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Paul is here with his thoughts and comments from other Reds after Liverpool had a tough night in Madrid and lost 3-1 to Real in the first leg of the Champions League semi-finals.
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Bolorbold Ariguun
Bolorbold Ariguun Prije dan
If every losing team in the second leg makes a comeback, it will be an incredible victory not only for us, but for football in general
Ahmad Safieddine
Ahmad Safieddine Prije 2 dana
Real Madrid come to Anfield be arrogant , please expect you will win, Luis Suarez and Messi expected to win . This is Anfield ! Listen to biased pundits all you want. Anfield is a place for the impossible, it is built by legends and moments, we will have the spirit and we will fight until the end , even when the fans are not there . We are not controlled by no governments or corporate money and big executives. WE ARE LIVERPOOL and we will show u what real passion looks like . Don't give up ! Come we can do this ! Come to Anfield we will dismantle you, as it Will be your grave. we conquered allll of Europe!!!! And we're never going to stop !
Ishraq Syed
Ishraq Syed Prije 3 dana
Guy speaks logically
Fede Wesley
Fede Wesley Prije 3 dana
The thing is real are not barca. I will say this much and out of the 15 ucl quarters first leg madrid have won, they have progressed 14 times.....
AdamAndEve AAE
AdamAndEve AAE Prije 3 dana
Kabak is solid. Very good. He can't get bullied
Kobir Prije 3 dana
Kudos to Real Madrid. Their quality and tactics prevented us from playing well, and exposed our weaknesses. Next leg we need to be smarter
Wayne Lyes
Wayne Lyes Prije 3 dana
Our history says don't write us off, we seriously need to get our shit together, don't know what is going on inside the dressing room, I'm guessing it's a couple of players wanting big money moves after winning the league, they're probably unholy about the lack of celebration but it's never happened before in the middle of a lock down! We beat a brtter Barca team, we seriously can come back from this but will they pull together for the club, I'm hoping Klopp can get the best out of them!
Kat Madridista
Kat Madridista Prije 3 dana
You are so proud of this 1 away goal ... but what do you think ... Madrid will sleep next leg? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
wonderful human being with a great character
wonderful human being with a great character Prije 3 dana
This result for us means the same as 1-0. We would need two goals without conceding anyways
allen martin almeida
allen martin almeida Prije 3 dana
jota doesnt have the experience, as with the back line... Get thiago and firmino in, they are both big game players, then there is an outside chance
Colin Mc
Colin Mc Prije 3 dana
Buy Matty cash in the off-season and try to experiment with Trent in midfield next year.
yehsuh m
yehsuh m Prije 3 dana
SACK kloppp now
Richard Jackson
Richard Jackson Prije 3 dana
Our problems go deeper than missing quality CBs this season, will be fascinating to see how Klopp addresses the lack of creativity in midfield and need to be more clinical up front. Is it our personnel or our style that needs a refresh. As for CL, keeping a clean sheet against any top European side is highly unlikely unfortunately.
Aaron T
Aaron T Prije 3 dana
we will win 3 nil at anfield
serafina crystal
serafina crystal Prije 3 dana
WE can go trough but then we have to be more concentrate. You need more than 100 % to beat this Team. But we have climb in the past some higher Mountains and the away-goal can be very worthy for us. Remember Barca-LFC 3:0 and WHO wins at the End ??? And another Fact: No id... Brych in the Second Leg. It was a personal Thing between Klopp and this so called "High-Class- Referee". But at the End of Last Night it was simply not enough to beat Real but never give up It needs simply one of those "Magic Moments at Anfield". With a normal Referee and not a hater from munich. YNWA
Gugle Yuser
Gugle Yuser Prije 4 dana
It's more difficult than Barca come back! This is more like Atletico game. They're very good at scaping the press and find an out ball and hitting us on the counter! And it is mad that after 7-2 loss to Villa we're still getting hurt same exact way! And also mad that other teams haven't used this against us, because the space between Trent and Philips is the weakness to be exploited. And why is every Liverpool player (except Fabinho) lack confidence on the ball? I watched the other game as well and 19 year olds of Dortmund are more fluent, calm and collected on the ball than our senior players! It's as if Klopp trains them on everything except passing! 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Mr. J
Mr. J Prije 4 dana
Who would've thought that Jordan Henderson would be such a big big miss for liverpool, I always liked him but before klopp, people just made fun of him non stop.
