Rating Thiago's Season So Far

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Rating Thiago's Season So Far
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With Liverpool on a 3 week football hiatus before the end of season run in, our panel assesses the squad’s performances so far. Who has been good and who needs to step up to help the Reds turn their season around?
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La Quiff
La Quiff Prije 8 dana
The boy is shit
B Mike78
B Mike78 Prije 14 dana
I like him. He’s had an unbelievably tough situation to deal with this season and he just gets on with it. Not to mention his sublime talent.
Cameron Clark Carlton TV
Cameron Clark Carlton TV Prije 14 dana
Nike apparently just released some Satan trainers with real human blood. No wonder our form has dived since we signed with them. Money Launders as main sponsor, human rights abusers as kit sponsors now releasing satanic shoes. Couldn’t make it up.
Dylan Fletcher
Dylan Fletcher Prije 15 dana
When Thiago came in against Everton and played with Hendo and Fab, he was outstanding because he had the foundations around him and didn't have to worry so much about the defensive work. He was brought into the team to split defences open with his passing or playing that pass before the assist, like he did against Everton for the wrongfully disallowed goal. When you look at him for Bayern, he had Kimmich, one of the best defensive midfielders in the world or Goretzka who is just a running machine. When he came back from injury our team had been dismantled by injuries and looked a completely different team he came back into. He was asked to do jobs like playing in DM that he wasn't clearly brought into do. We have seen an improvement in his performances since Fab has gone back into DM and Thiago and Gini have been deployed in front of him (who would have thought it ey). That being said, he isn't immune to criticism. In some games he hasn't been good enough for his standards alone and I think some of us expected better. But we need to cut him some slack, it is his first season in English football and we all know form past experiences that it can take some players a season to get up to speed and familiar with Klopp's system. So I think it is harsh to judge him this season and blame him as one of the reasons why Liverpool have been poor. When everyone is back next season is when you can start looking at him properly and I think next season you'll see a much better Thiago.
a b
a b Prije 15 dana
Cant stand that knob end actor
J Prije 15 dana
Anyone thats not stupid knows we cant judge Thiago off of this season
AA-RON Prije 15 dana
Liverpool YNWA
Liverpool YNWA Prije 15 dana
Som Dutta
Som Dutta Prije 15 dana
Joe Thompson
Joe Thompson Prije 15 dana
I’d say 6/10. Feel a bit bad for him it’s v difficult to come in and play well considering how awful the team have been. When the team played well he was injured. Put Thiago in Liverpool over last 3 years he plays world class. Next season if we’re back to where we want then he should be great
Emmett Russell
Emmett Russell Prije 16 dana
Let's just hope we can win a few games for the next few weeks.
Rich 03
Rich 03 Prije 16 dana
No crowds No full fit team Pandemic Different role Injury I'd say he's done great 💪C+
83 Smith
83 Smith Prije 16 dana
Chelsea were down to ten men during those 45 minutes
David Quigley
David Quigley Prije 16 dana
C 😂😂😂😂😂😂 he's been dogshit
David Quigley
David Quigley Prije 16 dana
I'm hearing a lot of excuses. He's been one of our worst players this season. What's he contributed? Absolutely nothing
Fede Wesley
Fede Wesley Prije 16 dana
Micky mouse player. Xhaka better
larsraum Prije 16 dana
Commenting before I've seen the video. But I'm sure Thiago has suffered a lot from us having such a ridiculous injury issue. Imagine if we have the right back four, and Hendo and Fabinho playing in the best position. I think if we could have slotted him into that midfield, we wouldn't be talking about him being bad or anything like that
Tom Smith
Tom Smith Prije 16 dana
Impossible to tell he's not had enough game time, on occasions he's shown signs but it's difficult at present.
