Keita Gets A 3! | Real Madrid 3-1 Liverpool | Player Ratings

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Prije 5 dana

Keita Gets A 3! | Real Madrid 3-1 Liverpool | Player Ratings
Chris is here with YOUR player ratings after goals from Vinicius Jr and Marco Asensio put Liverpool in a tricky position in their Champions League quarter final tie with Real Madrid.
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Tobbi Dagur
Tobbi Dagur Prije 3 dana
Subbing Keita was fully stupid he was actually playing well hasnt been tought to play deep defence wins the ball high up the field and creates better then every other midfielder it was stupid if he isnt injured
Mr Blink
Mr Blink Prije 3 dana
What surprises me is that central defenders don't drop back when a player is free to make a long pass? It's not rocket sience, no pressure on the ball, drop off! Phillips to blame for the first and third, ballwatching on the last one. He didn't do bad for the rest of the game, but he is a limited player. Kabak a much greater talent. Robbo does one thing wrong all the time, he allows the wide players to the chip ball in. Got to go closer! Klopp stresses it all the time, avoid the crosses!!
Mr Blink
Mr Blink Prije 3 dana
You got it right on Keita. Very smart and good on the ball. To get the best out of him use him as a nr 10. Klopp then need to change tactics a bit and maybe the ultimate formation could be 4-2-3-1?
Aslam Walikom
Aslam Walikom Prije 3 dana
All Liverpool fun they don’t love salah they don’t know the quality of salah
Ahmed Fetouh
Ahmed Fetouh Prije 3 dana
Mane is f u c k ing selfish he doesn't play for teamwork i hate him, he wanted to show the world how can he play to get a big contract from big club. And he is fucking id io t playing like a kid street football and he can't do it as well as he want he isn't neymar He didn't play for win
Colin Mc
Colin Mc Prije 3 dana
Is mane suffering from post covid syndrome still? Just trying to find a way to explain his atrocious play all year.
Sam N Edu Medja
Sam N Edu Medja Prije 3 dana
Man don't sugarcoat this display, they were awful!!! They looked scared, all of them. They feared a weak Real Madrid team. I hope they show up in the second leg.
Iain King
Iain King Prije 4 dana
Got to cut our losses on Keita, Klopp waited ages to get him and isn't he our 3rd most expensive signing ever? Three years now and still he continues to unimpress, hopefully come summer we have a shake up of the squad. Midfield was woeful last night.
Axolotl Prije 4 dana
Kabak was easily the best player for Liverpool that game
Aaron T
Aaron T Prije 4 dana
klopp should have subbed naby at HT, he exposed him to criticism
Jordy LAD
Jordy LAD Prije 4 dana
Gini could of easily got a 3 from that first half too. Not fair on keita at all everyone was shite.
A C Prije 4 dana
Phillips at this level wasn’t really gonna work was it
Pete Prije 4 dana
Any “fans” being racist to our players are NOT fans. Get the fuck out of our club. 100% not tolerated
gary1961 Prije 4 dana
Against Arsenal, many players were getting 10 / 10. After this shit-show, the total score for the whole side wouldn't reach 10. It was fucking beyond awful.
glorilyss Prije 4 dana
Enough already.....Gini, since Christmas, has been at best missing, at worse, detrimental. Klopp over-uses him. Good luck at Barca....
Pulse Prije 4 dana
Keita has barely played football all season I can't understand why he was put in the starting 11 for a game of this level he is always going to be off the pace
Wresker Prije 4 dana
Mane has stunk all season, not a threat anymore. Coupled with "one foot Robbo" that left side is a joke this season....
Arsenal K
Arsenal K Prije 4 dana
Klopp has lost the dressing room. It has been building up. Mane and Salah hate each other on the pitch.
Wresker Prije 4 dana
Tsimikas has more offensive ability, deserves a start over clueless uncreative Robbo....overrated!!!!
Ioannis Georgiadis
Ioannis Georgiadis Prije 4 dana
it is peaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak
ft f
ft f Prije 4 dana
Trent deserved a 2....absolutely pathetic
FCH Prije 4 dana
Totally Agree.