paraffinalien Prije 4 dana
Sadio mane total decline in his form been terrible since the chelsea we have lost are consistency Big-time,para
J H Prije 4 dana
You lot will definitely win the home am game and progress to the next round. Don’t worry about it.
CARLOS RUIZ Prije 4 dana
Hala Madrid! Y nada más......
michael robinson
michael robinson Prije 4 dana
The difference with the Barcelona was that we played well and were unlucky not to score. There wasn’t enough in this game to say we can complete a turnaround. Normally I’m optimistic but that first half performance is going to take some fixing.
Cameron White
Cameron White Prije 4 dana
Never give up We can still do it
#HalaMadrid Prije 4 dana
You can’t compate benz to firmino😂🤦‍♂️
wonderful human being with a great character
wonderful human being with a great character Prije 3 dana
@#HalaMadrid Jota is still young mate and has time to ahine
#HalaMadrid Prije 4 dana
@wonderful human being with a great character add them both together they won’t even come half of benzema 😂
wonderful human being with a great character
wonderful human being with a great character Prije 4 dana
Currently Jota is better than Firmino man
Andrew Henry
Andrew Henry Prije 4 dana
Firmino and thiago were obvious starters for me, big game players
J S Prije 4 dana
Klopp gets it wrong again , he is cooked, out of ideas , tactically lost.And the players are playing accordingly . No depth . Just shite. It was a great 2 years and ok up to Xmas .
Bu Ridah
Bu Ridah Prije 4 dana
The clubs reaction to finishing 7th and getting knocked out in the Q finals ? Signing players from the championship
Bu Ridah
Bu Ridah Prije 4 dana
Yen Hung
Yen Hung Prije 4 dana
what a major thing is to reform the def line so poor
Adan Somali
Adan Somali Prije 4 dana
Mane played his worst game since joining Liverpool. Trent needs some rest. Let put Milner right back so that he can go hard for Vici. Thiago slows down our midfielder. I think it’s time chamberlain to play so that we can have extra attacking player that can score.
Divyansh Shukla
Divyansh Shukla Prije 4 dana
People saying Vinicius is having a bad season . Yeah he is having trouble scoring. But against Atlanta also he played like prime Ronaldo. Dribbled past whole Atalanta team
Swanand Soman
Swanand Soman Prije 4 dana
Overconfidence of our FanBase is absolutely baffling.. Thought Madrid would be easy
Ackky Prije 4 dana
Mane has lost the plot completely. Had me screaming release the ball so many times at my tv today and this season in general. Just want this season to end already. Have a proper transfer window and come back strong next year. It’s just sad now
Ahmed Elazab
Ahmed Elazab Prije 4 dana
Because he can’t imagine releasing the ball and seeing salah score goals . It is a sad fact . Everybody at Liverpool football club seemed to ignore this all season long but now they woke up.
R K Prije 4 dana
Real Madrid was superior in all might be 7-1 score if they taken chances.liverpool was completely destroy by Real Madrid...if real Madrid even score one away goal they will progress easily..mostly Liverpool.was outplayed by long balls ... Chelsea Vs Real Madrid as 2012 we played Spanish team in semifinal..God 🙏 with us ... Chelsea 💪 all the way.Come on chelsea 😋 2012 -2021😏Blues
-- Prije 4 dana
That Jota goal sums up Klopps tactics. We just have to pray the ball bounces our way or the other team makes a mistake or we just won’t score. Out of both cups early (again) Last 16 last year last 8 this year won’t be in it next year. 20+ points off top. van Dijk returning isn’t changing THAT much.
