Can We Catch Chelsea? | The Redmen TV Podcast

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Prije 19 dana

Can We Catch Chelsea? | The Redmen TV Podcast
The lads are here with this week's RMTV Podcast! They take YOUR questions posed to them as well as talking though the CL draw results and what that means, the players who have stayed to train during International duty & they look at how hard it could be to beat Chelsea in the League!
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oClxssy Prije 13 dana
Johno Prije 14 dana
Grant Wahl = KNOBHEAD, And the racing car seats are lit
Anil Laddher
Anil Laddher Prije 14 dana
Lads great video as per usual. BTW where did you get your chairs from?
Reece McArdle
Reece McArdle Prije 15 dana
Chelsea did do the job just got fucked by a goal that wasn’t
One Love
One Love Prije 15 dana
Jurgen and the lads should just go all out to win the Champions League. They can do it for sure, they just need to turn into that goal scoring red machine that won it two years ago. The front three have to work hard together to make that dream come to true again. Particularly Mane and Salah who don't pass to each other enough. Jota is playing good again. It's great to have him back in the team. If I were FSG/John Henry I'd go all to get Neto from Wolves, he's a terrific young player who played alongside Jota at Wolves and plays alongside him for Portugal. It makes sense to play Neto and Jota together. Good luck to Jurgen and the lads.
Julian Robles
Julian Robles Prije 16 dana
You really think someone has it in their mind to just hurt him a little. What kind of logic is that? It’s a football match not boxing. All he thought was i’m going to get him out this match, with that we know that he didn’t give a sh how bad he hurt him.
Chris Burn
Chris Burn Prije 16 dana
Completely understand Chris' POV, bit what I think he misses is the fact that we don't need to better than Chelsea unless we are playing Chelsea, we only need to be better than each side that we play. In terms of form, where do you put the start point? Because a side with Jota back, Fab in Midfield, 2 CB's playing well etc, has won 2 games back to back, PL or CL is inconsequential IMO.
83 Smith
83 Smith Prije 17 dana
Teams like Paris and Man City shouldn't be allowed, Real Madrid and Liverpool are European royalty
Harvey Tuttle
Harvey Tuttle Prije 17 dana
if you aim for the celing .... small time thinking of a fanny channel = Redmen ... @can we catch chelsea, ??? well its more likely you will catch a bogus bug like the other #covidiots
Remi Sofola
Remi Sofola Prije 17 dana
Chris is wrong he has forgotten about this midfield reshuffle that can spur us to the state of invincibility.
Sabin Iliev
Sabin Iliev Prije 18 dana
pathetic reasoning from Southgate regarding his decision to leave TAA out...bringing Trippier in...and freaking Kyle Walker. Its very good for us but a bit annoying to TAA's morale
Rollin' not Strollin'
Rollin' not Strollin' Prije 18 dana
To address Sam saying City play boring football.... It's so good to watch, you can't look away. I don't know how anyone can say it's boring tbh.
Ross Davidson
Ross Davidson Prije 18 dana
So many ads on this one. Sad to say I had to turn off, and I never turn off your videos
Stevko Wilko
Stevko Wilko Prije 18 dana
Beethoven had his critics too. Name 3. - Chopper
ahijah sellassie
ahijah sellassie Prije 18 dana
Have to go to old Trafford and win and also the emirates stadium, basically have to win every single game and even then that won’t be enough, the player’s gave up at Leicester felt sorry for themselves and then them 6 home defeats. If we drew a few of them we would have a chance. Klopp took of Salah when losing at home vs Chelsea...
Simon Smith
Simon Smith Prije 18 dana
"Here's to swimmin' with bow-legged women!" - Jaws.