Daniel Frosh
Daniel Frosh Prije 4 dana
Much as Keita shouldn't have started, thought it was poor from Klopp to take him off just before halftime and humiliate him like that. Could have waited 3 mins and done it.
Daniel Frosh
Daniel Frosh Prije 4 dana
@No Commentary Gaming agree he was awful and needed to come off, couldnt believe what I was watching regarding the whole team in the first half! I was thinking more man management wise from Klopp it would be damaging for Keita, but then again you are right these are elite footballers in a very important game..have to be mentally strong to bounce back.
Joe Thompson
Joe Thompson Prije 4 dana
The form of Mané is concerning. I can understand bad games - everyone has them. But it’s been pretty much the whole season he’s been like he was last night. And it’s affecting Robertson and the front three. I don’t know how/when or even if Mané will get back to his best but we’ve really needed him this season and he’s let us down a lot, as much as I’ve loved him for the last few years.
Joe Thompson
Joe Thompson Prije 4 dana
The thing that concerns me (especially with the likes of Gini) is that their hearts just don’t look in it anymore. It’s like they have lost hope and trust into Klopp and this project. Their third goal summed it up - Gini and Trent both just stood there like they can’t be bothered.
CARLOS RUIZ Prije 4 dana
The secret: Kroos, Casemiro and Modric. The best mildfield the last 10 years
robert randles
robert randles Prije 4 dana
lets get outside anfield and sing our team to victory
Ryan Hitchcock
Ryan Hitchcock Prije 4 dana
Sorry to say Naby is done at Liverpool. He's too flat footed. Time to move him on
Miriam Kavanagh
Miriam Kavanagh Prije 4 dana
Junior was always going to be their most dangerous player with his pace. When we play Wolves we always have two players on Toure with his pace. Trent was left totally exposed because Keita offered no protection.
TS4HD Prije 4 dana
Allowing Wijnaldum to captain our club when he's fucking off in 2 months time is absolutely disgraceful. He has no passion or leadership skills, he doesn't shout, he doesn't get on the players backs. Giving him the captains armband is what kills his game.
David Duroshola
David Duroshola Prije 4 dana
Sadly not good enough overall. Disappointing from Trent Alexander-Arnold, poor from Naby Keita, only good performance was Salah. Let's shift our focus to Aston Villa.
ConrrHD Prije 4 dana
Sadio was meant to get a 1. 48 votes for 1 47 for 4
lemon tree
lemon tree Prije 4 dana
We need four top class signings in the summer. A top defender Konate from Leipzig looks a good option alongside Virgil. Need to replace Gini Ox and Origi with quality. The team needs help. Its been the same team for like four years. Rotation needed.
George Corley
George Corley Prije 4 dana
Can we all just accept that Naby is bang average at best
apollomakingbeats Prije 4 dana
If trent get 4 then Philips should be 3 .. 5 are you crazy
Ghost Prije 4 dana
Gini was shocking, embarrassing performance
Shyne Sharif
Shyne Sharif Prije 4 dana
Robertson is a shadow of the player he was last season.
Hugh White
Hugh White Prije 4 dana
They all are
Anthony Monaghan
Anthony Monaghan Prije 4 dana
Robertson has played the most minutes of any Liverpool player this season. On top of that he has captained Scotland. He is always well and truly in the game, he gives it all he has got, but he's a man not a machine. The level of sheer physical stress he has been under is unimaginable to you or me. On top of that, he's playing on the same side as Mané, I think you need to look a bit further up the pitch to see the real problem. Robertson has been one of the only truly consistent players this season in a severely depleted squad. He can only do so much. He had a bad match today, but that is not representative of his performance this season. You also forget that Henderson and Van Dijck are not in the squad. These are the players he needs around him. One man can only do so much. He needs a break, in every sense of the word.
lemon tree
lemon tree Prije 4 dana
Because we have no squad to rotate. Tskimas needs to start at weekend. Robbo needs a break
Jon Holtby
Jon Holtby Prije 4 dana
Philips/Trent/Kabak all shite, 3/10 at best.
