Jota and Fabinho Get 10s! | Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool | Player Ratings

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Jota and Fabinho Get 10s! | Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool | Player Ratings
Chris is here to bring you your player ratings from Liverpool's trip to North London after they beat Arsenal 3-0 with goals from Mo Salah and two from Diogo Jota.
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Manny M
Manny M Prije 6 dana
You guys should do live reactions from fans. I would love to call in and enjoy the jubilation with you guys. It’s such a high when Liverpool player at this level
splinter360 Prije 6 dana
That 4-2-3-1 in the 2nd half with Fabinho and Thiago as the 2 is just a perfect balance and is something I want to see more of when we're against low block teams.
onkouth Prije 6 dana
Thankfully Klopp has now realised what we gain from having Fab back in Central midfield far outweighs the risk of using less experienced CBs, the entire balance of the team is slowly getting back to normal and Kabak and Philips are more than holding their own, hopefully now Mane gets his shooting boots back because he is awesome regardless but goals would be nice. With Jota back we can get top 4 if not better and have a chance of the Champions League!
Sparkyblast Prije 6 dana
What about allisons mustache
Noob Master
Noob Master Prije 6 dana
11 out of 10
MacIsBack Prije 7 dana
Has to be a 10 as a collective tonight.. All the commentators kept saying was how quick Liverpool won the ball back, that's a team effort.. Liverpool bossed Arsenal today as a team..
Aaron T
Aaron T Prije 7 dana
jota is life
Connor Easter
Connor Easter Prije 7 dana
Defo getting a Jota Shirt next season. The man is a baller!
Magic Steve
Magic Steve Prije 7 dana
Ironskull Nat Phillips was great last night
Southern Realist
Southern Realist Prije 7 dana
Good game for taa. Isn't enough to make up for his shortfalls in most games. He made it to the byline twice yesterday. Two times more than he's ever made it in the last 3 years
ethelburga Prije 7 dana
Who knew Ally could do such a good David Seaman impersonation? It completely put Arsenal off their game.
ManLikeMrKhan Prije 7 dana
I hope we keep Nat beyond this season, he's been unreal
J F Prije 7 dana
You spoil your obvious enthusiasm and knowledge with your UNNECESSARY, OFFENSIVE, SWEARING, and that's STUPID.
B U Prije 7 dana
Meme bois
Meme bois Prije 7 dana
Our team just completely falls apart without fab fabinho in midfield
J Prije 7 dana
Fabinho is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Fahed Al-ajmi
Fahed Al-ajmi Prije 7 dana
Big win is like high tied, float all the boats, but Milner & Bobby should not get more than 7.
Luke O'Reilly
Luke O'Reilly Prije 7 dana
I'd be really worried about where my team was going if I were an arsenal fan, they were fucking shite last night. Fabinho is the best dm in the world surely
sayan roy
sayan roy Prije 7 dana
Trent was hands down the man of the match and deserved the best ratings, and hence will disagree with Chris. There is no way that Trent had an equal game as Nat Phillips as good as Phillips was. Trent was good offensively and decent defensively and was involved in all the 3 goals.
The Gentle Walk
The Gentle Walk Prije 7 dana
Looking more like it, right players in right positions and we play like a team, well done lads. Jota....what a buy he was, love him :)
Birdseye View Kuwait
Birdseye View Kuwait Prije 7 dana
A rating for Allison’s moustache? 🤔
4D Prije 6 dana
A concrete ten ha ha ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽
Noob Master
Noob Master Prije 6 dana
Pete w
Pete w Prije 7 dana
That Portuguese just scores and scores.
TheIceyeddy Prije 7 dana
Since Fab came back in to midfield, plus the fact we've played a deeper defensive line with more players behind the ball which helps Phillips and Kabak who are too slow to play a high line, we have been playing alot better, and today we played really well! Keep this up and we could still finish top 4, although that would require us top win 90% of our remaining matches, which is possible.
michael dooley
michael dooley Prije 7 dana
What a player Fabinho is and Jota ignites the forward line and is our best forward right now , i don't think Thiago at the moment is the player everyone says he is , but overall a good performance .
C H Prije 7 dana
Feel like Kabak is going under the radar a lot. Plays brilliantly nearly every week now and every time he’s needed pace he’s actually looked rapid. Probably best the limelight is on Big Nat as it can allow Kabak to develop. He is only 20 at the end of the day.
