Arsenal v Liverpool | Starting XI Prediction LIVE

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Arsenal v Liverpool | Starting XI Prediction LIVE
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Ben is here to predict Liverpool's starting line-up for Saturday's game against Arsenal, where Liverpool travel to The Emirates for their first game in three weeks. Will Klopp rest any players ahead of next week's Champions League quarter-final against Real Madrid? Give us your predictions in the comments below.
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Nilo de Roock
Nilo de Roock Prije 8 dana
Where is hetero Chris?!
SIMONLEE666 Prije 8 dana
I play NABY every chance he can I’d have him in same with OX
Ade Howarth
Ade Howarth Prije 8 dana
This chap does a really good job of this programme. Comes across more genuine than the normal blokes.
Horus Prije 8 dana
RIP Claude
Farid Arabo
Farid Arabo Prije 8 dana
liverpool will win this game and they become 4th
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Lives Matter
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Lives Matter Prije 8 dana
We have to win man 😓😷👌😷
hooded_tomYT Prije 8 dana
We do need more goal scorers in midfield for sure like gerrard used to do when the front 3 can’t score
Ash Williams
Ash Williams Prije 8 dana
Whys jota gotta different shirt?
Marc Cassinelli
Marc Cassinelli Prije 8 dana
Which match are you picking the team for? You’ve gone through potential teams for the next five games?!?!?!
Will Pracy
Will Pracy Prije 8 dana
Aloof F8
Aloof F8 Prije 9 dana
Not confident about this game... Every time we have a long break we come back looking like we're recovering from a hangover. Slow with our passing all over the place being completely overwhelmed by the opposition. Hope it's different this time, but it's happened far too many times in the past for me to be confident about this game.
Johnny Hardcore
Johnny Hardcore Prije 9 dana
Carson jones means a loss again , Hes good for 20 yrs but for me no way as good as thiago in fact different level. Play your strongest play keita around 70 mins mark for thiago. Forget ox carson ahead of him and that says it all. Also why rest thiago like some suggest but are happy for salah and wijnaldum to play every game?
redshift Prije 8 dana
On reputation, but Jones isn't easily dispossessed, doesn't make many fouls, links well with TAA and Robertson and the forwards, so he's not a lightweight anymore.
David waddington
David waddington Prije 9 dana
need to rest Robbo Thiago and Jota.
Marty Doran
Marty Doran Prije 9 dana
4-2-1-3 Alisson Trent Phillips Kabak Tsimikas Keita Thiago Jones Salah Firmino Mane
Μανολης Μουζουρακης
Μανολης Μουζουρακης Prije 9 dana
For me its Tsimi at the left back,had a decent game against Soain amd didnt play the last 2 matches so i think he is ready to play and Robbo to rest for the big match against Real.
Shaun Omoregbee
Shaun Omoregbee Prije 9 dana
I think we will have a front 4
LS15 Prije 9 dana
I'm not even sure where this notion of Fabinho being good at CB even comes from. The guy gave away two penalties and was at fault for a few goals but people gloss over it cause it's not Kabak or Nat. He plays like a CDM at CB which he is.
LS15 Prije 9 dana
Talking about the Emirates is a bit pointless Ben as there is no such thing as "at home" anymore. We lost six on the bounce at home and just look at the Champions League results. Away teams doing really well. Spurs 6-1 at Old Trafford etc etc.
Ashley Khamisa
Ashley Khamisa Prije 9 dana
i really worry about your posture ben please stop slouching
Mole patrol
Mole patrol Prije 9 dana
When is Hendo due back?
David Prendergast
David Prendergast Prije 9 dana
Ryan Kilburn
Ryan Kilburn Prije 9 dana
Atta be Ben, well done. Chris runs this segment, but you carried it. No offense but much better fan interaction and starting XVI contemplation than Paul. Tbh, love you all lads. Keep up the good content. COYR!
Dominika Vojtusova
Dominika Vojtusova Prije 9 dana
I forgot that Henderson is out
Sebastian Rodriguez
Sebastian Rodriguez Prije 9 dana
The absolute mental fortitude is evident, for such a young player like Jota to be able to come back from a really bad injury, and go right back into stunning form. It’s exactly what he has to be able to do.
Sebastian Rodriguez
Sebastian Rodriguez Prije 9 dana
Controversial opinion maybe: rest Gini and Thiago, play a mid 3 of Curtis, Keita, Fab. Thiago’s experience will be invaluable against Madrid, and Gini is a European giant. Dude loves a big CL tie. Bring Ox off the bench for Curtis at 60 minutes, and start him against Villa. Edit: I think it’ll be tough, but Fab, Keita, and Jones all have immense talent. Fab and Keita know how to handle big games and big teams. Curtis’ inexperience may show but his determination is there. I reckon it’ll work as long as the other lads hold up their end of the bargain.