Andrew Henry
Andrew Henry Prije 4 dana
Firmino and thiago were obvious starters for me, big gane players
Real RockRolla
Real RockRolla Prije 4 dana
jamie ellis
jamie ellis Prije 4 dana
Keita only ever seems to play well when the pressure’s off
Bang Joni
Bang Joni Prije 4 dana
ego Mane indefensible use number 10
duwayne bennett
duwayne bennett Prije 4 dana
Fabino 6 yess, gini 3. Keita 3 mane 3 jota 3 salha 5
Daniel Baetens
Daniel Baetens Prije 4 dana
jota didnt play bad
Bu Ridah
Bu Ridah Prije 4 dana
Sign cheap mid table level players, to compete against the elite clubs in Europe and the top 4 of the league. Haggle for a cheaper contract with one of you best midfielders who’s always fit and injury free. you get what you deserve 🃏
Bu Ridah
Bu Ridah Prije 4 dana
Keita has zero confidence. Injury prone player. Not worthy of the number 8. He’s a super sub at best. Sell him. Free up wages for someone better
duwayne bennett
duwayne bennett Prije 4 dana
Those scores are a joke bow is trent gettn 4? Joke
duwayne bennett
duwayne bennett Prije 4 dana
Trent was pooor he was getn roasted and set up there second goal 2 trent
222 handy
222 handy Prije 4 dana
Gini frustrates the hell out of me. He is so overated.
Skythe Django
Skythe Django Prije 4 dana
Today was Kabak the best in Red
Ish Prije 4 dana
Don’t want hear another word about Keita. The guy is a fraud
Adnan Hasan
Adnan Hasan Prije 4 dana
Allison was below par whole season Same with Mane
Anthony Monaghan
Anthony Monaghan Prije 4 dana
Kabak and Phillips found wanting. This was always going to be a tough match, but our defense fell apart. Playing far too deep. Not moving back or reading the ball quickly enough. The third goal was atrocious. We have a huge task ahead of us. The one glimmer of hope was Salah's goal away from home.
King Apugo
King Apugo Prije 4 dana
jamu 7722
jamu 7722 Prije 4 dana
@Ghost same man who wants to be paid same amount as Salah and van dijk. Shocking
Ghost Prije 4 dana
Embarrassing footballer.
Chevis Vanhorne
Chevis Vanhorne Prije 4 dana
Keita should be on the bench in the first place
genes2311 Prije 4 dana
Naby should have never played ! I felt bad for him... Completely 100% Klopps fault for playing him. Klopp has made lot of boneheaded decisions this season and, for me, this probably tops all of them
Wally Prije 4 dana
I know as LFC fans we support our players through thick and thin but honestly it's time to admit, Keita has been a waste of 60M.
KIAN DEAR Prije 2 dana
@Samoan Spike Jones imo has been most impressive for me, been a 7 or 8 every game and definitely deserves more of a start than a lot of them
Samoan Spike
Samoan Spike Prije 2 dana
Agreed, we have waited and waited and he’s failed to deliver. Jones has showed more quality in the time he’s started this season.
KIAN DEAR Prije 4 dana
@No Commentary Gaming yeah I totally agree, trents best moments are from the right of midfield area where he puts most of his crosses from, the problem about him he doesn’t have the energy robbo does to get back and defend
KIAN DEAR Prije 4 dana
@No Commentary Gaming Kabak is way too slow for Right back
Millmoor Michael
Millmoor Michael Prije 4 dana
He’s had his chances. Need to cut our losses and use the money for a midfielder.
Bobby Prije 4 dana
Robbo played today ?? Huh ..okay
Bryon Gephart
Bryon Gephart Prije 4 dana
If every time that Mane fell over and gave away possession we got a goal in the bank to cash in, then we would be set to be champions for the next 2 years
channelmce Prije 4 dana
I don't know another player who falls over so much, is he always trying to be direct instead of playing it safe or spends all his time battling defenders and not about controlling the ball. Very frustrating.
Eric Abaidoo
Eric Abaidoo Prije 4 dana
Mane's game has become so complicated. He used to be direct, tricky, and open things up to have a clean shot at goal.
xelsaintx Prije 3 dana
I thought mane was shocking tbh
Jean Chung
Jean Chung Prije 4 dana
Trent was shit again tonight. Shocking performance. No wonder he was dumped by Southgate.
