LIVERPOOL v REAL MADRID! | Champions League Quarter-Final and Semi Final Draw Reaction LIVE

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Prije 23 dana

Champions League Quarter-Final Draw Reaction LIVE
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Join us as we react to the draw for the Champions League Quarter and Semi finals. Liverpool can face Man City, Chelsea, Porto, Dortmund, Bayern, PSG or Real Madrid. Who do you want to face and who do you want to avoid?
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sagor khan
sagor khan Prije 17 dana
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Benitha Oaes
Benitha Oaes Prije 17 dana
Let's just be honest here.
arie septian
arie septian Prije 18 dana
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Y-unes Pynchonesky
Y-unes Pynchonesky Prije 20 dana
I shouldn't be superstitious because our Liverpool is good enough to win the big one but, just when things line up, we as humans can't help but have the tendency to connect things up.. In my Football manager Crystal Palace save, Liverpool won the UCL semi-final vs Chelsea and then the final vs City in Istanbul!!!..... I just have a feeling and I know you my fellow Kopites are feeling it too!! I hope we win it. Especially for Klopp.
TheInvincible H
TheInvincible H Prije 21 dan
It’s a decent tie, could’ve beeen worse but definitely could’ve been better.
Anon Prije 21 dan
Ramos be training all sorts of shoulder breaking techniques
KillerDarc Prije 21 dan
Honestly, only Dortmund and PSG because of the way we currently play. Sure Man city and Bayern would slaughter you anyway on a good day. But if PSG and Dortmund catches us on the break, we might concede multiple goals in a blink of an eye. Which is how we tend to concede and lose games recently.
El Padrino
El Padrino Prije 21 dan
Real is no easy feat - Kroos, Modric, Benzema, Ramos, vinicius jr, hazard.. Liverpool will need to pull their best performances of the season to gro through without the kop roaring us on. Dont wanna play Chelsea in the semis, they seem to have the better of us of late, come on porto cause an upset! Would take Bayern or Dortmund in the final. Come on reds
Rocky LFC
Rocky LFC Prije 21 dan
Arsenal vs Liverpool to be rescheduled?
fuknwastd Prije 22 dana
I only wanted to avoid PSG, Bayern and City. Not because I don't think we're capable of beating them but because I'd rather maximise our chances of reaching the final.
JPTS Prije 22 dana
Peter Prije 22 dana
Well that's Real Madrid out early
NGIBUL FC Prije 22 dana
We believe Liverpool Beat Real Madrid automatic to Final...
nikz200 Prije 22 dana
The problem with this draw is regardless of anything, Madrid have a seasoned veteran team which is in the UCL consistently every season. They have leadership with benzema and Ramos and not to mention Vinicius can rip us to shreds if he turns up. Not to mention their midfield with Casemeiro , Modric and Kroos. All top midfielders in the world. We are going to have a tough time , especially if Mane isn't playing well.
Kofi Mensah
Kofi Mensah Prije 22 dana
There is some similarity in this. 2005 Round of 16 we beat Leverkusen 6-2 Agg and Lepzig 4-0 in this season's Round of 16. In 2005 Quarter Final we beat Juventus 2-1 Agg whom beaten us in the 1985 final. This season we met Real Madrid who beat us in the final 3 years ago. I would say we will beat them 4-0 agg and meet Chelsea in the Semi. Then Istanbul here we come.
United States of Chelsea
United States of Chelsea Prije 22 dana
Is it me or do all the matchups seem particularly tasty this year 😋 anything can happen now
Mak Vaidya
Mak Vaidya Prije 22 dana
Ramos would have shit his pants... if we had a packed Anfield for this tie!! I can already see Salah tearing apart Madrid Defence though
Skies Thelimit
Skies Thelimit Prije 22 dana
the guys are far too happy about this - like Liverpool are not having the worst season they've had for ages. We are still 4th or 5th favourites for the CL!!!
muhamed ali
muhamed ali Prije 22 dana
They dont follow madrid they just know they have bad season
Football Genius
Football Genius Prije 22 dana
Hehe I see a lot of Liverpool fans hyping up thinking this is an easy job, you guys will be in for a shock!