James Harper
James Harper Prije 16 dana
I'm sorry but it's a D from me. He's clearly a talented player and in his correct position I'm sure he'll be fine, but he's been so frustrating to watch this season. Sloppy is the word that comes to mind, his tackling has been reckless and he's needlessly given away too many crucial fouls and balls. He seems like a hybrid of Gini and Hendo, with better passing but worse tackling and pressing. Where Hendo seems to be able to play everywhere and pull the team up a level. Tiago feels like a luxury who probably wouldn't be in the first choice starting eleven if everyone was fit. No throwing the baby out with the bathwater tho. Perfectly happy to let him settle in and show his quality but so far this season he's not made the standards I'm sure he's capable of. And I'm sure he would feel the same. Let's just hope this is not another Keira where the man doesn't match the hype.
BraceDeville Prije 16 dana
Thiago has been a disappointment.... no one can argue that but I'm sure he can improve.
Dosui Prije 16 dana
@BraceDeville thats the thing I nvr said hes been great 😂😂 but saying he's been bad or disappointing especially when he tops most of our chats just isnt true at all I give him 6.5-7 Other websites gave him higher and I can see why
BraceDeville Prije 16 dana
@Dosui I may be clueless but you're in denial. He's been bang average at best so far. Like I said when I started this, I feel like he can improve. You must think he doesn't need to.
Dosui Prije 16 dana
@BraceDeville thiago more keypasses than any of our midfielders more defensive action than anyone at liverpool 4 more dribbles most pressures from midfield Your actually clueless 😂😂 i could go on and on you just have a hatred for thiago and thats clear to see thiago has been playing DM all season and your like @Unless you think his no goals or assists in 15 matches are on par with this world class player as if thiago has been brought in for goals 😅😅😅 if u literally look at his stats you can clearly see why your dead ass wrong if your too lazy i cann link a vid smh
BraceDeville Prije 16 dana
@Dosui Yes....he has. Unless you think his no goals or assists in 15 matches are on par with this world class player. Other then being consistent in picking up yellow cards he hasn't really contributed fuck all mate.
Dosui Prije 16 dana
no he hasn't lmao
davewood1982 Prije 16 dana
Don't necessarily get the tackling criticism leveled towards Thiago, it drives me fucking nuts that Trent regularly pulls out of tackles and aerial duel's
Mighty Red
Mighty Red Prije 16 dana
Just joined the family under MightyRed , been watching you lads for so many years and I think you’re content is absolutely quality . The only real Liverpool Site . Up the reds 🥊
Gerard o'leary
Gerard o'leary Prije 16 dana
I'd get rid personally, he's just not suited to hussle and bustle of pl
-- Prije 16 dana
Play him in a 2 with Fabinho or Henderson we dont need both, one of Fab/Henderson beside one of Thiago/Keita. Gini is off and Milner 150k a week is stealing a living. Let Firmino/Ox/Jones play as the 10 until the end of the season then bring in a new goalscoring midfielder.
Daimon J
Daimon J Prije 16 dana
Trent and Mane have played far worse than Thiago this season
Dosui Prije 16 dana
thiago more keypasses than any of our midfielders more defensive action than anyone at liverpool more dribbles i could go on and on you just have a hatred for thiago and thats clear to see
HXGX666 Prije 16 dana
Luis Suarez back to Liverpool? Thoughts?? I think he can bag the goals for us even in his older state.
TheRedGuy8 Prije 16 dana
For the time being I'd rather he played our UCL games while we play Jones and Keita more often in the league. Once this season is over then we can give Thiago a proper pre-season bar any injuries and our injured players will be back.
Eoin Nisharrig
Eoin Nisharrig Prije 17 dana
keegan773 Prije 17 dana
He’s getting better as we get over the dreadful slump. He just needs to NOT get booked so often.
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre Prije 17 dana
Boring boring international We just haven't seen best of Thiago yet, we probably won't see best of him until next season. When we get a fully fit squad together. At minute he's in middle of 5 out of 10
grim jimbo
grim jimbo Prije 17 dana
Been a bit of a let down tbf.Fernandes has been a better signing for the manc shite sad to say.