Greenirishseed Prije 4 dana
You’re out of this contest.
T K Prije 4 dana
Its April, Liverpool has 1 goal (penalty) at anfield in 2021. This looks promesing.
unknownZ 008
unknownZ 008 Prije 4 dana
I'm hearing from an inside source at UEFA that Real Madrids covid-19 test results were allegedly tampered with by medical officials, rumours from pre match training stated that Raphael Varane had sustained a knock ruling him out of the first leg but more concerning news was that Vinicius Jr had tested positive for covid-19 also ruling him out of the first leg. With the possibility of being without one of their most prolific attackers my source tells me that medical officials were paid off by madrid to swap the negative result of Varane who was out of the squad with the positive test of Vini Jrs. This would allow Vini Jr to be eligible for the starting 11 and who also would go on to score 2 key goals. My source tells me that UEFA are keeping this under the blanket however it would be likely that madrid will recieve a ban if the news is leaked to the public 👀
unknownZ 008
unknownZ 008 Prije 4 dana
@Bobby don't bother celebrating when we win the trophy...
Bobby Prije 4 dana
Who cares we lost the game .. how pathetic would it be to win by “disqualification” after getting destroyed in the 1st leg
T K Prije 4 dana
If u take minus 3 on every1 it seems about right.
Kop Prophet
Kop Prophet Prije 4 dana
We beat ourselves against an average Real side. They were not brilliant - they just played smart against a naive Liverpool. Fab was not a 6 - neither was Alison. The whole midfield was dreadful - and the front three lost the ball most of the times they got it. It's easy to blame the back four but the whole team plus Klopp's selection was crap.
StuTheBru me
StuTheBru me Prije 4 dana
keita got no points for me sorry,i watched him ..
Ross Gourley
Ross Gourley Prije 4 dana
How the hell did Gini get a 5 and Keita a 3? Did people actually watch the game
michael van velzen
michael van velzen Prije 4 dana
@Ghost gini is already in his head at the next ckub doesnt gives a fuck about LFC anymore
Ghost Prije 4 dana
Gini should of got -2
EM Punk777
EM Punk777 Prije 4 dana
More mongs on this channel than people with a clue mate 😂 sure look at the names that comment there all yanks, chinese and middle eastern 😂
Joethecrow Prije 4 dana
We waited a full season for Keita very highly rated big money signing and is a flop. Could have bought Halaand for 20 million got Minamino instead. Bruno Fernandez was sticking out a mile didnt buy him. Cant see us getting back to the levels we were at.
My Work Here Is Done
My Work Here Is Done Prije 4 dana
4/10 for Trent is fucking generous tbh. And Keita needs to go. Injured too often and meh when he plays apart from the odd dribble which still just ends in nothing.
Eoghan Buckley
Eoghan Buckley Prije 4 dana
Personally don’t think Jota was bad, he shouldn’t of been taken off, other than salah he is the only other player who can score
KillerzFury Prije 4 dana
Klopp loves mane, if mane has that one shit game klopp dosent change mane out, when salah does klopp changes salah. So stupid
Der Red
Der Red Prije 4 dana
Trent will not defend of run after his man. He just wants to pass him off. He shouldn't need help to defend one man. He gets coddled by the media. And Thiago did help defending either when he came on. He's great at picking up rash yellows though.
Dosui Prije 4 dana
If it wasn't for trent it would of been 5-0 delusional
Marcus Fella
Marcus Fella Prije 4 dana
Nice English there mate
Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart Prije 4 dana
Banter club!! Chelsea will show you hows its done 😅😅😅
Adam Prije 4 dana
Should all be getting 1s 😂
Davinder Chhina
Davinder Chhina Prije 4 dana
Trent 4 out of 10, what exactly did he do to deserve a 4? That is 4 more than I would have given
/\ Prije 4 dana
@RosheEntertains I agree with you there mate, very little you can get out of over cirtizing a player, Trent knows what he did wrong, and he will improve
RosheEntertains Prije 4 dana
Stopped us conceding what looked like a guaranteed goal from the corner counter attack. Put in a few decent crosses second half. But sure, shit on him for the mistake cause everyone else is.