Football Genius
Football Genius Prije 22 dana
Liverpool fans, you are in for a battering! Mark my words
Eric Scahill
Eric Scahill Prije 22 dana
If we had Djimi traore at centre back I'd feel a bit better 😜. Come on boys finish strong 💪💪
stevendchu Prije 22 dana
Thiago: got the Barca DNA, been knocked out of the CL twice now by Real, so we KNOW he hates them. And since he's obligated to get a yellow card almost every game, how about a nice late challenge on Ramos?? Set the tone early.
stevendchu Prije 22 dana
Mo "Thor" Salah: BRING ME RAMOS!!!!!!
Iain King
Iain King Prije 22 dana
Should be a great tie, Ramos will no doubt go after Salah again.
C H Prije 22 dana
Mad thing is if we do manage to get past Real then there’s a possibility the big Virg will be back for the second leg vs Chelsea and the Final. Just need to get past Real now
muhamed ali
muhamed ali Prije 22 dana
Wow, bro you need to read about the acl injury cuz van dijk aint comin back this season if he is important to liverpool
TheNoobFarm Prije 22 dana
About as good of a draw as we could have hoped for. We’ve got a real shot now Reds, start to believe! Number 7 is coming, up the reds ❤️
Lisa Sims
Lisa Sims Prije 22 dana
Is it true that whoever's beat Munich in the last 10 years has gone on to win it , if so let's hope Munich get to the final with the mighty reds of Europe, I'm so excited about football again YNWA BOOM
Alfred Malam
Alfred Malam Prije 22 dana
Am really worried about our defence, if only we can improve it before any of these games
Rodrigo B
Rodrigo B Prije 22 dana
I think it’s leveled, cause Madrid’s attack is shit, only Benzema does something, and Liverpool’s defense is shit. So don’t get to worried about that.
DeuceSe7en Prije 22 dana
Can I just say Ben smashed the draw a week ago on the Redmen Podcast!
Sham K
Sham K Prije 22 dana
We can do this lads!
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre Prije 22 dana
Revenge Time
Sam N Edu Medja
Sam N Edu Medja Prije 22 dana
If the fans were allowed in An field this would a guaranteed qualifications to the semis. Not afraid of Real Madrid at all, I actually wanted them.
Rodrigo B
Rodrigo B Prije 22 dana
I’m gonna save your comment.
DAN KEOGHAN Prije 22 dana
Hate to say it, but I can not see us beating Chelsea over two legs atm they played us off the park the other week
Dhirshan Gobind
Dhirshan Gobind Prije 22 dana
Madrid 13. Enough said!
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre Prije 22 dana
LFC 6 Times MU 3 Times Mind The Gap
M Red
M Red Prije 23 dana
Not underestimating anyone as I think all 8 teams have great qualities of their own, but there's no doubt the other bracket has the top 3 favourites with this year's form so the chance to salvage something has been very favourable with that route.
Alex Prije 23 dana
Draw at 20:40
Asfa Bailey
Asfa Bailey Prije 23 dana
Real Madrid will be victorious at the very end on this champions league
Hafeez Khan
Hafeez Khan Prije 23 dana
If ramos cheats they will otherwise I cant see it revenge is best served cold
spsawyer22 Prije 23 dana
Smash Madrid, Smash Chelsea, beat Man City in final as Klopp laughs maniacally lifting another UCL trophy. I'm speaking it into existence lads.
Tasha Isibor
Tasha Isibor Prije 23 dana
Real Madrid. This is gonna be epic
Tashrif Alam
Tashrif Alam Prije 23 dana
If we win, this could be a huge confidence boost.
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson Prije 23 dana
number 7 is coming
William AC
William AC Prije 23 dana
This is the draw I wanted. I wanted us to avoid the likes of city, bayern and PSG but at the same time I didn't want us to get an easy draw like porto or Dortmund. Madrid and Liverpool are not doing great so we should be able to salvage a win against them.
P H Prije 23 dana
No the players have to rise to the occasion for their disastrous season...I want Chelsea in the semis (go thru on a controversial VAR goal 😁) & City (disallowed goal for City in the last minute 😁😁) in the final.
Joseph Donaghy
Joseph Donaghy Prije 23 dana
It does not get any bigger than Liverpool v Real Madrid in the Champions League.
Noha Salah
Noha Salah Prije 23 dana
no easy ride but if we go through we have to go to the final ! can’t lose to chelsea or porto.
wares Prije 23 dana
Ramos time again, hala Madrid
dave126 Prije 23 dana
Real, Chelsea and Porto are probably as happy as we are with the draw. However, I am confident number 7 is coming home.