-- Prije 4 dana
We can still have a parade this season after Wijnaldum fucks off. About 15 others we have here or on loan than can follow.
mae Prije 4 dana
Who ever thinks phillips is not fit for this are fkn deluded. Him n kabak were our best players.. I dont blame phillips for that venicious goal.. i blame TAA for both.. TAA should know better. Why in the fk he is too far away from phillips and did not made the run early. If he sees kroos arms getting ready for that long pass. Guess what TAA you fkn run.. gary Neville was spot on. TAA is not a defender he dont think as a defender.. he was shite on today.. Poor, poor attitude.. KABAK N PHILLIPS ME MOTM..
Slotty Murse
Slotty Murse Prije 4 dana
The worst performance I’ve seen Gini in a red shirt.
mae Prije 4 dana
Mane, mane was manhandled by modrics.. twice.. WTF???
wonderful human being with a great character
wonderful human being with a great character Prije 4 dana
Modrić is one of the best midfielders in the world and he didn't accidentally win Ballon d'Or.
mae Prije 4 dana
No return no surrender. We need to come out like our lives depend on it.. Henderson is highly miss.. FIRST HALF.. WTF?? THEY WERE WALKING.. tony kross had light years to pass them long balls.. jota missed on putting pressure.. Madrid will have 2 games before they play us again. They play Barca and other then us.. we need to fkn run, run, pressure, pressure..
Adrian Pulido
Adrian Pulido Prije 4 dana
We only play Barça before you
Bobby Prije 4 dana
Paul’s lack of frustration is frustrating for someone whose ENTIRE existence is surrounded by Liverpool FC .. But good on you Paul for keeping cool 👍
Andros C
Andros C Prije 4 dana
Stay calm and cool. This is the only way that Liverpool know how to win the CL.
Connor R
Connor R Prije 4 dana
We gave thier midfield way to much time on the ball. Klopp will learn from that and hopefully have a game plan for next Wednesday.
Connor R
Connor R Prije 4 dana
@Maths Debator i never said we gave them the ball, I said that had too much space and time on the ball, the first goal is a perfect example.
Maths Debator
Maths Debator Prije 4 dana
Madrid got the ball with counter pressing. Nobody 'gave' them the ball. You cant press modric and Kroos.
el mask
el mask Prije 4 dana
Hala madrid. It was to be expected .
Quang Minh
Quang Minh Prije 4 dana
We always seem to struggle when playing against Real
wonderful human being with a great character
wonderful human being with a great character Prije 4 dana
Except in 2009, but that's surely got smth to do with Rafa's tactics. Rafa is deffo a better tactician than Klopp
notthis prickagain
notthis prickagain Prije 4 dana
You are very honest fairplay.
kay 2
kay 2 Prije 4 dana
Too open for the first goal and Alison becker must take the blame for the 2 goals. Poor keeping.
Godfrey Reid
Godfrey Reid Prije 4 dana
If madrid score 1 or 2 goals liverpool are done.😳😳
Walk it, like i talk it.
Walk it, like i talk it. Prije 4 dana
It's quite over for us. So many unlucky events. I can't take another heartbreak!
IndependentScot C
IndependentScot C Prije 4 dana
It was Klopps mistake is what it was! He made a huge mistake starting Keita against a team like Real Madrid when he hadn't started in how long? Huge mistake from Klopp. Should have been Thiago or Milner all day long.. or even Jones before Keita. That being said, Madrid just wanted it more. They fought harder, they were more inventive and deserved it.
Real Madrid
Real Madrid Prije 4 dana
You guys got humbled and i love it like i said technical football defeats running like a headless chicken all nigth long We schooled you guys The disrespect kroos,modric and Casemiro got before the match "they will get outrun by liverpool Mid 3" loool World class players dont have to run like headless chicken and today you arrogant Reds saw that you guys could not even get close to kroos and modric😂😂 we bullied and mauled you liverpool this is what you get for disrespecting us Enjoy your last days in the ucl cuz next season you guys are going to join Arsenal in the EUL 😂😂😂
wonderful human being with a great character
wonderful human being with a great character Prije 4 dana
At least we have a higher chance to win Europa League 😉
Mark Kavanagh
Mark Kavanagh Prije 4 dana
Do we rest players against villa?