Jake Bland
Jake Bland Prije 9 dana
Fauzi Majid
Fauzi Majid Prije 9 dana
4231 against Madrid . Fabinho and Gini in midfield. Mo mane bobby and jota our front 4.. I would probably try this out at any point in the game against Arsenal.
Pescod 15
Pescod 15 Prije 9 dana
I feel like there’s gonna be a few shock changes in this one: Alisson Trent Phillips Kabak Milner Fabinho Keita Thiago Salah Jota Mane Bench: Kelleher Davies Williams Robertson Wijnaldum Jones Shaqiri Firmino Origi
Mike G
Mike G Prije 9 dana
If Jones played last night, that's a reason NOT to start him. He'll be cooked. Thiago, Keita to start please.
christine westgarth
christine westgarth Prije 9 dana
Lol cooked he played tuesday night not sure when this was recorded. Plus he didnt start the other 2 games. He ain't cooked. Clueless
Oscar Atherton
Oscar Atherton Prije 9 dana
Do like ben. Insightful and intelligent opinions
Nvrdi Prije 9 dana
Starts at 6:35
Mr Mac daddy
Mr Mac daddy Prije 9 dana
Bring back Chris
shiv Prije 9 dana
at some stage (not necc this game) i want to see a mid of fab, naby and thiago. pure filth. would be so fun to watch.
redshift Prije 8 dana
When the three are fit then H,F,W won't be too many frills but that is the most potent midfield.
christine westgarth
christine westgarth Prije 9 dana
Not happening. Not enough cover to help fabinho in midfield the others are too forward thinking. Keita will probably get injured anyways
Jack Andersen
Jack Andersen Prije 9 dana
2-1 Arsenal
Danilbek Karmiev
Danilbek Karmiev Prije 9 dana
Glad we have Klopp and not this guy picking the team. No way we sell Ox... tsimikas will play for robbo, keita or ox will play for gini. Jota will start over mane / bobby! Mark it
Daimon J
Daimon J Prije 9 dana
You dont drop Thiago for Jones, Jones is not on his level, Jones works hard but he's not good enough to play against Arsenal and we got to go strong till the end. I'd rather play Keita over Jones
Dontae D. Drummond
Dontae D. Drummond Prije 9 dana
i would also start bobby
Dontae D. Drummond
Dontae D. Drummond Prije 9 dana
start Tsimikas LB and start Milner/jones/fab in mid
Joshua Plays
Joshua Plays Prije 9 dana
Wale Oguns
Wale Oguns Prije 9 dana
Can’t wait for opposition review with Robbie of AFTV....RIP Claude
stevendchu Prije 9 dana
Other than Hendo, we have our ENTIRE midfield fit. Klopp should to take advantage of this. Thiago and Gini especially NEED be rested. Their only good performances recently have been in the UCL, and their game suits going up against Kroos-Modric-Casemiro. We all know Jones and Keita arent starting vs Real, so it only makes sense for them to get time vs VIlla and Arsenal
christine westgarth
christine westgarth Prije 9 dana
Kroos is injured...
ThePradec Prije 9 dana
Why you drop Jones and Keita for Madrid? Drop Firmino, Trent, even Thiago pls
William Haughton
William Haughton Prije 9 dana
I'd like to have fabinho, naby lad and Gini in mid
Ryan Hitchcock
Ryan Hitchcock Prije 9 dana
Attacking arsenal from the get go is the best chance of beating them. They don't like teams playing fast against them
robert dixon
robert dixon Prije 9 dana
Every game now is tremendously important !, due to our poor form and horrendous injury problems and done bad luck, we need a great run until the end of the season to even clinch a top four position, we may as well finish 7th if we’re going to finish 5th. It’s time for the champions to show why they are champions
Darren Watson
Darren Watson Prije 8 dana
Well said
Jolyon Ward
Jolyon Ward Prije 9 dana
why does ervyone always want to start wijnaldum. Hes are worst 8 from an attacking point of view, and to often gets lost and does very little. I d love to see keita in his position alongside either thiago or the ox, or even jones. Then we will truly run riot and actually start scoring again.