Zane _FC
Zane _FC Prije 23 dana
I have feeling that we can just edge our through the QT
Adrian Sierra
Adrian Sierra Prije 23 dana
Underestimating Madrid like you did in 2018! Cant wait to shut these arrogant liverpool fans
YNWA 212
YNWA 212 Prije 23 dana
Real madrid fans underestimating Liverpool like you did in 2008 and ajax 2019 cant wait to shut up these arrogant Madrid fans
David Redgrift
David Redgrift Prije 23 dana
There's nothing wrong with being confident
dedejohn Prije 23 dana
Real is shit. They won because our keeper (Karius) was trash and Ramos broke Salah's arm.
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor Prije 23 dana
the Channel is spot on lads so keep it up, I just understand how it seems to always turn into a mention of Man City within every topic. Ive had many debate with Liverpools fans and every fan says there not arsed about city but always seem to bring them up. we as fans must have some form of rivalry towards them if we seem to bring them into every topic.
dave lock
dave lock Prije 23 dana
james milner, getting the steel toecaps fitted.. revenge coming ramos..
Hbk Avnish
Hbk Avnish Prije 23 dana
Ashish Amat
Ashish Amat Prije 23 dana
Haaland vs Sterling big game
Sabih al
Sabih al Prije 23 dana
one thing is good.either bayern or city can go to final.but not both of them
John McCarthy
John McCarthy Prije 23 dana or not god???.(on a pas beaucoup de choix avec tous les blesser )we have not lot of choise
Pól Réamonn
Pól Réamonn Prije 23 dana
If we can't be hyped for these games then we should just pack it in.
Cormac Donnelly
Cormac Donnelly Prije 23 dana
Everyone is hyped
Pól Réamonn
Pól Réamonn Prije 23 dana
The Reds v Real. Proper footballing royalty there.
John McCarthy
John McCarthy Prije 23 dana
It s moh time
Rage Rider
Rage Rider Prije 23 dana
Could've been a lot worse. We definitely dodged the harder route to the final. Real aren't the force they were but with that said, they could quite easily batter us but I don't think we should fear them. Quite the opposite, we definitely owe them one. Wonder if Virgil will make the bench in the final. ; )
Talha Patel
Talha Patel Prije 23 dana
I'm sure it is written in the alternate reality where we win a number 7 but I want to see it in ours ..... Falcon and the Winter soldier!
suneeeelkumar Prije 23 dana
We've had a good draw. We've managed to avoid Bayern and Mancity till finals. In semis we'll face either Chelsea or porto. Yes, anyday of any week in any year of any era.
Talha Patel
Talha Patel Prije 23 dana
The boys have to get in focus now no slip-ups if you need to go all in in the CL so be it the league be damned.... Rotate heavily and keep form we're going to Istanbul......
Liam Prije 23 dana
2005: Final in Istanbul, Last time Ronaldo and Messi both out before quarters, LFC beat a German side in Last 16, Outside Top 4 in PL 👀🏆 2021: Final in Istanbul, Ronaldo and Messi both out before quarters, LFC beat a German side in Last 16, Outside Top 4 in PL 👀🏆
Bolorbold Ariguun
Bolorbold Ariguun Prije 23 dana
2005: Beaten Chelsea in SF 2021: Possibility of a Chelsea SF
JAD 44
JAD 44 Prije 23 dana
Leading up to the 1st match Klopp needs to play on a loop on EVERY screen around the boys Ramos taking Salah down and out! Get mad!
josh gavin
josh gavin Prije 23 dana
We are going to Madrid!!!!!!
Mike B
Mike B Prije 23 dana
Payback time!