Andrew Gilmore
Andrew Gilmore Prije 17 dana
One of the worst signings we've ever made. Truly awful player who's only still playing because of his profile and shirt sales
Dosui Prije 16 dana
thiago more keypasses than any of our midfielders more defensive action than anyone at liverpool more dribbles i could go on and on you just have a hatred for thiago and thats clear to see
Keith Flick
Keith Flick Prije 17 dana
Dave Barlow
Dave Barlow Prije 17 dana
The irony is you are all holding the L
A J Prije 17 dana
He looks much more at home in the Champions League and I expect him and Fab to boss that Madrid midfield he just needs to get used to those low blocks and getting such little time on the ball.
Carl G1997
Carl G1997 Prije 17 dana
D. It can’t be anything else. Passable so far.. hopefully with Fabinho alongside him anchoring, this will shoot up and he can have a great ending to the season
J2ck Prije 17 dana
4 / 10
J2ck Prije 16 dana
@Dosui Fair does tbf its been a shocking season for most if not all the players hopefully see the best of him and everyone else next season.. when he gets player of the year next season make sure you come back and slate me 😆
Dosui Prije 16 dana
@J2ck 6.5
J2ck Prije 16 dana
@Dosui Whats your rating for him
Dosui Prije 16 dana
your mad
Christian W
Christian W Prije 17 dana
Had a panic at that little intro riff. Thought I'd ended up elsewhere
hahaheterjag Prije 17 dana
3/10 Last season he was top 5 midfielders in the world, now he’s barley top 5 in Liverpool. With zero injuries he wouldn’t have made the starting XI. Zero end product, way too many fouls against and doesn’t really create anything for his teammates which is the reason he’s here. Our results with him in the starting XI is the worst under Klopp, he was apart of every game in our historic 6 straight losses at home. He still gets a 3 because he’s trying and seems to have passion.
Dosui Prije 16 dana
3/10 LMAO what? thiago more keypasses than any of our midfielders more defensive action than anyone at liverpool more dribbles his duty isnt to create goals and get assist esspecially when hes been playing DM most of the season 😂😂 i could go on and on you just have a hatred for thiago and thats clear to see
Zaid Abraham
Zaid Abraham Prije 17 dana
He's had some excellent games (Chelsea, Everton, Man Utd, Leipzig both legs, Tottenham) and some performances where it seems like he is a liability (like Man City for example).
Daryl Wilkinson
Daryl Wilkinson Prije 17 dana
Grujic has more goals and assists this season than Thiago. The future of our midfield should be Henderson Fabinho Thiago in the premier league then Fabinho Keita Grujic in cup games
Daryl Wilkinson
Daryl Wilkinson Prije 17 dana
@Black Jock LoL you really think Jones is better than Grujic? Have you ever seen Grujic play? Grujic plays like Fabinho and Thiago's love child
Black Jock
Black Jock Prije 17 dana
Grujic is nowhere near first team, league or cup; cold product. Curtis Jones all day long...
the Webster
the Webster Prije 17 dana
Not great Not finished yet Let's have a strong finish YNWA
Aaron T
Aaron T Prije 17 dana
he needs time
Mehta Isn't
Mehta Isn't Prije 17 dana
No assist or chance created
Colin Mc
Colin Mc Prije 17 dana
Thiago has not been good for this team. He has several key weaknesses. First, his defense is atrocious, which takes him out of the 6. Second, he likes playing too slowly and is not good on the counter, which makes him far less effective in the 8. Third, he's not a goal threat and he doesn't make enough incisive passes in the final third, too much of his good passing is in the middle third. Fourth, he doesn't have a good enough engine to play in the 8 on this team. Our 8's are asked to be very industrious. He is not. He really doesn't have a good position on this team. He's more of a 6 type player but can't play it by himself, he really needs to be part of a two man DM and we don't play that way and it would not be effective for this team.
Nana ROGGII Prije 17 dana
100% spot on
kankershaft Prije 17 dana
We can all see his talent and what he can bring to the team, but his clumsiness when tackling must be talked about more. He is always a defensive liability as he is always booked or on the brink of getting booked/sent off every single game.
kiftikhar Prije 16 dana
@Nana ROGGII Thiago the CAM with 0 G/A - shite mate
Nana ROGGII Prije 17 dana
@ComradeOgilvy1984 not even a good CAM for Liverpool. Curtis and keita are much more potent than him upfront.