Ali Habibi
Ali Habibi Prije 4 dana
We got outplayed by Madrid
andy mok
andy mok Prije 4 dana
This season is in to shake off the plastic fans :) rain or shine, YNWA.
john vasey
john vasey Prije 4 dana
Keita will never be good enough. Add to the fire sale in the summer
StuTheBru me
StuTheBru me Prije 4 dana
Nabie did nothing, made us only 10 men
Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart Prije 4 dana
Guess Chelsea's playing real Madrid after all 😄😄😄😄💙💙💙
wonderful human being with a great character
wonderful human being with a great character Prije 4 dana
You lot still have to play Porto, don't be that quick 😊
Football Genius
Football Genius Prije 4 dana
WE humiliated you without ramos varane and carvajal!
wonderful human being with a great character
wonderful human being with a great character Prije 3 dana
@Football Genius *6 not 10. We don't have leaders on the pitch, they're injured for the majority of the season tho
Football Genius
Football Genius Prije 4 dana
@wonderful human being with a great character not like you lot lost like 10 home games in a row and you're sitting at 7th 🤣🤣🤣
wonderful human being with a great character
wonderful human being with a great character Prije 4 dana
@Football Genius Well, not like you lot lost to Levante earlier this season
Football Genius
Football Genius Prije 4 dana
@Nzks s MAJSBHEndj well you can fool yourself all day long if it makes you sleep better 🤣🤣🤣
Nzks s MAJSBHEndj
Nzks s MAJSBHEndj Prije 4 dana
Not really, Liverpool humiliated themselves
Zakariyya Yusuf
Zakariyya Yusuf Prije 4 dana
Origi for the return leg... corner taken quickly..... dreams can come true
L.B Jezzah
L.B Jezzah Prije 4 dana
Nah that was a one off thing mate😂
Adam Prije 4 dana
Arnold cant defend. Fact. The guy has got away with it because of his attacking ability. Im not on some anti trent train but people are in denial he doesnt offer any threat at the back opposition walk by him. We need another rb in summer to either go straight into the team or offer him serious competition.
Adam Prije 4 dana
@jermaine tobin keep those blinders on mate 👍
Luke O'Reilly
Luke O'Reilly Prije 4 dana
Some absolutely unforgivable performances there
sunile doal
sunile doal Prije 4 dana
Wheres Lord Divock when you need him 😔
#OEN_FC # Prije 4 dana
Coach greating
Scousered Prije 4 dana
By the way the players got criticised and rightly so but klopps bizarre decision to start keita over thiago despite him and fabinho forging a brilliant partnership has to also be criticised. Klopp gets unconditional love and support and rightly so but he should not be immune to criticism he has to take responsibility also especially for the first half because keita was hands down the worst player on the pitch he was abysmal and we'll never know but I think thiago starting would of been a different game but I'm not surprised by anything this season and I can't wait for it to end it's been one long fucking nightmare 🤬
Finn Redmond
Finn Redmond Prije 4 dana
I knew this was gonna happen, the over confidence going into this was dillusional
MrUmpaman9 Prije 4 dana
I’ve said it 99 times and I’ll said it 100. Trent is one of the worst defenders in the premier league. His attacking attributes make him an unbelievable PLAYER but as a defender, he is Sunday league-esque
Simon Oliver
Simon Oliver Prije 4 dana
Well let's be honest it could of been a lot worse because if we had not of scored I would give is no chance at all but you never know keep the faith I suppose? I do think it highlights how much we are missing virgil and Gomez and that's no disrespect to kabak and Phillips but they looked a million dollars against arsenal and wolves and this was a level above? A lack of fans at Anfield is a massive loss for us I think?