sammy Prije 4 dana
he was good 2nd half
Rasengan Prije 4 dana
The Phillips ceiling was well and truly exposed tonight. Had a nice little cult status but he’s shown he’ll never get anywhere near Klavan who was barely a premier league CB.
ebad amin
ebad amin Prije 3 dana
Have a break it's his first time playing in a champions league quarter final. He wasn't even supposed to be at the club never mind be a first team starter he needs time you can't expect him to be vvd. He's been playing very well don't write him off because of one game
Colin Mc
Colin Mc Prije 3 dana
Eh, he was bad today, but I think he’s Klavan level. He’s a bit better than klavan. Bottom of the league starter or first man off the bench, ok for 4th choice cb on a good squad.
David Onwa
David Onwa Prije 3 dana
@TheSm1thers Nat Phillips is a sub at best until he gets abit faster becuase we play a high line he does not suit our play style
TheSm1thers Prije 4 dana
@David Onwa You said "get him out"
Dosui Prije 4 dana
His ceiling wasn't met he just had a bad game like every one else
Luke O'Reilly
Luke O'Reilly Prije 4 dana
Disgrace to the club tonight
Christopher Moltisanti
Christopher Moltisanti Prije 4 dana
We need Steven Caulker
S K21
S K21 Prije 4 dana
Second game in a row where Kabak was taken off towards the end. Carrying an injury?
Nizz17 Prije 4 dana
Probs taken off vs arsenal to rest for Madrid game and today I couldn’t tell u why. It should’ve been Philips coming off I’m impressed with ozan, probs our best players today
Marc Tierschge
Marc Tierschge Prije 4 dana
No doubt which one was the stable team. Experience beat insecurity. Ali 5.5 TAA 😳 2 Phillips 4.5 Kabak 6.5 Robbo 5.5 Fab 6 Naby 5 Gini 5.5 Mo 5 Jota 5.5 Mané 5 Thiago 5.5 Bobby, Shaq (-)
ft f
ft f Prije 4 dana
That is exactly what I saw. Finally
iNSANE RABEZZ Prije 4 dana
Mane 5 salah 5 are u serious?? Mane was embarrassing and has been shit all season
Henry Wheatley
Henry Wheatley Prije 4 dana
Honestly I couldn't see why keita was taken off, Gini started a lot lot worse, giving countless passes away way too easily. Whereas keita had a few inspiring runs forwards, as we have seen before like towards the end of last season, we know he is capable. If klopp really wanted to make the defensive sub then milner could have come on, or just started thiago or milner. I would really like to see more keita, he seems a lot more attack minded than Gini and could be a star player if he ever gets a run of games
O'Brien Denis
O'Brien Denis Prije dan
@ft f there you go, should definitely put a more energy and tenacity type of players there to cover for Trent and Gini would be a good shout. But no he insist of letting Thiago to cover Trent
ft f
ft f Prije dan
@O'Brien Denis yup tactical error imo and I think that's where hendo usually plays which explains alot
O'Brien Denis
O'Brien Denis Prije 2 dana
@ft f then that is just purely stupid don't you think? Klopp put a creative minded player who isn't that much doing defensively to protect Trent. Should've put Gini there instead of Naby to protect Trent. Klopp also always put Thiago on that side when he's more effectively good on the left 8. I can't really understand somehow. And we were ranting when Thiago do those unnecessary tackle and whatnot when the manager not put him in his comfort zone
ft f
ft f Prije 4 dana
It was to protect trent. He moved gini across
Henry Wheatley
Henry Wheatley Prije 4 dana
Mainly klopp got tactics wrong - expecting physicality and defending from keita is a bad decision, and thiago or Milly should always be starting for that role. Maybe he should bring keita on earlier when Liverpool have needed that extra something so often this season. I just think he's being overlooked, and especially when the manager gets the tactics wrong, the wrong picture is painted.
Mo R
Mo R Prije 4 dana
Mane should be a 0 just tell me what he did other than fall on the ground constantly.
