Liverpool Close to Signing Ibrahima Konate | Breaking News LIVE

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Liverpool Close to Signing Leipzig's €40m Ibrahima Konate | Breaking News LIVE
Paul is here to react to the breaking news that Liverpool are closing in on RB Leipzig's €40m centre-back Ibrahima Konate. Give us your thoughts on the potential signing in the comments below!
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Black Cat
Black Cat Prije 6 dana
shut up man
Paul Boyne
Paul Boyne Prije 9 dana
Joe gomes is not class he gets targeted by all the teams in the PL big virgil makes him look good
Wawo1600 _
Wawo1600 _ Prije 9 dana
Trey got violated
Slow Motion Feline
Slow Motion Feline Prije 10 dana
“The best defender in the world, I’m Sheerious”
Thabiso Mtsweni
Thabiso Mtsweni Prije 10 dana
Excellent business from klopp and edwards
Cathal Hegarty
Cathal Hegarty Prije 10 dana
Is Kabak nailed on Liverpool player next season?
shane stephenson
shane stephenson Prije 11 dana
Could easily see them signing kabak as well. Davies and matip will be out
rabindranath bera
rabindranath bera Prije 12 dana
Most worries about his injuries only.
Big Sad
Big Sad Prije 12 dana
Mad that people dont complain more about FSG just buying Ben Davies when Klopp didn't want him yet still claim he has full control
Lfc Clan
Lfc Clan Prije 12 dana
Raphina from Leeds
Dean Prije 12 dana
Konate and kebak for just over £50 mill and then try and offload matip and Davies for just over £10mill so two new 21 year old center backs with high potentials it’s a no brainier
Daniel Warwick
Daniel Warwick Prije 12 dana
Looks as though Liepzig have other ideas and are saying the player isn't for sale at any price 🤔
Jamie-Minecraft! Prije 12 dana
He has a release clause. So even if they wanted him to stay, if we meet the release clause and the player wants to join us, Leipzig can’t say no
nick hardwell
nick hardwell Prije 12 dana
Gini Adrian and Phillips contracts end this summer so thats a good chunk of wages freed up. Surely we move on Wilson, Woodburn, Grujic Minamino, Awoniyi, Origi, Ox and Shaqiri. Gives us I'd say upto 100m to finalise Konate and Kabak plus another midfielder. Then go big on a top attacker. I'd love Mbappe but also like the look of Diaby from Leverkusen. Perhaps Sancho or Reyna from Dortmund.
hugh williams
hugh williams Prije 12 dana
Konate transfer “not an option” just announced by lepizig director
Dean Prije 12 dana
That’s if we are to try and get a lower price for him from the club they won negotiate but if we pay the release clause the club has no say
Adam Prije 12 dana
Whether hes classed as injury prone or not his injury record for a 21 year old is scary reminds me of keita
Callum Johnston
Callum Johnston Prije 12 dana
Injury proneeeeeee😂😂come Goodison we’ll take him out and he’ll be out for the season cus he has bread stick legs hahaha😂😂😂
Dave Cornock
Dave Cornock Prije 12 dana
Countino on a free as well
Ian Stewart
Ian Stewart Prije 12 dana
Do you rekon aguero would come over? Konate looks decent but worried about injurys
O.B.1 Slam
O.B.1 Slam Prije 12 dana
I think it's very, very naive to think we're going to spend big this summer.
Gebreyesus Tenagashaw Bayeh
Gebreyesus Tenagashaw Bayeh Prije 12 dana
Liverpool is strengthening the defend early, so that Fabino and Henderson play in he midle park, which is promising 2021/22. the next one is one sriker that cover Mane and Salah position during African Cup of Nation weeks.
nikz200 Prije 12 dana
This konate thing feels like a smoke screen. If he was really the player they wanted and give his age they would go straight and be in negotiations for contract and wages. And this whole kabak thing seems suspicious because ideally Liverpool NEED both of these players as they move matip on next season. I think also Nat Phillips is going to be sold as well unfortunately, as good as he has performed , the reluctance of klopp to play him shows the lack of trust they have with him, meanwhile kabak is played every opportunity that presented itself.