Nadim Ahmad
Nadim Ahmad Prije 4 dana
I am sick of mane falling down.
Nu-Metalfan 24
Nu-Metalfan 24 Prije 4 dana
We need 2 CB’s, a creative MF, and a CF in the Summer, all need to be starters, not bench players. Gini can go to Barca, and Shaqiri, Ox, Origi, and Keita can all go as well.
Thomas Anderson
Thomas Anderson Prije 4 dana
Add Mane to that
robert randles
robert randles Prije 4 dana
Let’s get a big crowd to gather outside a field and sing all match
Ghost Prije 4 dana
Lmao we’re out let’s face it
Kamal Patro
Kamal Patro Prije 4 dana
Don't do it mate! We're doing well against Covid at the moment and there are always things more important than football in life
EPA 234
EPA 234 Prije 4 dana
Won't work vs Madrid, mate.
CT Prije 4 dana
@Aiden Doherty if it wasn’t for covid there’d be people inside the stadium 🤦‍♂️
Aiden Doherty
Aiden Doherty Prije 4 dana
I’d agree if it wasn’t for covid...
Itzaaron Das
Itzaaron Das Prije 4 dana
mountains are there to climb.
caoimhin shankeysmith
caoimhin shankeysmith Prije 4 dana
Mountains are also there simply to be big
shane stephenson
shane stephenson Prije 4 dana
Writing was on the wall a year ago these players have won their trophies the desire has gone
wonderful human being with a great character
wonderful human being with a great character Prije 4 dana
Someone finally not being deluded. We should've had a better summer spending when we won CL and PL
Jake Howie
Jake Howie Prije 4 dana
I feel like Liverpool could backwards as a club very quickly, like Man United did. The business side is great and much improved under FSG, however if Klopp and Salah leave, it could take a lot of rebuilding again and there aren’t too many managers who could do it. Need a new striker, a least another forward, another CB, RB and midfielder. That’s 4 or 5 starting players.
Tokn Nomad
Tokn Nomad Prije 4 dana
Klopp putting that midfield out cost the game. He has been doing the same stupid shit all season. Philipps is still overrated average trash. He is slow and has incredibly poor footwork. And I have said that from the beginning. He is average at best.
Rodrigo Chalar Arnez
Rodrigo Chalar Arnez Prije 4 dana
No matter what happens next week. It's necessary to change some players...the team's been playing shitty football since winning the premier League. Klopp has a lot of job to do this summer. YNWA
Mas A
Mas A Prije 4 dana
Konate, Botman, Bisoumma, Pedro Goncalves or Pereira from West Brom and Raphinha.
Ghost Prije 4 dana
This to get mid table ?
-- Prije 4 dana
That’s a 6/10 window for West Ham.
Thomas Anderson
Thomas Anderson Prije 4 dana
Tenn Kenobi
Tenn Kenobi Prije 4 dana
LFC have been 💩 for 90% of the season...partly the fault of injuries, and burnout( hangover) and 💩 managing.
Mas A
Mas A Prije 4 dana
I've been saying ever since Coutinho has left, when are we going to buy a attacking midfielder who can actually shoot from outside the box? I don't want to keep hearing we don't need one.
Adam Prije 4 dana
Because its not klopps type of player mate. Why do you think wijnaldum doesnt score for us but scores for fun for holland? Klopp loves a good defensive work horse midfield hes no interest in the coutinhos of the world
Jake Howie
Jake Howie Prije 4 dana
Yeah Mane was awful, tripping over his own feet and complaining for a free kick...get on with the game man! Also why not bring on Bobby Firmino sooner when we went 3-1 down? Klopp’s decision making is getting stupid. Keita instead of Thiago against a ball playing Madrid? Gini also terrible in the first half. The only players that played well were Salah and Robertson. But we all know Salah will be leaving at the end of the season, he is now too good for this average looking side. Real Madrid PSG or Bayern will be calling.
Thomas Anderson
Thomas Anderson Prije 4 dana
Let him go. Major overhaul needed.