Amen Boughanmi
Amen Boughanmi Prije 23 dana
Just imagine Benzema toying with kabak and Philips, and Modric and Kroos dominating the midfield. If the threat of Salah and Mane is reduced real madrid can win in every possible way from Ramos, casemiro heads to Lucas Cafu Vasquez running down the wing to The best striker ever Benzema doing wonders
Amen Boughanmi
Amen Boughanmi Prije 22 dana
@Zaid Abraham really since when Thiago, fab and Gini are better than Kroos and Modric casimero who are the best midfield of the last decade, fab is Casemiro sub in Brazil, Gini is a wanna be Kroos and Thiago is not even in the level of Modric external foot and he knows it, real madrid will boss the midfield for sure, the threat of the front three can be contained if they played 3-4-3 Ramos, Varane and Nacho if that is contained there is no option for Liverpool to score unlike madrid who doesn't have a clear pattern to score everyone can contribute to a goal from Ramos, Casemiro to the midfield and again Benzema will toy with his defenders
YNWA 212
YNWA 212 Prije 23 dana
@Zaid Abraham Also real Madrid's midfield cant even dominate man city's midfield liverpool have shown they can go toe to toe with man citys midfield and even dominate in possession for long periods of the game but i do think we will give real the ball more since our injuries in defence
Zaid Abraham
Zaid Abraham Prije 23 dana
Benzema will be an issue for Kabak and Phillips, but Fabinho, Wijnaldum, Thiago is better than Casemiro, Modric, Kroos. Also there's 3 threats now. It's not only Salah and Mane, but Diogo Jota as well.
Talha Patel
Talha Patel Prije 23 dana
The athletico loss still hurts especially when the game should have been killed off in the 90..... I guess we don't have to worry about them this year 😂
Talha Patel
Talha Patel Prije 23 dana
An all English final looks to be likely
Average name
Average name Prije 23 dana
Salah would have been waiting for this since 2019 let's talk about 7 baby
William lillicrapp
William lillicrapp Prije 23 dana
Great draw ! Avoiding everyone we want on this side of the draw 💪
Starßoi💫 Prije 23 dana
We got the away team either way too. With our away form that’s another blessing
Mo Hart
Mo Hart Prije 23 dana
Dylan Murphy
Dylan Murphy Prije 23 dana
We have avoided Bayern, PSG and City in both the quarter final and semi finals. This is great!
Nikola Raduka
Nikola Raduka Prije 23 dana
Big final Liverpool Bayern M in Istanbul
Ali Abotrab
Ali Abotrab Prije 23 dana
As a Chelsea fan I’m happier to face Liverpool or Real Madrid in the next round, I don’t based on what you guys think you’ll make it to the final 😂
Colin Mc
Colin Mc Prije 23 dana
Well our injury problems will definitely get worse now.
Jolyon Ward
Jolyon Ward Prije 23 dana
Wow we’ve really got a good shot at this!!! Gonna be exciting
Shpongle Prije 23 dana
It’s written on the wall boys
FirminoFan 101
FirminoFan 101 Prije 23 dana
20:45 the draw starts
Ali74 Prije 23 dana
We get to the final, Van Dijk will be back.
Kofi Ossei
Kofi Ossei Prije 23 dana
@Starßoi💫 vvd and Gomez was registered. But they won’t play
Starßoi💫 Prije 23 dana
Don’t think he’s been named in the squad
Bot Abdelhafid
Bot Abdelhafid Prije 23 dana
There speaking like the final is guaranteed against Bayern Ur facing the king of Europe . 13
redshift Prije 23 dana
Play the video at 0.5 speed, they're speaking too fast for you to understand properly.
John Sama
John Sama Prije 23 dana
You’re very illiterate. Did you even bother listening to what they said?
Davian Douglas
Davian Douglas Prije 23 dana
Madrid are not on the same levels like few years ago
Rodrigo B
Rodrigo B Prije 22 dana
@YNWA 212 that’s actually very true, I have gone to Real Madrid HRpost fan channels and a lot of people say Liverpool is not that good and that they are much worse. Liverpool fans say the same thing about madrid too. Lol
YNWA 212
YNWA 212 Prije 23 dana
Real madrid fans will be saying the same thing about Liverpool
David Redgrift
David Redgrift Prije 23 dana
Lets be honest neither are Liverpool
Bibi Nakajja
Bibi Nakajja Prije 23 dana
We avoided the favourites of this competition as they are all playing against each other, I'm not complaining one bit. Can we beat Madrid over two legs, yes we can. I'm confident
Sean Lacey
Sean Lacey Prije 23 dana
The road to the final is there for us come ooonnnnn
Mo R
Mo R Prije 23 dana
Can’t really complain with tha draw
Vasco Morais
Vasco Morais Prije 23 dana
Of course you would be favorites against Porto, but the level of arrogance on you guys is beyond what’s normal. Porto eliminated Juventus fair and square, and probably could knock out Liverpool at the moment. Chelsea are favorites but Porto can win, hopefully to find you in the semis and knock you out 😉
Zaid Abraham
Zaid Abraham Prije 23 dana
Football fans being arrogant after a period of success? Wow, who would've thought. It's almost as if humans are inherently tribalistic or something I'm just gonna say it: Porto is shit. I don't care if I'm wrong, it feels good to say. Also, it doesn't matter because this is just entertainment.