ComradeOgilvy1984 Prije 17 dana
I love Thiago when he is keep up high. How he wins balls in the opposition half works very well. But he is too sloppy near our own box. Not a good CDM for Liverpool.
Jord Roberts
Jord Roberts Prije 17 dana
He’s not done much wrong beside getting a few yellow cards. We’re starting to see the best of him now with Fabinho back in the six. YNWA
Zaid Abraham
Zaid Abraham Prije 17 dana
He's had a few really bad performances. But it's been more good or average than bad.
ComradeOgilvy1984 Prije 17 dana
My only gripe against Thiago is he is a poor CDM for Liverpool's style of play. His tackling is too sloppy in or near our box. But he wins ball high well enough, and he is a smart passer. Keep him away from the CDM role and I am very happy. When Fabinho is playing CDM, Thiago looks very good when he pushes high.
SLM3573 Prije 17 dana
we have seen a much better version of him since Fab is back in the 6, I think he needs to still stop the high lunges and late challenges as he is picking up almost a card a game. We need his passing range with low block teams. I hope we have now a stable back 2 and can have our first choice midfield back so lets see how he does for the rest of the season to judge better
Philip Prije 17 dana
When a talented player consistently drops down through club levels (in terms of stature), you knows there’s a mentality issue
John Winterburn
John Winterburn Prije 17 dana
"The treatment room looks like the Somme" 🤣🤣🤣. Get this guy on regularly. Fucking brilliant
Ben Erdelyi
Ben Erdelyi Prije 17 dana
He is my favourite midfielder in the world and I think he has been really good. Come and hate me lol
Atikur Rahman
Atikur Rahman Prije 17 dana
I'd say 6-6.5 to be honest. Not his fault because our midfield has been shot.
Charlie Murphy
Charlie Murphy Prije 17 dana
By the end of the season you’ll be giving him an A*
Aaron Anderson
Aaron Anderson Prije 17 dana
When we bring the press back next season, that’s when we see the best of Thiago.
Dr G Jenkins
Dr G Jenkins Prije 17 dana
Also a sign of the times in that some fans (supposedly) have a downer on him. It was only 5 years ago that we bought Karius and Grujic. Not that I think Grujic is bad. Ya know, there will always be a problem if you let there always be a problem ;)
Captain Thorpe
Captain Thorpe Prije 17 dana
Thiago wreaks of Paul Pogba. It's just accepted that they're world class talents when actually they don't improve the output of the team. They can't do the basics well enough or make the right decisions consistently enough or contribute positively without the ball at their feet. To me they're so similar and shouldn't be trusted in the engine room of a side
Dr G Jenkins
Dr G Jenkins Prije 17 dana
Same kind of bashing that Gini used to / sometimes gets. Must be a good sign. Victim of being neither a hard defender or hard attacker.
Dr G Jenkins
Dr G Jenkins Prije 17 dana
@ComradeOgilvy1984 thank you. Yes, and seeing as he has come in and Gini has gone, it's a huge coincidence isnt it haha.
ComradeOgilvy1984 Prije 17 dana
That is an interesting point. When Gini finally really tuned into Klopp's system circa January 2019, Liverpool started a 15 month running rampage.
Andile Ngidi
Andile Ngidi Prije 17 dana
Honestly speaking this blame Thiago for the season we are have narrative is not only unwarranted but it is also beginning to be irritating. Klopp new exactly what he was getting in Thiago&that was a player to offer us a different way of playing when all teams defend in a low block against us this season. Know one knew that we would lose our two best 1 on 1 defenders, our sitting midfielder (Fab) our enforcer (Hendo) and that our wing backs would have a dip in form both at the same time. Not to mention that Ali has not had a great year either. But no, it’s blame it on the new guy for playing how he has always played.