Kalpa Harshana
Kalpa Harshana Prije 12 dana
I think we'll need a goalscorer upfront too
Chris Tomo
Chris Tomo Prije 12 dana
We should be going into next season with 5 CB’s regardless of who we sign, who stays, who goes elsewhere etc.
Whizzy Rabbit
Whizzy Rabbit Prije 12 dana
Mr Bud
Mr Bud Prije 12 dana
Ship out the injure Prone Players and get the Money in
Z D Prije 12 dana
If The Athletic is saying it, frankly I really believe it. You can’t count on VVD or Joe to come back and be as good as they were. WE can hope they will be, and in VVD based on his history you’d believe he can come back to full strength, but you have to plan at the very least to take a load off of him. I cant imagine they will go for any of these players who are going to be sitting around 100 plus million, but I’d hope we’d be in the market for a lot more like this and Jota.
Yan Hanna
Yan Hanna Prije 12 dana
He will be a great signing, if they get him
SARAH ASHUN Prije 12 dana
Nooooooo! He’s injury prone😭😭😭
Cameron Bosman
Cameron Bosman Prije 12 dana
The new camera or editing style did not go unnoticed. Well done, lads. Loving the growth! More power to you.
Adam Childs
Adam Childs Prije 12 dana
Great signing nice and shrewd, I don't understand all of this mbappe and haarland talk. We generally spend wisely and do not like breaking our wage structure. We should not be trying to spend money like Madrid or city if anything we need to watch ho leister recruit.
Tokn Nomad
Tokn Nomad Prije 12 dana
Lets hope this is the end of Gomez the constant cripple....
Tokn Nomad
Tokn Nomad Prije 12 dana
@Patrick M who cares if he is class if he can't get off the injury list. He's a useless cripple and I'm sick if the team having to plug in holes bcuz he's too fragile to play a game. The best ability is availability. If he can't stay healthy... gtfo.
Patrick M
Patrick M Prije 12 dana
What? Lol hes class and young. Matip needs gone not joe
Chirag Khanna
Chirag Khanna Prije 12 dana
I think we will sign kabak and konate and I think Nathaniel Phillips and Rhys William will go out on loan
Nic Hoekstra
Nic Hoekstra Prije 12 dana
Redflix? C'maaaaaaaaaaan Do it! ;D
Paul Salmon
Paul Salmon Prije 12 dana
Good deal Liverpool
Richard Askham
Richard Askham Prije 12 dana
Are Liverpool looking at 4 or 5 players
Kobir Prije 12 dana
Konate would be the next Matip in terms of injuries!
kevin tinegate
kevin tinegate Prije 12 dana
He's injured more than he plays, not with the risk. YNWA
Salah SZN
Salah SZN Prije 12 dana
He is too injury prone imo
Zamiir Photography
Zamiir Photography Prije 12 dana
Reeds our life ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘
Conor S
Conor S Prije 12 dana
Sorry guys, I think everybody is dreaming if they think we are actually in for mbappe, it was unlikely before the stadium got shut for a year, at this point I think it’s a laughable notion. I also love how everybody acts like Liverpool are trying to buy injury prone players, Liverpool have some of the best data analysis in the game. They wouldn’t be buying anybody for that kind of money without a very good reasonable chance that they felt they could get him right within our own fitness regime. Yes things can happen, it’s not an exact science but everyone needs to calm down and stop acting like Liverpool are naive.
Craig hugs Hugs
Craig hugs Hugs Prije 13 dana
Why bye another sick note got enough of them already
Rage Rider
Rage Rider Prije 13 dana
Sounds good but won't believe it until it's confirmed & over the line. Either way after we get a CB or 2 sorted, I don't think we need much else even if Gini does go. Although we will need an Origi replacement, but very skeptical Liverpool have the sort of money needed to sign Mbappe especially if we're not in CL.
Clive Higham
Clive Higham Prije 13 dana
At the risk of stating an old cliche- strikers win you matches defenders win you championships. That said a top / good striker wouldn’t go amiss!
Motosir Ali
Motosir Ali Prije 13 dana
Does that mean we won't keep Kabak?
Thatguyinthathat. s
Thatguyinthathat. s Prije 13 dana
None of these Red Bull signings have worked out for us, tbh.