Jord Roberts
Jord Roberts Prije 23 dana
This is exciting! That draw couldn’t have gone better in my opinion. YNWA
Zak Nahon
Zak Nahon Prije 21 dan
@Nathan Brown how good we are are you living in 2019
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown Prije 22 dana
@Zak Nahon ur saying we can’t beat West Brom we had a rough time but how u gonna just forget how good we are
Zak Nahon
Zak Nahon Prije 22 dana
@Nathan Brown how Is that plastic the teams we have played against is Leipzig Atlanta Ajax
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown Prije 22 dana
@Zak Nahon plastic !! I admit Ik the league we been shit but in ucl we been class
Rodrigo B
Rodrigo B Prije 22 dana
@Zak Nahon both have been shit, that is true. I give it a 50/50.
DIEGO FEAL LAGOA Prije 23 dana
Ramos to show again why he is the GOAT center back
Neon colour marker • 8 years ago
Neon colour marker • 8 years ago Prije 23 dana
Looking at this comment section, no wonder why everyone hates this fan base
dave126 Prije 22 dana
I am assuming you think Liverpool fans are arrogant, because they are confident their team can reach the final. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact if you would go to a Chelsea fanpage or Real fanpage you would see exactly the same comments. All of them are happy they dodged Bayern, City and PSG and are confident that they can reach the final.
Zaid Abraham
Zaid Abraham Prije 23 dana
Every fanbase is the same, besides Arsenal fans who hate their team for some reason.
Ahmed TV
Ahmed TV Prije 23 dana
Shoosh u manc
Jag in the Box
Jag in the Box Prije 23 dana
Real/LFC PFC/CFC \/ Real CFC \/ CFC vs ---------------------------------------> BAYERN Bayern /\ City Bayern /\ City/BVB Bayern/PSG
Dave Kelly
Dave Kelly Prije 23 dana
Liverpool is already dead before the match has started
Ariaditya Pramestu
Ariaditya Pramestu Prije 23 dana
Im sorry, but that accent is very liverpool
Zaid Abraham
Zaid Abraham Prije 23 dana
It's almost like they're from Liverpool
Tristan Petersen
Tristan Petersen Prije 23 dana
Kofi Ossei
Kofi Ossei Prije 23 dana
Salah better unleash his 17/18 self on Ramos and get that revenge
Stev4e897 Prije 22 dana
@Dhirshan Gobind yeah right
Dhirshan Gobind
Dhirshan Gobind Prije 22 dana
Ramos did nothing wrong that game.
Elevator Kid
Elevator Kid Prije 23 dana
20:51 draw starts
A chocolate chip cookie
A chocolate chip cookie Prije 23 dana
Bxstxn Prije 23 dana
Love mate
j - c
j - c Prije 23 dana
As a 10 year old kid, nothing has come close to Jersey Dudeks save vs Shevchenko’s header and follow up shot in extra time is the most magnificent dramatic movie like 10 seconds I’ve ever seen. Unreal.
j - c
j - c Prije 23 dana
@Dylan Murphy I know. He doesn’t get spoken about enough. Well not for me anyway. That moment is something that movies are made from
Dylan Murphy
Dylan Murphy Prije 23 dana
Same, I was 8. I’ll never forget it. Loved Dudeks dancing to put them off in the pens
Sky Blue
Sky Blue Prije 23 dana
No fear!! Liverpool win
Amaan Mahmood
Amaan Mahmood Prije 23 dana
keegan773 Prije 23 dana
Use a colon not a full stop. 23:00
Jordan Maguire
Jordan Maguire Prije 23 dana
2004/2005 CL Winners Liverpool FC In the league Liverpool where outside of the top 4 with 43 points, +11 goal difference after 28 games played. That season Liverpool Played Chelsea in the semi. This Season Liverpool are outside the top 4 with 43 points, +11 goal difference after 28 games played. This season Liverpool will likely play Chelsea in the semi if we get past Madrid
Niranjan Rajesh
Niranjan Rajesh Prije 23 dana
if those stats you pulled up are actually true,then thats incredible. We hope to meet the best team in the semis,from a chelsea fan
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