Gini The Dragon 20
Gini The Dragon 20 Prije 17 dana
LIBURTEY Prije 17 dana
What a shite video
Ciaran Doyle
Ciaran Doyle Prije 17 dana
No doubt Thiago has been world class at Bayern. But a proper world class player can excel regardless of who is around them. They shouldn’t need certain players covering for them. If they’re good enough they’ll perform regardless. Look at Bruno at United. Came into a dog shit side in a new league and hit the ground running. I love Thiago to bits and really want to him to succeed. But to me he just doesn’t seem versatile enough. If he’s good enough, he shouldn’t need perfection around him to excel
Sicario Gamer
Sicario Gamer Prije 17 dana
C minus (so far)
Tukrrjobbs Prije 17 dana
Carragher listening to sky sports idiots then putting down thiago every chance he got... If carragher is doing lfc game I find another channel... Only a moron would think a player like thiago is poor
Tony Jove
Tony Jove Prije 17 dana
Let's be honest he hasn't had a good season. Not being overly critical or judgement Al of him but he just hasn't. Most of the team haven't but even when we were doing well he wasn't a stand out. I'm sure he will do better and is not as bad as boo boys make out but I think any higher than a c+ or B- is just not realistic
Dosui Prije 16 dana
he's actually had a good season just not a great one and his stats prove that
Meme Lord
Meme Lord Prije 17 dana
Didn’t want the club to sign him mainly because of his age and a bit because of his style, but the price tag and reputation did get me excited once the deal was concluded. His first two games were really impressive in what was a full strength side and even his first couple of appearances after injury were ok but other than that he’s been incredibly disappointing, maybe because he’s trying to do too much and feels he has a huge responsibility like you guys say, but maybe because we just don’t suit him? Hard to say at the moment but I’ve been very disappointed with him and it’s hard not to think that he’d be performing better in a side like Barca or City, even when Liverpool are at full strength, and he’s at an age where we can’t really afford for him to take his time to try and settle, but his performances against Leipzig give me hope. At the moment I’d give him a slightly below average 4/10
Zaid Abraham
Zaid Abraham Prije 17 dana
It's no coincidence that so many players have put in disappointing performances this season. The circumstances are difficult with the injury crisis.
Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson Prije 17 dana
We need to wait until everyone’s back to judge him properly
Jim Starr
Jim Starr Prije 17 dana
AGREE! Right now, I'd vote him as "I" for INJURED for too long to be rated.
O'Brien Denis
O'Brien Denis Prije 17 dana
How about we judge him next season instead when the teams back fit and healthy.
Mc Prije 17 dana
Let me put this straight for all deluded fans 1: thiagos a very skillful midfielder also very good at passing is actually our best midfielder passing wise 2: hes come into a liverpool side that has been poor this season 3: he wasnt brought in to score goals or assists 4: what else is he suppose to do how has he been poor ? What are you basing this off
Mc Prije 16 dana
@Nana ROGGII he was brought in to control the midfield the same way rodri does for city rodri is a better tackler than thiago but thiagos a better dribbler and passer
Nana ROGGII Prije 17 dana
@Aaron Patel that's laughable again. Thiago isn't a playmaker. He's just a 6 with a good passing range. At Bayern, Muller was their playmaker and for chance creation and creativity, it was kimmich and Muller. Thiago sat at the back and distributed passes. At Liverpool, Fabinho is better than him in same position (his preferred). At 8 he can't lace keitas boots not to talk about hendo. He's not good attacking wise and defensively. He's good at passing around and is that what you term creativity? Or you're also the pre pre pre assist bunch
Aaron Patel
Aaron Patel Prije 17 dana
@Nana ROGGII creativity. Playmaker. Thought of that or are you just one of them plastic fans?
Nana ROGGII Prije 17 dana
What was he bought to do? Pass the ball around. That's laughable and stupid if that's he's use. Players are bought to impact games. We've never had bad or terrible passers we never lost games because we had players who can't pass. So what was he bought for?
m2coy Prije 17 dana
he loses the ball too much. sloppy in the middle. last game he lost ball 6 times.