Oggi Is me
Oggi Is me Prije 10 dana
Ali Trent Nat Kabak Tsimikas Fab Jones Keita Mane Firmino Shaqiri I’d say we need to go all out against Madrid and should save as many as possible. Salah has played a lot and Jota also played a lot over the break
christine westgarth
christine westgarth Prije 9 dana
Lol lol lol lol lol absolutely clueless thank fuck you ain't the manager
Purnell Charles
Purnell Charles Prije 10 dana
I would play Jones and rest Thiago until Madrid. I would also play Mane, Origi and Jota at top and rest Salah
lemon tree
lemon tree Prije 10 dana
Alisson Trent Phillips Kabak Tskimas Fabinho Keita Milner Salah Firmino Mane Keep Robbo, Gini, Thiago and Jota fresh for Tuesday
Destiny Warrior
Destiny Warrior Prije 10 dana
Where is chris 😕
Positive Energies
Positive Energies Prije 10 dana
Jota to play against Real Madrid
Ahmad Khan
Ahmad Khan Prije 10 dana
Starts at 5:50, all ad content before that.
Synthetic118 Prije 9 dana
Jimjamjoe123 Prije 10 dana
Is Milner injured ? If not I think he’s a cert to start he’s been with klopp the whole international break
Slotty Murse
Slotty Murse Prije 10 dana
Who’s this cute little guy? Joking. come on you reds!!!
Aaron T
Aaron T Prije 10 dana
tsimikas will start
Paul's Oscars.
Paul's Oscars. Prije 10 dana
What a barnet!!!
Haricric03 Prije 10 dana
Alisson Trent Philips Kabak Tsimikas Fabinho Thiago Keita Salah Firmino Mane
Marty Doran
Marty Doran Prije 9 dana
4-2-1-3 Alisson Trent Phillips Kabak Tsimikas Keita Thiago Jones Salah Firmino Mane
KIRK Prije 10 dana
Predict a DRAW 1-1
Nicos Chattalas
Nicos Chattalas Prije 10 dana
Ox in the middle
emma Prije 10 dana
robbo needs a rest im ngl, what did we even buy tsimikas for? seems like we only have him here for IF robbo gets injured... should be played... robbo needs resting before its too late
Ash Williams
Ash Williams Prije 8 dana
Been saying this for a while but i think robbos made of steel and iron
emma Prije 8 dana
@christine westgarth oh wow! a full weeks rest! after playing every game for club and country! we bought tsimikas. use him. destroying his career.
christine westgarth
christine westgarth Prije 9 dana
Got a full weeks rest before the international break 👍
Amen Boughanmi
Amen Boughanmi Prije 10 dana
Alisson Robbo kabak Philips Trent Gini - Fabinho - Thiago Mane - Bobby - Salah The reasons are : Thiago hasn't played in most of the international games / Jota played all games he should get a rest Bobby instead and then according to the result during the game we may see Jones, Ox and Jota
Nishlin Moodley
Nishlin Moodley Prije 10 dana
(4-2-1-3) Alisson Trent Phillips Kabak Robbo Fabinho Gini Chamberlain Salah Jota-(Has to play through the middle, his movement is elite) 3 headed Goals!!! Mane Bring on Tsimikas, Bobby and Naby...
Stephen Lee
Stephen Lee Prije 10 dana
My starting 11 prediction Alisson Alexander Arnold Kabak Phillips Robertson Gini Fabinho Thiago Salah Jota Mane
_____ Prije 10 dana
Starts 0:54
Meme Lord
Meme Lord Prije 10 dana
Alisson Trent Nat Kabak Robbo Fab Gini Keita Salah Mane Jota
ThePradec Prije 9 dana
No Trent pls. Take good and better youngsters instead of him for right back
monis sardar
monis sardar Prije 10 dana
Alisson Trent kabak nat robbo Fabinho Curtis naby Salah jota mane
Dominika Vojtusova
Dominika Vojtusova Prije 8 dana
Not bad
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre Prije 10 dana
Just play 2nd team for Arsenal. Real Madrid game is more important
christine westgarth
christine westgarth Prije 9 dana
Ridiculous comment
wonderful human being with a great character
wonderful human being with a great character Prije 9 dana
Yeah, play 2nd team and lose any chance for CL football next season...
bill kats
bill kats Prije 10 dana
Tsimikas played for Greece against Spain and he was very good. I think he should start and play 60-70 minutes,and if you need someone to change the game,you bring robbo,but if the game goes well,you bring Neco at left back for the last 15-20 minutes and you have a fresh robbo. Don't forget,even machines need a rest every now and then!
bill kats
bill kats Prije 9 dana
@Alfred Kay well at the start of the season,i remember,Robertson being our best player and i thought part of that was due to the arrival of Tsimikas. I think both Robertson needs some rest, because he is been playing all the games for three years non stop, which unavoidably affecting his game,and Tsimikas needs game time,we tend to forget he is not a twenty years old kid,he is a proven player with grate performances both in the ucl and the europa league, which is the reason we brought him... But Klopp knows best,we just have to wait and see!