Martin White
Martin White Prije 7 dana
Totally calm and collected , for a 20 yr old, playing in somewhat pressure situation given we know how much we need to keep clean sheets or just be winning
Fact Sake Rafa
Fact Sake Rafa Prije 7 dana
I just feel great tonight on a Saturday Night Fever everyone just gets a 10/10 performances. Even Origi whatever he’s at minute gets a 10 for being Origi. Fact!
Andreas Kafizas
Andreas Kafizas Prije 7 dana
adriel wo
adriel wo Prije 7 dana
🙏Please try Keita-Fabinho-Thiago on the mid. They're potentially make a🔥🌟nice chemistry.👍
Jamyul Islam
Jamyul Islam Prije 7 dana
My dream
Paul Illidge
Paul Illidge Prije 7 dana
keita potentionally makes the sick bed chemistry
ERIC NKIAMBO Prije 7 dana
Next game
Pól Réamonn
Pól Réamonn Prije 7 dana
Best Bobby performance in a long time.
peter erker
peter erker Prije 7 dana
Trent Alexander Arnold is a world class player and performed like me player of the match
Noob Master
Noob Master Prije 6 dana
@Meme bois well i am glad he wasn't picked. Wouldn't wanna risk him getting injured like how gomez got injured.
Meme bois
Meme bois Prije 7 dana
It is ridiculous how he wasn't picked for the England squad
David Murphy
David Murphy Prije 7 dana
thought he deserved 10 all day particularly post England debacle
george sebele
george sebele Prije 7 dana
Mili gave a true skipper's performance 10. Trent 9 there was 1 ball he proved y he can play so advanced and recover. Robbo 9 ran his ass off. Fabinho and Thiago 10 they closed down all the angles and I love that aggression. Mane 9 he defended well and he took the match personal. Kabak 10 is growing in confidence I like that the defense is starting to believe. Nat my boy you are a monster 10 They must feel your presence. Fermino 7 first half too many touches at times but off the ball work always on point. Salah 9 he didn't fall and got a goal for that show of strength. JOTA JOTA JOTA....! 10. Carry on YNWA
Ahmad Safieddine
Ahmad Safieddine Prije 7 dana
Fabinho ,in this team, is what Alonso was for Rapha's team
Ahmad Safieddine
Ahmad Safieddine Prije 7 dana
There was a moment where Kabak saved us from a goal, for that alone he deserves a 9
Jordan Delurey
Jordan Delurey Prije 7 dana
9 kabak
Freddy Bartolo
Freddy Bartolo Prije 7 dana
11 milners wins d fookin league 🏆🏆🏆with a dash of fabinho.....and a smidgen of jota.......never thought id b so excited for top 4......f#$kin pickford......
Jamyul Islam
Jamyul Islam Prije 7 dana
11 Milners ? LOL
stevendchu Prije 7 dana
loved the MENTALITY of being 3-0 up yet still trying to play Salah in behind to make it 4. That's the Liverpool that we love, and everyone else fears. Quick, aggressive, direct and ruthless. Need to bring that energy to Madrid on Tuesday. They've got Ramos, Carvajal and Hazard out injured , so we need to go for the kill in the 1st leg.
Meme bois
Meme bois Prije 7 dana
He hazard injury won't be too big but carvajal and ramos injuries will really help our players
stevendchu Prije 7 dana
@iestyn watkins Yup and you don't wanna be coming back to Anfield needing a big win, considering we havent won at home since December!
iestyn watkins
iestyn watkins Prije 7 dana
Agree mate kill the tie off while we are in good form gives us a chance to focus as much as possible on the prem for a couple weeks
Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía
Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía Prije 7 dana
It's funny Liverpool got the worst Emirates result in the best season and got the best Emirates result in the second worst season since Klopp came in.