Mo R
Mo R Prije 4 dana
Robbo and mane fan favourites can’t do owt wrong in their eyes 😂 blame always on Trent and Salah and no wonder Salah wants to leave. Fan base is a joke jus like How Madrid fans hated cr7. Salah worse season stil better than mane best. And now towards end of season people criticise mane.
Kamarie birdman
Kamarie birdman Prije 4 dana
@Mo R respect yours views. But Madrid is the biggest club in history so playing there comes with all that.... An Madrid is not the only club where fans boo their players
Mo R
Mo R Prije 4 dana
@Kamarie birdman we all know how toxic real fans are call it hatred or not. As a player gettin booed from ur own fans is just a joke and tha jus facts esp when ur performing at the level them players were
Kamarie birdman
Kamarie birdman Prije 4 dana
@Mo R doesn't mean hate bro Zidane got boo Iker got boo that comes from frustration when they know u could bring more to the team.. But that's my view u have yours
Mo R
Mo R Prije 4 dana
@Kamarie birdman lol ur joking right ? Must be deaf hearing how many boos he used to get from his own fans
Kamarie birdman
Kamarie birdman Prije 4 dana
False. Stop spread fake shit Madrid fans love an appropriate cr7
Mark Doherty
Mark Doherty Prije 4 dana
Pep and others have said that Liverpool over the past few seasons are the best team ever without the ball which is a massive compliment. The energy levels, for whatever reason, have dropped significantly this season and Liverpool, IMO, don't keep the ball well enough to be able to dominate games. This Madrid team are nothing special but they bossed the majority of the game tonight with slick passing and movement. Too many Liverpool players off their game yet again.
stevendchu Prije 4 dana
Well an easy reason to spot is condensed schedule + lack of rotation + lack of rest. Look at our left side which has been abject for months now. Mane hasn't had a proper summer break in 3 years and looks completely out of confidence. GIni & Robbo start almsot every game and played all 3 internationals as well over the recent break. Klopp REALLY needs to drop them vs Villa for their own sake. Continuing to play them will just further diminish their fitness and confidence
Haziq Khan
Haziq Khan Prije 4 dana
Vinicius has been awful for them this season and we made him look like prime ronaldo!
Hamza ADIB
Hamza ADIB Prije 3 dana
@Ghost wtf stop mixing haters with real madrid fans im a real madrid fan and i love liverpool i watch all their games we don't hate you or anything we were just better that night but we know how good you can be especially at anfield believe me we will be very cautious go watch zidane's conference we don't want to be another loserlona case XD
Ghost Prije 4 dana
They are literally laughing at us lmao. Real Madrid must think Liverpool are such a shit team with a very soft underbelly
Kamarie birdman
Kamarie birdman Prije 4 dana
@Midori Channel and Madrid won their group 🤣🤣
Andros C
Andros C Prije 4 dana
Liverpool played like Arsenal. The difference is that Klopp is not “”shocked”. Bad referee
Midori Channel
Midori Channel Prije 4 dana
How lucky is it for Real Madrid..they barely survived the group stage which not even a tough group to begin with and then went on to get Atalanta at the round of 16 and now having the luxury to face this terrible Liverpool team..Porto would've put up a better fight...
k k
k k Prije 4 dana
Sort of happy I fell asleep before the game.
Dhawal Varkhedkar
Dhawal Varkhedkar Prije 4 dana
lucky you
Balal Rehman
Balal Rehman Prije 4 dana
Hey Paul hope you doing well? Not good game we didn't play good enough from the first half letting two goals second half pick up played better Salah goal then letting third goal Alisson his best defence had no clue Everyone was rubbish Mane summer transfer Klopp need another forward striker let's see what they do in the second leg need a miracle LFC ynwa
Mason J
Mason J Prije 4 dana
Thought u guys were the Best team ever hahahahahahahahaha
ngeetheng Prije 4 dana
Notice how everytime we beat Arsenal, the next match we turned to shit and lose! Shocking performance today!We looked like a side levels below the big guns in the UCL. Tactically found out, everything we tried to do Madrid dealt with easily and their experience exposed us big time. Slow, no creativity, physically outmatched! Individual errors added salt to the wound.