James Morrison
James Morrison Prije 12 dana
mane did play for rb salzburg befor the saints
Joe Harding
Joe Harding Prije 13 dana
Good deal
Joe Harper
Joe Harper Prije 13 dana
Great player. very exciting news. Injuries are a concern. I truly just want a CB who won't miss games tbh
outdoors 247
outdoors 247 Prije 13 dana
LFC need Champions League or the pool of available players shrinks considerably
Daimon J
Daimon J Prije 13 dana
Losing Hendo and Fabinho royally fked the season completely
Dave M
Dave M Prije 13 dana
Sign a rapid right back move Trent into midfield
Super_Shorts Prije 13 dana
Where do I get that champions chair lads ? Want want want YNWA
Andrew Wilkinson
Andrew Wilkinson Prije 13 dana
Do he really call Matip, world class? Sell Matip, Ox (😔) and get this new CB, maybe play three CBs (3-4-3) and see how things go. ♥ LFC
James Charlton
James Charlton Prije 13 dana
Does klopp want a Konate + Billy cb partnership post Van dijk era?
Dillip Kumar
Dillip Kumar Prije 13 dana
Defensive conundrum solved. Two more one in midfield and a forward we're good to go again.
Doubledigital_ Prije 13 dana
we dont half buy some randoms i love it.. lets see wat that lads got and if he comess... welcome to liverpool lad!
Charlie Mainwaring
Charlie Mainwaring Prije 13 dana
I still feel we need a more experienced back up for Trent, a backup for gini / Fabinho and a forward
STillz Reviews
STillz Reviews Prije 13 dana
We are NOT getting 8-10m for Davies 🤣
Average name
Average name Prije 13 dana
Davies is a player we bought to make money off like Dominic Solanke it's just the business in football these days
Jim 567
Jim 567 Prije 12 dana
The form of Phillips hasn’t given him a sniff either. No doubt we saw something in him but I doubt he will stay. Will go out on loan possibly.
Average name
Average name Prije 13 dana
I'd rather VVD just stayed off till the start of next season to make sure he is fully fully fit
POL Prije 12 dana
@Cludy it’s true
Cludy Prije 12 dana
@Arpit Marade that’s cap
Arpit Marade
Arpit Marade Prije 12 dana
I think big man...not gonna came on pitch untill next Jan...and it's good for him
Larizzle Prije 13 dana
Very good business indeed! Just the uplift we need before our charge for top 4!
Voleboy Prije 13 dana
You never seem to mention that there is a limit on the size of squad we are allowed, especially in Europe. Obviously, we aren't going into next season with eight centre backs at the club!
STillz Reviews
STillz Reviews Prije 13 dana
FSG will only spend now because they didn’t invest enough over the past couple of seasons. Stunted our growth and could lead us to miss out on stars like mbappe who could be available whilst we are in the Europa league.
Abah Kao
Abah Kao Prije 13 dana
Davies n Gomez/Kabak probably going on loan next season if we sign this guy
Average name
Average name Prije 13 dana
We are actually retarded if we sign Kabak tbh
Dez Rigby
Dez Rigby Prije 9 dana
I guess you didn't see how well he did for Turkey then this last week or so plus how improved he is looking game by game for us after being thrown straight into a truly awful situation with how bad we were struggling & he's only 20 years old ffs and will improve more obviously... So personally I think we would be absolutely bananas not to sign the lad who has sh*t loads of potential for not a great deal of money
Declan McCartney
Declan McCartney Prije 13 dana
Buy Halaand and stfu
Deadeye1967 Prije 13 dana
Paul please Mbappe is never coming.
Gayleigh Halimos
Gayleigh Halimos Prije 13 dana
... Love 'im, get' im!! ❤️❤️
Sailing Legend
Sailing Legend Prije 13 dana
when is work on the Anfield road end start? we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, so now would be a great time to start work on it
Sailing Legend
Sailing Legend Prije 13 dana
@Seymour Butts so aggressive, it was a question, not a request to be abused, you need to chill. We are on the same side. Thanks for your encyclopaedic knowledge of what is going to happen with COVID, I was under the mis understanding that life is supposed to go back to normal in July. Having said that surely a time of reduced capacity is the time to extend, to be ready when life is truly normal. seeing the money is already in escrow it would not impact FSG, and may help the local economy to recover. But yes I need to get real.