Karole Joel
Karole Joel Prije 4 dana
Alan Murray
Alan Murray Prije 4 dana
5 is harsh on Phillips IMO.. first goal has to be trents fault, was surprised pundits thought Phillips was at fault for that ball over the top from Kroos tbh.. 6 like kabak IMO thought those two were the only ones over a 5 tonight with allisson ...midfield was just overrun ALL NIGHT, very poor.. also think keita shouldn’t be thrown under the bus here Can’t play him without firmino helping out midfield, the midfield was completely overrun first half.. I think Klopp got it wrong surprisingly with the lineup thinking madrid wouldn’t attack as much as they did in first half to avoid giving away an early away goal.. Ref poor tonight could have been different game if 2nd goal didn’t count and we made it 1-1 but we deserved to lose by more in all honesty with that performance
Millmoor Michael
Millmoor Michael Prije 4 dana
Nat should never have played, this is not his level.
EM Punk777
EM Punk777 Prije 4 dana
Phillips was out best player and tbh kabak was really good at times, for a "bottom of the barrel" center back pairing they can both hold their heads up high, which sounds mad considering we conceded 3 goal but they didn't deserve that scoreline. The rest of them got what they deserve playing like they did
DJGLR Prije 4 dana
Sadio looked disinterested and lazy, a 4 rating is generous for the shower of shite he produced tonight
Ahmad Safieddine
Ahmad Safieddine Prije 4 dana
We need to get a competition for Mane.
Ghost Prije 4 dana
Need to sell him. He’s washed
Fact Sake Rafa
Fact Sake Rafa Prije 4 dana
Pedro Neto would be boss signing for Mane competition for next season.
Mo R
Mo R Prije 4 dana
Need a RB LB and another class attacker
Der Red
Der Red Prije 4 dana
you need competition all over. Trent needs competition.
hahaheterjag Prije 4 dana
Phillips and Trent gave me Lovren/Moreno flashbacks
Dosui Prije 4 dana
@No Commentary Gaming ikr people still have no respect for him
Dar Prije 4 dana
Keita will get alot of stick but him salah Trent and nat to one side is asking for problems if keita is to play and be the creative spark wiji needs to be the rcm to help out Trent as we did in the second half
k k
k k Prije 4 dana
How can you get beaten by a bloody long ball strategy.
vaannebilim Prije 4 dana
kroos knew, he smart
k k
k k Prije 4 dana
@stevendchu This is what happened against Watford. Long ball to Sarr and they we're in to score. It also happened against Villa when we lost 7-2. Don't know what the point is of playing a high Line when we don't press the ball enough. The only reason we got beaten 3-1 and didn't win 1-0 was because we played a high Line, didn't close down their man, Nat Phillips letting Vinincius junior have plenty of space to run into and then not marking him tight enough for when Vinincius scored his second goal. Playing a midfielder who hasn't even played over 10 games this season I'm pretty sure. Not starting someone like firmino who can press the ball and allows us to rotate around when we are pressing them which allows the high Line to do it's job and Not playing Thiago when he started to hit some sort of form. So yeah we gotta do better in the second leg.
stevendchu Prije 4 dana
because you play a high line with a CB that lacks pace, against a winger that is full of pace, and the passer of the long ball is a world class midfielder. It wasn't Big Sam style long ball up to Andy Carroll, it was a perfectly executed precise through ball designed to exploit our weakness.
Haitham N
Haitham N Prije 4 dana
sadio deadass got given a 1/10
Ghassan Saleh
Ghassan Saleh Prije 4 dana
He was given 1, if you look closely at the results the guy either didn't see it or was too embarrassed to say he was given 1, so the next in line for number of votes was 4 and it was called 4 quickly, repeat the video and you will see it yourself
M12 Negro Officie
M12 Negro Officie Prije 4 dana
¿Dónde están los fanáticos del Real Madrid? Solo te pido que te suscribas en mi canal de youtube para que pueda comenzar los en vivo en las ligas de campeones. Quiero 1500 para suscribir a los amigos. Realmente cuento contigo.
M12 Negro Officie
M12 Negro Officie Prije 4 dana
¿Dónde están los fanáticos del Real Madrid? Solo te pido que te suscribas en mi canal de youtube para que pueda comenzar los en vivo en las ligas de campeones. Quiero 1500 para suscribir a los amigos. Realmente cuento contigo.
Madridista Prije 4 dana
Kroos and Modric are resistant to press.