ngeetheng Prije 4 dana
@wonderful human being with a great character yeah and in the previous seasons we lost 2-0 to Burnley, 5-1 and 2-1 to City after beating Arsenal too😂😂😂
wonderful human being with a great character
wonderful human being with a great character Prije 4 dana
Yep, remember the last time we played Arsenal and got spanked by Villa later
James Kelly
James Kelly Prije 4 dana
Only need to win 2-0
AK Centz. Accents
AK Centz. Accents Prije 4 dana
They have Barca in 4 days, then us 4 days later. Early goal, search for one more, frustrate them a bit
B net
B net Prije 3 dana
True. You never know, early goal and we all will be edge of our seat.
Gugle Yuser
Gugle Yuser Prije 4 dana
I hope so! I mean with that garbage performance, I guess there's a lot of room to improve. But knowing their style of football, it'll be more like the Atletico game than Barca game!
Night King
Night King Prije 4 dana
They will go against Barcelona full of confidence though. Knowing how Madrid play in big games I can see them win. Two wins in a row will be enough confidence to counter against Liverpool’s home advantage.
Dhawal Varkhedkar
Dhawal Varkhedkar Prije 4 dana
anfield is a joke nowadays lol we ain't winnin shit
Ghost Prije 4 dana
Lmao you aware of our record at Anfield yeah. Anfield is a playing ground for rivals this season. Real Madrid will have fun
Cliff Milne
Cliff Milne Prije 4 dana
The result at home to Villa this coming weekend will determine on how they will they will play against Madrid
-- Prije 4 dana
@wonderful human being with a great character It's not about professionalism, theres a big mentality problem but its a lack of quality more than anything. Look at Mane this season and Robertson the last few months, Klopp has run them into the ground and ruined them.
wonderful human being with a great character
wonderful human being with a great character Prije 4 dana
If there is any professionalism in our squad, they should beat Aston Villa to stop us form getting the lowest lows in history of LFC
Ghost Prije 4 dana
Can see Villa and Madrid winning tbh
-- Prije 4 dana
We’ll play dross like Jones, Milner and Neco and lose our 7th in a row at home.
Ian Guitarman
Ian Guitarman Prije 4 dana
Why does Klopp continue with 4-3-3? Anyone? Anyone? Look at what happened second half vs Arsenal when we changed to 4-2-3-1 ZZ tactically ruined us because Klopp is so predictable atm. We cannot continue with 4-3-3 without first choice CB's Gutted. Also no idea how Thiago goes from one of the best players I've seen to compete mediocrity in 4 months. Mental.
Ian Guitarman
Ian Guitarman Prije 4 dana
@Midori Channel 1. My point was the formation and predictability. 2. I didn't place ANY direct blame to Thiago for this defeat. 3. Nobody can convince me that Thiago is the same player who started the season. Shocking
Midori Channel
Midori Channel Prije 4 dana
You make me laugh..Thiago played for Bayern last season with better players and they played 4231 not the same as this Liverpool team at can anyone blame Thiago when he didn't even start.. blame the manager, tactics, formation, etc...but I guess it's easy to just blame it on Thiago, he should've stayed at Bayern...
THE STREETS Prije 4 dana
Mane should be sold in the summer
EndofDays **
EndofDays ** Prije 4 dana
I think Gini has run his race and this game confirmed that TAA CAN NOT play in defence move him to the midfield right, the midfield needs refreshing anyway.