Alfred Kay
Alfred Kay Prije 9 dana
I completely agrees with you, we should give some these players a chance to show their talents. Just look at Minamino how he is performing on loan because he is given the chance to play while at Liverpool he hardly get a chance. Yes, give Tsimikas a chance, this would also tell the regular players that their place is not permanent if they don't perform there is another player ready to take their place. Create that competition way of thinking among the players themselves there by getting the best out of them. I need a more positive game from Robertson which is lacking this season, too many back-passes from him, is just too frustrating to watch at times.
christine westgarth
christine westgarth Prije 9 dana
All the players got a full weeks rest before the international break which city spurs utd Leicester etc etc etc didnt get. They've had enough rest
Melvin van Dijk
Melvin van Dijk Prije 10 dana
Jones and Gini shouldn’t be starting in one midfield. Both are way too negative. Gini should be dropped for Keita to rest him against Madrid.
suarezlfc77 Prije 10 dana
I know you are not massive England fans but Think its poor you dont know what at least Liverpool Players did on internationals, Didnt know Thiago in the Spain squad, Didnt know Kostas playing for greece in the Build Up Show.
Benedict Ajegwu
Benedict Ajegwu Prije 10 dana
All I know is what Jones did but what did they do on the ID
Dennis Murutani
Dennis Murutani Prije 10 dana
Rest robo for madrid
memyselfandi memyselfandi
memyselfandi memyselfandi Prije 9 dana
He will play every game til the end of the season.
rhys burns
rhys burns Prije 10 dana
@Harvey67SZN he should get subbed after about 60 70 minutes
Harvey67SZN Prije 10 dana
@rhys burns no robbo does
rhys burns
rhys burns Prije 10 dana
Either robbo or gini need a rest
rhys burns
rhys burns Prije 10 dana
Thiago should start since he didn't start any games for Spain during international break and he should play alongside fabinho and keita let gini get a rest for Madrid
chalks3088 Prije 10 dana
Too many players isn’t it?
How Bizzare?
How Bizzare? Prije 10 dana
I don't mind Jota not starting. He's tremendously important to the rest of our season and I don't want to see him get overloaded.
Daryl Wilkinson
Daryl Wilkinson Prije 8 dana
@Jim O'Neill Just admit that you're an arsenal fan. Jota starts in both matches
Jim O'Neill
Jim O'Neill Prije 8 dana
Firminho not Jota. Jota as the super sub against Arsenal and then he gets to be the starter against Madrid
Daryl Wilkinson
Daryl Wilkinson Prije 8 dana
You're clearly not a Liverpool fan. Good try though
Johnny Hardcore
Johnny Hardcore Prije 9 dana
Hes more then capable of playing 2 games 3 days
Jayden Prije 9 dana
i would rest him next game but for this one he must play
TheRedGuy8 Prije 10 dana
I agree with Jones playing over Thiago and Jota should absolutely start over Firmino. Thiago can come in for the Madrid game. Also Ramos is injured for both games. Both a blessing and a bummer. I really wanted to see Salah torment him.
Yasmin abdullahi
Yasmin abdullahi Prije 9 dana
@stevendchu salah can do any thing against solid defence kt and shaw always pocket him he is not talent but good
stevendchu Prije 9 dana
@Yasmin abdullahi 2x golden boot winner, 3rd loading
Yasmin abdullahi
Yasmin abdullahi Prije 10 dana
Salah can not torment Ramos let us be honest with ourself ,Salah is not skifull nor tecknically gifted
Harvey67SZN Prije 10 dana
Anyone know if Hendo is back anytime soon?
John John
John John Prije 8 dana
He's not training yet so it'll probs be month+
A C Prije 10 dana
not this szn I doubt it
rhys burns
rhys burns Prije 10 dana
@Danny B I really need to see him play in midfield with fabinho and thiago
Danny B
Danny B Prije 10 dana
Everyone seemed to say he would be back for the end of the international break. But I've not seen anything to say he's back in training, not sure.
rhys burns
rhys burns Prije 10 dana
Still could be until about end of April or May :(
Shamar Brown
Shamar Brown Prije 10 dana
Big up to you guys from a gooner 🔴my line up would be Leno Cedric luiz mari tienrey ceballos elneny pepe smith rowe martinelli and balogun has been training with the first team so hopefully he gets a game🙏🏾🔴if not then I’d play Nelson left martinelli as the 9. Coyg 🔴good luck to you guys.
stevie Murphy
stevie Murphy Prije 9 dana
Not picking auba is a bit Dodgey
Logan Quibell
Logan Quibell Prije 9 dana
No auba? No Xhaka?
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