AB 1
AB 1 Prije 4 dana
No chance of overturning this at anfield without fans with fans we would have had half a chance without fans no chance.. Trent does himself no favours again that was a school boy error embarrassing. Trent is a weak link at Liverpool he’s targeted every game for good reason.. he can’t defend lads not good enough defensively he’s just gone and proved Southgate right it’s 2 steps forward 3 steps back with him constantly he never learns.. the lads 23 now he’s not a kid no more he needs to grow up and grow up quickly
AB 1
AB 1 Prije 4 dana
@zaina ali you consistently play shit you will be seriously questioned it doesn’t make you any less of a fan.. with a name like that you’ve probably never been to anfield or Liverpool.
Marcus Fella
Marcus Fella Prije 4 dana
@zaina ali he’s getting no where near the England squad lol
zaina ali
zaina ali Prije 4 dana
i dont understand y ppl r being soo harsh on trent, ok yes his having a bad season but so is the hole team not just trent, u shouldnt critise him like dat coz who r u to judge, all this media content which his probs reading and is going under soo much pressure, u cant call urself a lfc fan if u dont support ur players through bad an good times, i didnt see any1 complaing about him this time about 1 yr ago, and its not just him its the whole team they r a team so they have to play as a team, so y critise one player when the whole team is in a bit of a dip rn, u cud see he is trying his best and dat asssit and goal against arsenalmeant everything to him, next time try putting urself in trent shoea and try feeling how he is. i honstly think his one of the only one whose acc been trying for liverpool this season and putting theyre best in even if u cant see it on the pitch. honestly mannn plzz stop critising trent coz his an amazing player and still very young for a footballer. trents amazing and this young lad is a very special talent and we r lucky to have him soo u guys apreciat dat plz. TRENT U R A LEGEND FOR US! YNWA!
ThePradec Prije 4 dana
Trent is very poor on defence all time. He is ok for mf or attack on right. Better not play him in any starting
Alfred Kay
Alfred Kay Prije 4 dana
Apart from Trent's mistakes of playing today but in the second half the team played well and this game shows how Liverpool have missed players like Philippe Coutinho, since he left , Liverpool have actually never replaced Philippe Coutinho. There are many times today in the second half when Liverpool players have the opportunity to shoot the ball from outside the 18-yard box but they were not even trying it. I kept saying somebody shoot that ball please. Why Liverpool players are refusing to try from outside the 18-yard box I don't know. When a team is defending too deep your only option is to shoot from out side. If Liverpool have player like Philippe Coutinho, this came would been a different ball game especially in the Second half. Liverpool forwards cannot grind it in the 18-yard box because they are small players so big defends would always easily out muscles them all the time. Still, this team does not have specialist in taking free kicks.
amazoner0cks Prije 4 dana
@Alfred Kay 5 mil?! :D selling for 160 and buying back for 5!!!! Why would Barca sell at that price if they can loan him for 1 year like to Bayern for 10-12 Mil. At-least offer 40.
Alfred Kay
Alfred Kay Prije 4 dana
@amazoner0cks Sure we would take him back for 5 Millions. Liverpool is plaque with massive injuries man, I don't even know who we reach here. This team is just a patched team, even the team's captain is injured, we have players from the Junior team playing for senior team.
amazoner0cks Prije 4 dana
Take him back plz, he's useless at Barca :)
Mark Doherty
Mark Doherty Prije 4 dana
I can't believe how poor Mane has been this season. His first touch is dreadful and his general play has been very poor. They've all been poor though.
deise 59
deise 59 Prije 4 dana
@Stevethesearcher Great post Steve, totally on the money unfortunately.