Dickie Oi Red_07
Dickie Oi Red_07 Prije 18 dana
You sure Grant Wahl is a legit journo and not a kid on Twitter? His is the worst take on the CL draw, and he didn't need to be seeded to achieve it.
sajid iqbal
sajid iqbal Prije 18 dana
YNWA 🔴🔴❤
Dickie Oi Red_07
Dickie Oi Red_07 Prije 18 dana
Can we catch Chelsea? Not if you've been vaccinated.
matt S.
matt S. Prije 18 dana
Great content but the sound.. Geez. The levels are so uneven. Struggle to hear then the volume is ear splitting
Jakob Smith
Jakob Smith Prije 18 dana
I just want Salah to sit Ramos down and bang one top corner
Bryce Maximum
Bryce Maximum Prije 18 dana
Video starts after 12:00
imnotoyou grounder
imnotoyou grounder Prije 18 dana
If mo and timo get the fuck on then we can do it
#OEN_FC # Prije 18 dana
This is the day you almost caught captain Jack sparrow
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre Prije 18 dana
What's with all these 9 HRpost ads on this video
J2ck Prije 18 dana
Aaron T
Aaron T Prije 18 dana
yes we can
Haveli Restaurant
Haveli Restaurant Prije 18 dana
I think the road to Kiev finishes in madrid
Through_The_Turnstiles Prije 18 dana
Be worried Liverpool. I'm coming back to united to team up with their galacticos Phil Jones and Fred. I'll score so many OG's oops I mean goals.
p px
p px Prije 18 dana
What......9 are wins needed from 10 to get Top 4, lets keep it real here and stop getting carried away, (again..) Its the likes of Chelsea, Utd, that need 6 wins to clinch top 4
Tashrif Alam
Tashrif Alam Prije 19 dana
47:00 plus our front players are absolutely shattered. You can even see how Mane is nowadays struggling to take players on and beating them with pace. Their legs are probably running on fumes.
Knuckleball Twins
Knuckleball Twins Prije 19 dana
A season without Champions League football AND when fans will be back for it... not good, bad mems from the past... 😞
The Mighty Red Boat Adventures
The Mighty Red Boat Adventures Prije 19 dana
Spartans!! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty! For tonight we dine in HELLL!!! Absolute belter! Sean Connery losers/winners quote from The Rock is class tho
Ronan C
Ronan C Prije 19 dana
Keep everyone, ( bar the three cbs ) fit, winning the Champions league is doable # 🆑 sorted for next season
Tashrif Alam
Tashrif Alam Prije 19 dana
30:00 why are Americans talking about football. Their idea of 'soccer' is just terrible and strips out all sorts of emotional connection to the sport
Ronan C
Ronan C Prije 19 dana
Lfc are 4-1 to get fourth. A Europa spot may be the best we can hope for. 😔
T D Prije 19 dana
Pajak saw how fit Nat Phillips looked and went and got the same haircut... well done lad
Enlightened Turtle
Enlightened Turtle Prije 19 dana
If we get flowing, then yes.
Shaun Patino
Shaun Patino Prije 19 dana
Chris said we've seen us change focus when there's a European final under Klopp, the season we won the European cup the end of the season we ended on a hell of a run and won the European cup so we can this year Up the fuckin reds
Joe Thompson
Joe Thompson Prije 19 dana
Arsenal game is huge. We win that then we’re right back into it, despite Chelsea’s form recently 5 points is JUST manageable but if it goes to 8 points then it’s too far
Ashley Ferrar
Ashley Ferrar Prije 17 dana
We need to win the next two games and then assess depending on how close we are. I honestly think pick up the next six points and we can make Chelsea sweat
neelante Prije 19 dana
Simple word No, we messed up too much we relying on others plus struggles at Anfield and some hard games been a very poor season
Sabin Iliev
Sabin Iliev Prije 19 dana
football talk starts at 13:11
Lenox Hamese
Lenox Hamese Prije 14 dana
Fookin' Legend
LS15 Prije 19 dana
We are gonna drop points at Old Trafford and Villa and probably one more. Chris is spot on. You have to be realistic and not hopeful that we win 9 in a row and the other teams who are currently better than us don't.
