the same. players are not robots, they must have heard or seen newscasts on the day saying Madrid was a covid hotspot, the defeat is not an issue, but who put you in charge of players emotions, fears and doubts ? to make a statement that implies players were or shouldn't be affected by an unknown threat to all human life is actually beyond ludicrous, any inquest would be a farce, when have tory boys ever took anything other peoples livelihoods ? and no responsibility ?
mr4string Prije 18 dana
something this important, shouldnt be behind a paywall. Release the whole thing. You'll get way more exposure and not just from football related avenues either.
DarkPhoenix69 Prije 18 dana
It's crazy to think that we haven't seen or experienced a full Anfield crowd for over a year now. YNWA!
Fergal Hughes
Fergal Hughes Prije 18 dana
Good vlog (You'll Never Walk Back Alone)
Mikkel Litmanen
Mikkel Litmanen Prije 17 dana
Are you trying to be funny
IamtWIN12 Prije 18 dana
Adrian cost us. End of story.
MRK 2104
MRK 2104 Prije 17 dana
@Yeetus Meme true but all adrian had to do was boot it out and failed to do that
Yeetus Meme
Yeetus Meme Prije 18 dana
Stop blaming ur GK. u should have scored ur tons of chances
Gav Red
Gav Red Prije 18 dana
I’m a club legend with Redmen TV, this documentary by Ben is one of the best things on the site. Fantastic guests and insight.
BrownNinja777 Prije 18 dana
I’m watching you Gav.
Gav Red
Gav Red Prije 18 dana
@Kieran Orr literally just checked out my window 😂😂
Kieran Orr
Kieran Orr Prije 18 dana
I'm watching you Gav.
masa Kuningas
masa Kuningas Prije 18 dana
Shut up top red
Elin Grome
Elin Grome Prije 18 dana
Its not "the coronavirus impact" - its the impact of the BS govt response to the coronavirus.... many parts of the world have just got on with it. Theres no causal link between COVID deaths and lockdowns, masks etc. Makes me sick that football fans, of all people, have become so bloody compliant. Sorry, just had to vent.
Reuben Hewitt
Reuben Hewitt Prije 18 dana
The amount of people washing their hands in the loos at that game will never be seen again
Reuben Hewitt
Reuben Hewitt Prije 17 dana
@Mikkel Litmanen 👍
Mikkel Litmanen
Mikkel Litmanen Prije 17 dana
As funny as cancer
Nvrdi Prije 18 dana
Great vid lads! Really awesome stuff!!
Towne Lang
Towne Lang Prije 18 dana
Trupak786 Prije 18 dana
My wife works on the front line and I refused to clap 👏🏽 because that was just a gimmick promoted by the government to help distract from their shambolic failings. Captain Tom Moore RIP did more for the NHS than Boris. Says it all!
lordflashget Prije 17 dana
I could never go out and clap along with people who voted for these thieving fiends, the idiotic cowardly tories who pay lip service to the nhs whilst dismantling it from within. they stole billions by proxy whilst the best of humanity struggled and died. never forget.
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones Prije 18 dana
@Joey Stocato I second this
Joey Stocato
Joey Stocato Prije 18 dana
Thanks to your wife for being on the front line 👍 ynwa
Noel Mckie
Noel Mckie Prije 18 dana
Norfolk’N’Chance Prije 18 dana
Footballers still travel to play football, I can’t get an haircut ,this virus must pick and choose 😂😂😂
michael dooley
michael dooley Prije 17 dana
@stevendchu Yes is so deadly they played football again after two weeks , dead bodies everywhere , everyone knows someone down their street who's has died , look at the amount of people under 100 that have died , how can anyone think its a political hoax .
stevendchu Prije 17 dana
Yes the virus has chosen to affect numerous footballers like Mane, Thiago, Salah, Tsimikas, Keita, Ronaldo, Neymar etc. Even world class athletes have had their performances affected by it.
michael dooley
michael dooley Prije 17 dana
@Reuben Hewitt The lockdowns are killing people , why would you believe the globalist they are all lying bxxxards .
Reuben Hewitt
Reuben Hewitt Prije 18 dana
@Swiss_brodi that isn’t the right way to look at it 1% of the population is still 70 million + people. Just coz you can’t get a hair cut for a year woe is me.
Swiss_brodi Prije 18 dana
@Reuben Hewitt no it isnt its just bullshit we are one Year in that . We know it is dangerous for the elderly but rather harmless for the major part of society. 99% of people wont die of Corona. It is time to open up we destroy the future of our children! We destroy our economies!
Gerrard12 Prije 18 dana
Man this is deep😔 our NHS are amazing👏🏻
James X Racing
James X Racing Prije 14 dana
A ???
Youman Prije 17 dana
@A Hmmm maybe
A Prije 17 dana
@Youman the hospitals were hardly overwhelmed. They were doing their jobs. A lot of the news u see is staged
Youman Prije 18 dana
@Kopkidcrazy kloppo care to explain ?
Gerrard12 Prije 18 dana
@Kopkidcrazy kloppo ???
Luke Marsh
Luke Marsh Prije 18 dana
Covid what a load of balls. Fans should be packing grounds out
igorstravinsky Prije 18 dana
Adrian's ineptitude cost us this game.
Matt Lee
Matt Lee Prije 16 dana
This is the game I lost all respect and faith in Adrian. Haven't forgotten or forgiven him. Never want to see him wear a liverpool shirt again. If Alisson isn't available I'll take Kelleher over Adrian every single time
Ashley Bond
Ashley Bond Prije 17 dana
Who you supporting now, Chelsea or City?
Yeetus Meme
Yeetus Meme Prije 17 dana
@Advenco u should have gotten the job done earlier.
666 BRLN 999
666 BRLN 999 Prije 17 dana
@Yeetus Meme you're 100% right, Liverpool should have scored 4-5 goals after 120 minutes, we had loads of chances, some half chances but also several extremly good ones.
Advenco Prije 18 dana
@Yeetus Meme Atlético were utterly dominated that game and didn’t deserve to go through. They had accepted defeat mentally until Adrián gifted them a goal. They didn’t have a sniff in normal time. Like I said, Liverpool got the job done, it was over. They just had to defend their lead for the last 25 odd minutes, but Adrián literally ruined everything only a few minutes after the second was scored.
macman d
macman d Prije 18 dana
Boss yet again 👏👏👏
Ronan McCaughley
Ronan McCaughley Prije 18 dana
Wish it was on HRpost the full documentary
Ronan McCaughley
Ronan McCaughley Prije 16 dana
@Diane Dyer not the full thing
Diane Dyer
Diane Dyer Prije 16 dana
It was on HRpost GodBless.
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