Mo R
Mo R Prije 4 dana
@Stevethesearcher on point
Stevethesearcher Prije 4 dana
I am not a Liverpool fan but I watch them play a lot so I have got to see the players a lot. Mane kept throwing himself on the ground looking for free kicks. It was actually quite obvious what he was up to. He was very poor. I thought Kabak had a good game. I dont think he was at fault for the goals. Trent seemed to be responsible for at least two and maybe you could land one with Philips. I thought Salah was trying hard. Even before he scored he was doing his best to get at Real Madrid. Fabinho who is my favourite Liverpool player didnt have a good game. He wasnt awful but sometimes he can be very lazy in games and do the bare minimum. He did the bare minimum here. He is a senior player now in the team and should be showing more responsibility. Robertson had a poor game. Gini wasnt in it in the first half but he was much better in the second half. Thiago was just ok like Fabinho. Keita was terrible and I think its over for him at Liverpool. So overall I would give Kabak and Salah a thumbs up but the rest were either medicore at best or poor at worst. Thats the game I saw. I think Liverpool need at least four or five new players next season and I think four or five need to go the other direction.
Tenn Kenobi
Tenn Kenobi Prije 4 dana
Liverpool have been 💩for 90% of the season...partly the fault of injuries, and burnout( hangover) and 💩 managing.
stevendchu Prije 4 dana
There were two passages of play after 80 minutes that defined us this game. 1. Madrid play keep ball like Pep's Barca and string together 50 passes. When we finally get it, we can't even make ONE successful pass, Fabinho puts it straight into Gini who wasn't even looking. Madrid get it back. 2. Mane TWICE gets the ball outside their box with a little time and space. Instead of unleashing a shot, he dithers on it before trying a turn, running into a defender and falling over looking for the foul. Someone tell him that just because he looks like Keita, doesnt mean he has to dribble like him! You're allowed to shoot Sadio, go for it! Absolutely embarrassing performance, even without the defensive errors, we deserved to lose 3-1
Dhawal Varkhedkar
Dhawal Varkhedkar Prije 4 dana
we actually got lucky madrid could have scored more lmao
Richard Doyle
Richard Doyle Prije 4 dana
Mane is done has to go
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson Prije 4 dana
One step forward and two steps back. Forgive me for believing we could win a Champions League with Kabak and Phillips but I really thought we could. This tie isn’t over yet, 2-0 win and we’re through but I just can’t see us keeping a clean sheet unfortunately. It saddens me to think what this season could have been with a fit Van Dijk, Gomez and Matip. Let’s make sure we get top 4 and roll on next season. 👊🏻
EM Punk777
EM Punk777 Prije 4 dana
The two center backs were not the issue tonight and were arguably our best players, some very good challenges, blocks and headers won they didn't deserve to concede 3, which sounds odd because as a team as a whole we got what we deserved based on performance
Alfred Kay
Alfred Kay Prije 4 dana
IF WE CAN FORGET ABOUT PLAYING A HIGH LINE AND DON'T MAKE STUPID GIVE AWAY. Real Madrid would come and play a defensive game and defend deep and frustrate Liverpool just like in the second half which Liverpool dominated but Liverpool players are not willing to shoot the ball form outside the 18-yard box which is a big mistake. I kept saying, Why is Philippe Coutinho when you need him. This team needs a player that can power the ball from outside the 18.yards box period.
Sam Jones
Sam Jones Prije 4 dana
One of our cbs was on loan at Stuttgart last year and the other is on loan from the worst team in Germnay. Why is any one shocked?
Blue Sky
Blue Sky Prije 4 dana
@Sam Jones you stay!
Sam Jones
Sam Jones Prije 4 dana
@Blue Sky Do one lad
Blue Sky
Blue Sky Prije 4 dana
You have no knowledge about football game. If your midfield and front men loose the ball easily, even the best defensive players cannot do anything putting aside Alex Arnold's deadly mistake.
William lillicrapp
William lillicrapp Prije 4 dana
Kieta and Gini first half 😬😬😬
Chris Prije 4 dana
Keita will never make it at Liverpool. I can think of maybe 7-8 great games he’s had in nearly FOUR years at the club, sorry but if you can’t make it at Liverpool in 4 years then it’s never going to happen. I’d sell him and Ox and use that to bring in Grealish.....we have no creativity through the center and the two mentioned above were supposed to bring that.
christine westgarth
christine westgarth Prije 4 dana
This is his 3rd season.......Maths not your strong suit I see 🙈
imnotoyou grounder
imnotoyou grounder Prije 4 dana
Nat was shit kabak not much better, but hey they can fix it soon
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Nikad nije kasno - Cela emisija 21 - 04.04.2021.
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