Seymour Butts
Seymour Butts Prije 13 dana
Get real mate. The Covid restrictions aren't going away any time soon and lockdowns could easily go on for years. I'd say it's very doubtful that Anfield will see more than about 25,000 maximum over the next few years. To extend Anfield when it's unlikely that it will be full for quite a while is business stupidity. No way that FSG will carry on witg plans for Anfield Road extension for quite some time.
Matthew Jamison
Matthew Jamison Prije 13 dana
Buying another injury prone defender. JFC
TheRedGuy8 Prije 13 dana
Am I the only one that would like us to buy a new Right Back so that we can implement Trent into the midfield? We would add more solidity to our defence if we got a Right Back who's better at defending than Trent because he's not that consistent at defending.
S F Prije 13 dana
So that is one of the Euro 2021 winning team potentially signed already. Just need Mbappe to join him later. YNWA
Nicholas Miller
Nicholas Miller Prije 13 dana
Hi Paul Is Chris on leave this week ? He in unnervingly quiet this week lol 😂 👍
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre Prije 13 dana
Let's hope this is start of small rebuild this summer from the club. I've also heard that Konate is meant to be better CB than Dayot Upamecano.
Roble Bare
Roble Bare Prije 13 dana
Injury prone he barely plays 5 consecutive games
agniz Prije 13 dana
He had one big Injury that took him out for a year (2019/20), rather it was from a bad tackle and then has been out for a month odd with an ankle injury this season. All the injuries seems to be "impact" stuff though, rather than constant niggles like of a Matip or Keita. He just played yesterday in France U21s 2-0 win over Russia U21s. Don't believe the Twitter hype.
Prasun Sarkar
Prasun Sarkar Prije 13 dana
Lads is this news confirmed? If yes then we must appreciate FSG's transfer plans😁😁😁. Btw that guy is a beast except he's a bit injury prone. So we can keep Kabak also for 18 million, so that we can reduce the pressure on Nat Philipps as well. 2 new young signings would be beneficial for us in long run.❤️❤️❤️
LS15 Prije 13 dana
We only spend after CITY walk the league so we can walk it the year after. Very smart from FSG hahaha.
Fourshot Prije 13 dana
gotta remember joe gomez is only 23 too
G W Prije 13 dana
Sadio and naby speak French,🤣just saying YNWA
Gung niR
Gung niR Prije 13 dana
Why are we buying injury prone players, I know he’s good but can he play consistently and not get injured
Yianni _05
Yianni _05 Prije 13 dana
I also think we still take kabak because of his price. Vvd, Gomez, Kabak, Konate... Now that's more like it for cb options at a top club... Good business FSG.
Yianni _05
Yianni _05 Prije 13 dana
@Adam Halltrue... That's why I'm sure we'll still be signing kabak too, he has all the attributed for Klopp to work with... Along with Konate it's a step in the right direction. Come on the Mighty Redwards!
Adam Hall
Adam Hall Prije 13 dana
@Yianni _05 alaba would be good addition if he could stay fit. I think he has his heart set on moving to Madrid though. His wage demands could be high to. Any signing liverpool make for central defence should have some pace because next season once VVD comes back liverpool will revert to moving their defensive line very high up the pitch leaving space in behind.
Yianni _05
Yianni _05 Prije 13 dana
@Adam Hall hmmm... Maybe Alaba too then? 👀
Adam Hall
Adam Hall Prije 13 dana
On paper it sounds amazing but gomez will be missing for most of the season next season
T K Prije 13 dana
Hes injury prone and got tons of mistakes in him. He will fit perfectly in.
Dominc Jones
Dominc Jones Prije 13 dana
How many times does this have to be said, Gomez isn't injury prone.
neelante Prije 13 dana
No noooooo. Botman or someone not injury prone poor.
Lee Roberts
Lee Roberts Prije 13 dana
Deffo need a number 2
Daryl Wilkinson
Daryl Wilkinson Prije 13 dana
Konate is injury prone isn't he? Can you please not support any transfers for injured players
Mad George
Mad George Prije 13 dana
I know this is bad but I just have a massive aversion to French players since the Houllier days. Happy for him to prove me wrong.