Alex L
Alex L Prije 17 dana
Thiago is one of the worst signings this season. 15 games played, 0 goals, 0 assists, 1 shot on target, 8% shot accuracy, 1 big chance created, 33 fouls, 4 yellow cards. With thiago Liverpool won 5 games, drew 3 and lost 7. That is very very poor. 2/10. I would defend him but he is bought to be this world class player that should create a chance from nothing for a win . That is what world class players do. He did fuck all since coming to Liverpool.
Dosui Prije 16 dana
@Tony Jove OK? His defensive stats (except for fouls at least) have been better than anyone since lucas and gerrard at Liverpool His dribble and key passes has been in top 5 of midfielders we had since 2010 His passes speak for its self His pressure are second best to only hendo last season as well Now I'm not saying thiago has been great but saying he's been bad is just not fair at all 6-7 is his season ratings Do a bit of research if you don't believe
Tony Jove
Tony Jove Prije 16 dana
@Dosui and the rest of our midfield has been in defence half the season. comparing him to them doesn't really matter.
Dosui Prije 16 dana
thiago more keypasses than any of our midfielders more defensive action than anyone at liverpool 4 more dribbles i could go on and on you just have a hatred for thiago and thats clear to see hey Moron thiago has been playing DM all season and your like- 15 games played, 0 goals, 0 assists, 1 shot on target, 8% shot accuracy what the hell??? 😂😂😂
Tony Jove
Tony Jove Prije 17 dana
@Captain Thorpe they don't tell the whole story, but they do give a good synopsis
Captain Thorpe
Captain Thorpe Prije 17 dana
I would say stats don't tell the whole story but let's be honest he's been wank
Rhys Owen
Rhys Owen Prije 17 dana
Ngl that intro noise got me thinking I was on another website for a second.
Turk angle 8
Turk angle 8 Prije 17 dana
Think he’s better with Fabinho in the midfield
Dosui Prije 16 dana
@kankershaft this season thiago isn't better than fabs but overall fabinho has nothing against thiago
Kurtho Prije 17 dana
@kankershaft ah that is an easy mistake to make ahah
kankershaft Prije 17 dana
@Turk angle 8 Well, feel free to call me an idiot because I read that as you thought he is better THAN Fabinho.
Turk angle 8
Turk angle 8 Prije 17 dana
@kankershaft do 1
kankershaft Prije 17 dana
Horrible opinion
K B Prije 17 dana
Bit of pointless discussion tbh, thought RedmenTV were slightly better than this. Listen to the John Barnes interview on the Robbie Fowler podcast. Thiago, like Shaqiri is a creative individual whereas the rest of the Liverpool team are one big unit of pretty much the same type of players. Klopp and his team need to decide what type of style of football we want to play. Here’s the link to the clip. John Barnes talking to Robbie Fowler- hrpost.info/history/iZZmhJbSpLSgqqQ/video
Daryl Wilkinson
Daryl Wilkinson Prije 17 dana
The fact that Shaqiri doesn't get more game time is criminal
OTFT Prije 17 dana
I haven’t watched this yet but I just hope they are not trying to use Thiago as a scapegoat!
Mas A
Mas A Prije 17 dana
Dreaming of Haaland in this team, he would thrive off of our fullbacks.
Deadeye1967 Prije 17 dana
Chelsea will offer him more wages and pay a higher fee.
O'Brien Denis
O'Brien Denis Prije 17 dana
@Séamus Mac Gabhainn saw a rumor dortmund were looking for Origi in the summer just incase big clubs went for Haaland this summer
Séamus Mac Gabhainn
Séamus Mac Gabhainn Prije 17 dana
Give them Origi in return. Fair deal
Luke O'Reilly
Luke O'Reilly Prije 17 dana
The yanks wouldnt fork out the cash
Kronic Maths Debater
Kronic Maths Debater Prije 17 dana
He’ll never go Liverpool, clowns like Anfield Agenda with fake news give Liverpool fans false hope.