A J Prije 19 dana
What Grant didn't understand was that we actually enjoy underdog stories in football. In the US its all just about wanting the best side with the best players to win.
A J Prije 19 dana
Fully agree with the take on City, the second they get a bit of daylight in the league and the pressures off teams roll over and they go on a run. When they're actually feeling the pressure they're no longer this unstoppable force.
Spencer Wright
Spencer Wright Prije 19 dana
I think Man City will win the champions league, meaning that 5 spaces will be available for next year’s champions league spot, and we will get 5th. Chelsea playing too well to drop points and will probably get 3rd. Leicester get 4th, so us in 5th. I think that’s the only chance we have unfortunately....
Spencer Wright
Spencer Wright Prije 18 dana
Funny now on the echo they are reporting on an analytic firm have run the stats on our remaining games and that’s our predictions finishing 5th.... come on you redmen. #ynwa
YNWA 212
YNWA 212 Prije 19 dana
Unfortunately man city always bottle it in the ucl
Average name
Average name Prije 19 dana
Football without fan is a reality where not going to get away from for at lease a another year 😴
Chris R
Chris R Prije 19 dana
Wipe them out...all of them...
John Prosser
John Prosser Prije 19 dana
No we can't unfortunately...not enough games and to much of s swing in form needed. We're not going the rest of the season unbeaten!!!
Atikur Rahman
Atikur Rahman Prije 19 dana
Nothing is impossible in this odd season. As much as rival fans in some ways underestimate the two lads we have at the back and whether they have enough to see us through, I for one have alot of faith in both, if they stay fit, that they can see us through. No reason why we can put a good run on and see where we are in at the end.
Siyabonga Ngcobo
Siyabonga Ngcobo Prije 19 dana
So that Journalist thinks a European final with a team that has never been in a European final is better than two teams who have 6 each and who have won the last 2?
Zaid Abraham
Zaid Abraham Prije 17 dana
Yes. The distant past means very little in this circumstance. How does Liverpool FC winning the Champions League in 2005 have any effect on us winning it in 2019. The entire squad is different, the manager is different, the coaches are different, most of the staff is different, the owners are different. The only major similarity is the brand name. We won the Champions League simply because we were really good, our past Champions League wins contributed very little to that.
LS15 Prije 19 dana
Love Chris chair.
LS15 Prije 19 dana
Porbably not.
JOHN McNulty
JOHN McNulty Prije 19 dana
Great stream guys. Great movie quotes ? JAWS (Quint, at the Town Hall meeting) "I don't want any mates , there's too many captains on this island. 10,000 bucks Chief, for me by my self, for that you'll get the head, the tail, the whole damm thing !" 96 ❤ YNWA
TheGreatestPlayerInTheWorld Prije 19 dana
Chelsea won’t drop enough points I have a sneaky feeling they will it
M-M-Alexander Prije 19 dana
As long as we don't flop any more and Chelsea don't win all their games it's very doable if you look at the remaining fixtures
chelsea 4life
chelsea 4life Prije 19 dana
@M-M-Alexander ask your mom and she'll tell you
M-M-Alexander Prije 19 dana
@chelsea 4life ps are you a girl or a boy you have a pretty androgynous photo there
M-M-Alexander Prije 19 dana
@chelsea 4life haha how can a Chelski fan say Lfc is a shite club, also we're that shite at the moment that it's taken a whole season of injuries for yous to complete with us
chelsea 4life
chelsea 4life Prije 19 dana
You're deluded your shite club will never catch us
Daryl Wilkinson
Daryl Wilkinson Prije 19 dana
Fabinho in midfield. Phillips playing like Van Dijk. Keita and Grujic to replace Wijnaldum in the summer. Good times ahead
Navah King
Navah King Prije 18 dana
Oh Jesus! FSG love you
Nikhil Manilal
Nikhil Manilal Prije 19 dana
If United win the Europa league will 5th place get UCL?