Emil Melvaer
Emil Melvaer Prije 13 dana
It’s not good, it’s great
Arash Ghanbari
Arash Ghanbari Prije 13 dana
Perfect signing. He's 21. 1.94cm so tall and very good aerially. Good with the ball at his feet. Decently fast. Strong. What else could you ask for? We do need more options upfront as well though.
Aimless Ideas
Aimless Ideas Prije 12 dana
Yh ik 1.94 cm is extremely tall
yippee kiyay
yippee kiyay Prije 13 dana
Someone that stays fit
Unknown j.13
Unknown j.13 Prije 13 dana
Rb Leipzig the new Southampton 🤝
robbie macgregor
robbie macgregor Prije 13 dana
This is what I want to hear! 🥳🥳 BOOM YNWA
Lux Tenebrae
Lux Tenebrae Prije 13 dana
Don't worry Maych, I'm pretty sure that Ben Davies isn't real.
Evaristus Ihuarula
Evaristus Ihuarula Prije 13 dana
Hopefully he doesnt become a bench warmer.
Emiliano Silveiro
Emiliano Silveiro Prije 13 dana
I think our defense next season would be solid if we make this signing and make the Kabak one permanent. Van Djik and either Kabak or Konate to start alongside him with Gomez and Nat Phillips as other options. I believe we’ll sell Ben Davies but I think he knew that would happen and only signed for us knowing that he would get the exposure of being part of a big Prem team to negotiate a move to another premier league side in the summer. Good business by Liverpool.
Jim 567
Jim 567 Prije 12 dana
Joe Gomez is 4th choice now. What is with this disrespect to this man. If he was Spanish or french we’d be raving about him. Gomez is absolute quality. Big part of our success since he was put at centre back with vvd. I get he has his injuries but he gets too much hate cause he’s English. A brilliant player.
Seymour Butts
Seymour Butts Prije 13 dana
@Adam Hall I did not say that the defence did not need strengthening because it obviously does. I did say that Liverpool will not sign 2 Centre Backs. I said that 1 Centre back will be signed because transfer funds need to be spent in midfield and possibly forward.
Adam Hall
Adam Hall Prije 13 dana
@Seymour Butts you obviously don't watch liverpool if you believe the defence don't news stenghtening. Once the defence is addressed liverpool can revert back to play the way they have done in previous seasons.
Seymour Butts
Seymour Butts Prije 13 dana
@Adam Hall A club which has been renowned as being frugal under FSG and one that may not have European football season and the massive financial impact of Covid. I think the chances of Liverpool sign both Kabak and Konate is almost zero. Especially when other areas of the team will need strengthening
Adam Hall
Adam Hall Prije 13 dana
Yes we need to keep kabak and sign another defender such as Konate. That will give us 3 defenders plus a choice of either gomes and matip who will play less than 15 games. No idea what will happen with Philips.
Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray Prije 13 dana
Not allowing myself to get excited anymore about signings
Andrew Henry
Andrew Henry Prije 13 dana
Midfield is as much of a priority as Cbs in my opinion. Gini is going, milner and Ox just arent what they were and Keita just isn't reliable enough
niall sheehan
niall sheehan Prije 13 dana
Nice to see he recognises that FSG want success as much if not more than anyone, there is no reason to own a poor team but lots of value to be created by owning a top club.
Walker'spc Game's
Walker'spc Game's Prije 13 dana
noooooooooooooooooooooo would be better Kalidou Koulibaly
Colin Mc
Colin Mc Prije 13 dana
Bigger need = legit competition for the front three. Watching them throw out Firmino and Mane because there are literally no other options was painful this season. Need at least one high level performer there.
Jwamer Jalal
Jwamer Jalal Prije 11 dana
I think we need to wait and see how the front three + Jota preform with an actual spine that's crucial for our buildup. With that said we would hugely benefit from a Raphina or Zaha.
Bharath r kumar
Bharath r kumar Prije 13 dana
Injuries are a concern. Be careful about the players with injuries.. Naby looked a beast too. But injuries have now made him a flop.
Mathew Aconley
Mathew Aconley Prije 13 dana
Our scouts desired criteria for defenders: injury prone. Our scouts desired criteria for forwards: wasteful.
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