Abdullah عبدالله
Abdullah عبدالله Prije 6 dana
Yeah just realised that we've won both our games against arsenal this season which we haven't done since the 16/17 season
Harley Milner
Harley Milner Prije 7 dana
Phenomenal performance from all the lads apart from sadio. Can't help but feel like he is a passenger on the creativity front. Would rather see jota firmino salah but hope he can get back to his best
Lingard for Ballon dor
Lingard for Ballon dor Prije 5 dana
@sayan roy that’s just not true though what r u on about
Jaisman Dhaliwal
Jaisman Dhaliwal Prije 7 dana
@sayan roy Salah really wasnt a passenger tho. He was dropping deep, linking up play, holding up the ball, and was part of the chances we created.
sayan roy
sayan roy Prije 7 dana
Mane was the 2nd best player in 1st half time. In fact, Salah was the passenger until his goal.
Ben Keogh
Ben Keogh Prije 7 dana
he holds the ball better then any one else. low confidence to shoot but still as strong on the ball then anyone else
stevendchu Prije 7 dana
I think he's just low on confidence. He's dropping deep to try and get the ball to his feet, because we weren't finding him when he makes runs in behind. 1st half he got half a chance with the flicked ball behind, but took it a bit wide and had to try and find Mo when normally he'd have tried to take the shot from there. Nice to see him bursting forward in stoppage time to try and make it 4-0 for us though, you can tell he really want to get that goal!
TheNovelty8theory Prije 7 dana
Love Alisson's scouse tash. Looks hard as fuck!!
Noelf Prije 7 dana
Klopp gets 11 tonight, correct setup and subs.
Noelf Prije 6 dana
@anfeild8 he's great against a team who stands off you, or in a cagey European game, but not in the hustle and bustle of a premier league game, compare his physique with Tielemans for example. Arsenal are powder puff in midfield (Partey excepted), and Fabinho was so good, even I'd have done well in midfield!
anfeild8 Prije 6 dana
@Noelf I saw his record on football focus I think 9 League title 2 European cup 2 world club cup German cups .
Noelf Prije 7 dana
@anfeild8 I'm still not sold on Thiago (I think he lacks the physicality for the premier League) but last night showed all the signs of a nation coming out of a pandemic!! 😁...hope flowing through the players with the promise of better things to come! 😉
anfeild8 Prije 7 dana
I agree the back four is settled with two centre half partners the two full are getting assist and crosses for the forward the midfield are creating and Liverpool hard to beat again the international break has revived the team who looked tired before the break
Kris Faulkner
Kris Faulkner Prije 7 dana
Once we have VVD, Gomez, Matip (if they stay fit) along with Nat and Kabak (if we sign him, which we should) our defensive line next year and back up is insane, the two lads playing today have really stepped up and recieved so much experience. Bring on Madrid!!
LL. Lad
LL. Lad Prije 6 dana
We will get Konate as well
Dest Prije 7 dana
Let’s be honest Matip won’t even last 9 minutes
Marc Tierschge
Marc Tierschge Prije 7 dana
That looked way too easy. Nice!!! Ali 6.5 (Style: 1? 10? ) TAA 8 Phillips 8 Kabak 6.5 Robbo 7 Fab 8.5 Thiago 6.5 Milner 6.5 Mo 8.5 Bobby 6 Mané 6 Jota 9 Gini, R. Williams (-)
Barry Greaves
Barry Greaves Prije 7 dana
Stingy !
Navah King
Navah King Prije 7 dana
Thiago an 8
Ben Keogh
Ben Keogh Prije 7 dana
mane 9. other then shooting was great. my favourite player for 3 years
C K Prije 7 dana
And Kabak 6.5🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
C K Prije 7 dana
Philips 8🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Max Bryson
Max Bryson Prije 7 dana
Yaaay the user generated poll broke. We don’t need it, it’s boring. We watch for your commentary, not to hear what randoms are voting for.
BigBossMSF Prije 7 dana
Tiny part of me is sad Arsenal lost because of Claude from aftv
Manager Klopp
Manager Klopp Prije 7 dana
@Callum Waugh that doesn’t sound right that your happy he didn’t see it cause everyone wants him alive but I know what you mean
Callum Waugh
Callum Waugh Prije 7 dana
Im happy he didnt have to see it
TRUTH NETWORK313 Prije 7 dana
Can’t wait till VVD returns. Hoping he can return in time for the CL Semi Final against Chelsea. As he will make that massive difference that will help us beat Chelsea & play Bayern in the final for the battle of who can get their 7th European Cup!!! With VVD I’d be confident we can beat Bayern & what an awesome end we will get to this dismal season, which by then will all be forgotten!!!! Heard it here 1st!!! YNWA
Noob Master
Noob Master Prije 6 dana
@Dest well chances are in favor of Rm. They lost ramos, we lost vvd, matip and gomez.
tossmonsieur Prije 7 dana
Liking the positivity, but Klopp said in the run-up to Wolves that none of VVD, Gomez, or Matip will be back this season.