Daniel Frosh
Daniel Frosh Prije 19 dana
As far as I understand no, but if someone wins the CL and finishes outside of the top 4 they will get CL along with the top 4. I posted about this above but not 100% sure on it so feel free to correct me!
dom Prije 19 dana
quality episode lads, ynwa fuck the international break
steven coker
steven coker Prije 19 dana
David Barton
David Barton Prije 19 dana
Chris Pajak is back!
Cameron Prije 19 dana
Phenomenal podcast lads🔥❤️ YNWA, anything is possible
Deadly Keano
Deadly Keano Prije 19 dana
100% agree with Sam regarding Leicester dropping out of the top 4, Liverpool need to win minimum 8 out of the final 9 games and Leicester have a tough run in! But can we go on a run or will Klopp target the CL?!
Carol super Wheeler
Carol super Wheeler Prije 19 dana
How's to say that we can't go out and win 7/8 games out of the the 9 we have left to play. YNWA 96 COME ON RED MAN.
Conor S
Conor S Prije 19 dana
LOL that rant against the journalist was hilarious. I tend to agree with Chris, I just think the ask is too big right now. Doesn’t mean it can’t be done but nothing about our form this season suggests we will. Also, everybody should check out the Robbie Fowler podcast, fascinating stuff from the old Reds he is interviewing.
123 456
123 456 Prije 18 dana
@Conor S yeah, it’s Grant Wahl, thanks though
Conor S
Conor S Prije 18 dana
@123 456 he is some American journalist, I think his name is Grant something. They say it once briefly in passing in this video
John John
John John Prije 19 dana
@123 456 🤦😂😅
123 456
123 456 Prije 19 dana
@John John I meant who was the journalist they criticised at the beginning for the terrible champions league take, Grant Wahl, thanks for the reply though appreciate it
John John
John John Prije 19 dana
@123 456 I think you miss read his comment ,Fowler is interviewing old LFC stars on his podcast
lewis cook
lewis cook Prije 19 dana
Jota will save our season and get us top 4 !
Navah King
Navah King Prije 17 dana
@Zaid Abraham Liverpool deserve a sugar daddy owner. And FFP rules being removed now to suit Barca & Madrid you either sink or equals money & that will never stop. Old fashioned opinions means fuck all these days. The club has outgrown FSG they should sell and make their 1.8billion profit Klopp has made them mostly....and by the way FSG are no angels when it comes to human rights...check out their dodgy history aswlll ...they are all greedy corrupt scum in one way or another
Zaid Abraham
Zaid Abraham Prije 17 dana
@Israel Attacked USS Liberty and Did 9/11 We would have probably still been shit even with Jota in the team. Too reactionary. Our problems stemmed from midfield and defense, and the attack suffered as a consequence of that.
Zaid Abraham
Zaid Abraham Prije 17 dana
@Navah King Yes, let's forget the success that has been achieved under FSG ownership because of one match. Unless we get a human rights abuser sugardaddy owner, FSG is our best option.
Israel Attacked USS Liberty and Did 9/11
Israel Attacked USS Liberty and Did 9/11 Prije 18 dana
@Navah King yes that was the crucial mistake this season - cruising on top of the league until that happened
Navah King
Navah King Prije 18 dana
@Israel Attacked USS Liberty and Did 9/11 look up Klopps pre match interview about he has no choice but to go for the win money cause the message has come from the top, when in fact the B team & kids should of been played. Embarrassing small time ownership. Big clubs & champions of Europe & premier league would not act like that. It’s like when they tried to furlough the staff, embarrassing
Andrew Bonner
Andrew Bonner Prije 19 dana
Think Erroll is spot on, we've finally won back to back games, no surprise that its coincided with Fabinho's return to the midfield. Momentum cannot be underestimated, this side are a juggernaut when they get moving, beat Arsenal and I think we're in for a very interesting end to the season.