agniz Prije 17 dana
The "put all the blame on Thiago" thing is ridiculous from some of our fans and pundits. He just needed time to adjust. Every player needs time to adjust, especially when you come to a league where you haven't played before. He also had no pre-season. It has not been easy for him. He got injured as soon as he came. He is improving game by game. You can't expect him to get goals and assists. He has never been that type of player. He may get it once in a while. He is a deep lying playmaker. Remember his pass to Mane v Everton (away) which was wrongly called offside? That was exceptional. Very few can play that type of pass, and especially none of OUR midfielders can. I will tell you a stat that will blow your mind, Thiago plays 8.54 progressive passes [per 90] in the PL, which is only behind Trent in our squad and the BEST in the PL for a midfielder (yes even more than KDB and Bruno). That is why we bought him, to transition the ball from defence to attack quickly. Football just ain't about goals and assists. That is why I was confused when fans were saying that "he slows our game down".🤣 YNWA.
SFAAPK7 Prije 17 dana
@agniz I'm not talking about you. I'm talking about the hoards of Liverpool fans who said that when he joined. The same ones that constantly criticise gini, milner and hendo for not being creative enough. Thiago will get better no doubt but its fine to admit he's been underwhelming this season. It's not his fault but our whole team look slower on the ball than ever. The thing about the attacking midfielder is that klopp will have to then make a long term change in tactics. If he has an attacking midfielder, he then can't put both full backs up. Also breaking down low block defenses rarely works with individual talent alone. It's a collective effort to move the ball quickly enough to get space. If we continue to play like this, that CAM won't change anything
O'Brien Denis
O'Brien Denis Prije 17 dana
@agniz well apparently some experts says so and every think what the experts say make sense so
agniz Prije 17 dana
@O'Brien Denis Yeah, Idk where people got the message that he is the solution to our "creativity" from midfield. When he was he the "creative" force for Bayern last season? It was clearly Muller. Thiago was just told to break the midfield lines with his slick passes.
O'Brien Denis
O'Brien Denis Prije 17 dana
@agniz Finally ! Someone who understands how Thiago works in our team and in the midfield. It's just blatantly stupid to say he slow our games down or what not. Klopp bring him in is to shorten the amount of sideways/backpass we kept on doing last season and the season before that. We usually go for about 6-7 back/sideways passes then the ball will go over the top it's so unnecessary to do that. With him in the midfield he shorten up that passes that we be doing all the time. When he got the ball he's the only one looking to do those line breaking passes and transition it quickly from the other fullbacks to another. I usually defend him from those criticism that he gets but now I'm tired of explaining it to everyone who thinks he slows us down
Séamus Mac Gabhainn
Séamus Mac Gabhainn Prije 17 dana
Spot on bud
Luke Jackson
Luke Jackson Prije 17 dana
I’d probably say a 6/10 but I don’t necessarily think it’s his fault, terrible season terrible performances. We can all see his unbelievable talent
Dest Prije 12 dana
Everyone’s blaming Thiago. But when we get the actual chances we don’t finish. Let’s hope DioGOAL can change that
عاصم الجهني
عاصم الجهني Prije 17 dana
Aiden Clowes
Aiden Clowes Prije 17 dana
Up the reds! 🔴🔴
Come on you Boys in green
Come on you Boys in green Prije 17 dana
Give him time I’d say he’s good he had a good game vs Leipzig
Alfred Solbakken
Alfred Solbakken Prije 17 dana
TG Prije 17 dana
Even better the 2nd time
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Nikad nije kasno - Cela emisija 21 - 04.04.2021.
Nikad nije kasno
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Liverpool v Aston Villa | Uncensored Match Build Up
Olivia Rodrigo - deja vu (Official Video)
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Nikad nije kasno - Cela emisija 21 - 04.04.2021.
Nikad nije kasno
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RC Helicopter Battle | Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect
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HAJDUK vs SLAVEN BELUPO 2:2 (21.kolo, HT Prva liga 20/21)
Hrvatska Nogometna Televizija
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This Made W2S Nearly Cry...
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Highlights Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona (2-1)
LaLiga Santander
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