OSA Prije 7 dana
He isn't coming back this season at all
Dest Prije 7 dana
@SalzBtw _ ramos is injured so our chances have increased
SalzBtw _
SalzBtw _ Prije 7 dana
Bro don’t get too cocky man who knows we might lose to Real Madrid hope we don’t
Meme Lord
Meme Lord Prije 7 dana
Fabinho was so fucking good tonight. Easily the best holding midfielder in the league and I can’t believe how long we wasted him at CB. Nat and Kabak (who has improved after a poor start at Liverpool) look assured albeit they weren’t particularly tested by a poor Arsenal side (so Real will be a much bigger test). And Jota... oh how we have missed him, which says a lot given that it’s his first season. Great to see Trent back to his best too
FPL SUPPORT Prije 7 dana
Best in the world
Manager Klopp
Manager Klopp Prije 7 dana
Remember people compared him to Fred
Navah King
Navah King Prije 7 dana
Fabinho & Thiago class in midfield. Fab is now known as Boss. The BOSS
Shundar Prije 6 dana
@splinter360 ur lost bro don’t try overrate Thiago he’s average
splinter360 Prije 6 dana
@Shundar lol clueless guy, doesn't understand the game.
Sappy Singh
Sappy Singh Prije 7 dana
@Shundar if u watched the game he did so stfu
Shundar Prije 7 dana
Bro relax Thiago hardly down anything
Greg Torres Guitar
Greg Torres Guitar Prije 7 dana
Yep fully agree those two bossed the midfield that partnership looking like a strong spine to build on.
Callum Waugh
Callum Waugh Prije 7 dana
Philips and Van Dijk would be world class!
YNWA 212
YNWA 212 Prije 6 dana
@David Onwa Thank god you are not in charge of transfers sell Van dijk????? are you crazy😂
Liam Parker
Liam Parker Prije 6 dana
Against lower block long ball teams probably be a good set up. But Joey g is still a boss
David Onwa
David Onwa Prije 7 dana
@Danno GNR88 trust me it’s the play we can get so much cash and freshen up our squad even more.
Meme bois
Meme bois Prije 7 dana
Or vvd and kabak
Danno GNR88
Danno GNR88 Prije 7 dana
@David Onwa sell VVD? 😂😂😂 How can you guarantee he won't be the same? He's a defender not a striker or attacking midfielder sprinting into the box... Don't write him off just yet.
ChocolateCat 786
ChocolateCat 786 Prije 7 dana
Jota is great we don't need Mbappe or Halaand!
TRUTH NETWORK313 Prije 7 dana
@10 OJay Even so in hindsight now isn’t it a mistake? But I still believe if we went all out for him without giving him that playing time guarantee, he would have ended up coming to us. We are very well supported in Scandinavia & the lure of LFC would have helped him come over.
10 OJay
10 OJay Prije 7 dana
@TRUTH NETWORK313 we couldn’t have signed haaland he needed guaranteed game time which we couldn’t offer him but Dortmund could
TRUTH NETWORK313 Prije 7 dana
We made a MASSIVE mistake when we bought Minamino from Salzburg that winter, when we should have bought his teammate Haaland instead for a BARGAIN £20mil. Imagine what those 50 goals in 50 games would have done for us, which he would have scored for us by now. Only an extra £12.5mil would have for us Haaland if we took away the £7.5mil we paid for Minamino. I’m sure every Red would have taken that at that time too let alone even entertaining that question now.
TRUTH NETWORK313 Prije 7 dana
Easy now lad. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. As much as Jota is awesome, he ain’t near what Mbappe or Haaland will give us.
10 OJay
10 OJay Prije 7 dana
@Callum Waugh Keita and Gini are 2 completely different players, I’d say Keita/Bobby is the can you speak of.
ChocolateCat 786
ChocolateCat 786 Prije 7 dana
Incredible result
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