Leon Dubisson
Leon Dubisson Prije 17 dana
But we beat Tottenham and West Ham back to back...proved nothing in the because we then lost to Brighton and Citeh straight after lol...
Remi Sofola
Remi Sofola Prije 17 dana
100% spot on. I believe we are better than Chelsea and Man U as well. Despite our very bad form.
imnotoyou grounder
imnotoyou grounder Prije 18 dana
Jeo no doubt his a baller
agniz Prije 19 dana
I believe, qualification is still ON as we could still get a maximum of 73 points, cause all the next 8 games are winnable for us (except Man Utd). Also looking at our opposition's fixtures, Everton have the toughest fixtures, Chelsea have Man City, Arsenal, Leicester and Villa as their last four fixtures, and West Ham also have a couple of difficult fixtures. So I am still optimistic, but the international break may F up our momentum. YNWA.
ZuluWarrior Prije 13 dana
@agniz - Liverpool have Arsenal away, Villa at home, Leeds away, United away and Burnley away who are on a good run, so I feel Ur down playing the toughness of Liverpool's run in
agniz Prije 14 dana
@Jake I didn't say that "we don't have any chance against them". I said that it is not "winnable" looking at some factors. I would loved to be proved wrong. Also they play with 2 CDMs not 3, and the last time they played us with 2 CDMs, we lost, and they are not the first team that play counter attacking football against us. Literally every big club in the PL except Man City do it.
Jake Prije 14 dana
@agniz we don’t need a full squad when they play 3 Cdm in the same quad, rashford and Bruno on the counter that’s all they have... defensive bums and for you to act like we have no chance against that, your disrespecting the talent we have, by even remotely insinuating that we can’t beat Man Utd 🤦‍♂️😅🤣😮
agniz Prije 15 dana
@a b You idiot, you just said "when we have a full squad". Do we have a full squad right now? Pleb. Like the guy above said, I am being realistic, cause firstly like I said we don't have a full squad and secondly we haven't won at Old Trafford in the PL since 2014. If I were a fake fan, I still wouldn't be optimistic, that we could qualify for the UCL. Grow up.
a b
a b Prije 15 dana
@Jake daft as fuck mate. Acting like United are something special. They've had no injuries and Fernández carrys them. United aren't close to Liverpool when we have a full squad.
Liam Killoran
Liam Killoran Prije 19 dana
The hangover 🤣🤣
SleeplessTV Prije 19 dana
How could you not "this is not your droids" maaaaan
David D'Arcy
David D'Arcy Prije 19 dana
The quote I use constantly is - Nice one centurion, like it like it 😉😎🇮🇪
Mark Kelly
Mark Kelly Prije 19 dana
If we accept that Liverpool won't win all the remaining games then I think we're needing Chelsea to drop at least 8-10 points in their last few games to give Liverpool a chance.... I can't see it happening; then again I couldn't see Liverpool losing so many home games in a row so we will just have to wait and see.
David D'Arcy
David D'Arcy Prije 19 dana
"Funny thing when you're unemployed... weekends don't mean quite so much, except you get to hang out with your working friends" - Primus 😎🤘
David D'Arcy
David D'Arcy Prije 19 dana
"All these moments in time will be lost... like tears in rain" - Blade Runner 😎🤘
David D'Arcy
David D'Arcy Prije 19 dana
It's not even remotely a tough decision.... I watched my first Liverpool match when I was 6 in 1981 - amazing. However, I was brought to my first gig when I was 12 in 1987... David Bowie in Slane - LIFE-CHANGING. Music wins hands down EVERY time Respect 😎🤘🇮🇪
Sabin Iliev
Sabin Iliev Prije 19 dana
for me its the other way around. not even remotely a debate. would give up music in a blink of an eye
Pat Gunn
Pat Gunn Prije 19 dana
If Chelsea start playing shit then sure
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