THE STREETS Prije 4 dana
Klopp got it all wrong. Putting on keita when thiago been playing so well with fab, taking off jota when mane was doing fuck all.. Embarassing
stevendchu Prije 4 dana
I know everyone (fans and media alike) will shit on Trent but for me, the midfield deserves as much blame! ZERO intensity in our pressing, allowed Kroos and Modric to run the game. Look at the first two goals, Kroos has all the time in the world to play those great balls over the top! More giveaways than a food bank! Casemiro showed Fabinho why he's not a starter for Brazil. Only good thing Gini did all night was drive forward in the build up to our goal. Other than that, dreadful! Blocking your own TEAMMATES passes, and not giving Trent or Robbo any defensive cover. Naby absolutely dropped a dumpster fire performance, embarrassing himself and Klopp. I hate to say it but I think he may have lost Klopp's trust after this. Also someone please tell Mane he's ALLOWED TO SHOOT from outside the box, instead of jsut dwelling on the ball and trying to dribble past everyone!
O'Brien Denis
O'Brien Denis Prije 4 dana
Not starting Thiago is criminal
O'Brien Denis
O'Brien Denis Prije 4 dana
@The Duck or Klopp should've subbed him off after we score 3 against Arsenal
The Duck
The Duck Prije 4 dana
I can understand it. He looked leggy when he came in but still performed decently. I imagine the only reason he was left out was because he needed a rest after the Arsenal game. Would’ve rathered to throw Jones in though instead of Keita
lemon tree
lemon tree Prije 4 dana
If Trent didn't make that mistake we would still be in this,(all the back 4 was shit tonight) but I would say its over now. Our defending is shocking. We can't keep the ball. And our attacking only comes from crosses. If we had fans at anfield I would still be confident but not so confident now. We need Van Dijk and Gomez back. And three world class signings in the summer. One being another centre back. It is as simple as that. We are crying out for a Coutinho type player from midfield.
barry colmer
barry colmer Prije 4 dana
Listen, too much respect afforded tonight but can we win 2-0 at home??? absolutely, especially this season so lets get on this and send out positivity
Emiliano Silveiro
Emiliano Silveiro Prije 4 dana
I think we can win definately but the thing is to not concede a single goal ? That’s going to be tough
barry colmer
barry colmer Prije 4 dana
@Ghost lol, good point. I was a little tanked when I wrote that lol! I think what I was trying to say was that if we really go at them and play aggressively, like against Arsenal, then we have a chance. I don't rate this Madrid side too much, although they were very good last night. Fingers crossed and of course we have a chance!
Ghost Prije 4 dana
Especially this season ? You are aware Liverpool have lost 6 in a row at home 😂 we stand no chance
steve cambridge
steve cambridge Prije 4 dana
Has Robertson made a forward pass this season? He’s starting to look like the championship player we thought we’d signed a few years ago. Mane just looks like a guy who doesn’t know how to play football and he’s looked that way all season. Gini is clearly leaving, yet he gets the captain band? Someone needs to explain that one to me. Kieta, as I’ve always said is simply not good enough, and he doesn’t look particularly bothered either. At some point we’re gonna need to decide if Trents attributes going forward outweigh his complete inability to defend. Not impressed with Klopp tonight either... again.
YA10 _
YA10 _ Prije 4 dana
Should have started firmino over jota would have been better has a sub in the 60 min, Thiago should have started over keita as well
christine westgarth
christine westgarth Prije 4 dana
To be fair to Robertson mane has been absolutely shite all season the link up play down that left has gone largely because of how shite mane has been.
james tse
james tse Prije 4 dana
The score could be higher for Real Madrid the first goal the pass from kroos was sublime and the control and the goal was just fantastic Liverpool had no answer
Matthew M
Matthew M Prije 4 dana
Trent : Cross and Inshallah
Allah with me never be deprived
Allah with me never be deprived Prije 4 dana
Are u a muslim?
Anthony Clegg
Anthony Clegg Prije 4 dana
Liverpool were tired sloppy ~ real Madrid will be tired sloppy ynwa
Ruth Hughes
Ruth Hughes Prije 4 dana
That was awful but even tho we lost I still believe we can comeback YNWA ❤️
Ghost Prije 4 dana
Lmao we’re dusted
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